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Mainstream media has shown a reluctance to cover actual events surrounding Benhgazi - the only two major U.S. media outlets to do so have been Fox News and TheBlaze.

The following is a review of just a few (repeat: just a few) of the myriad articles published by TheBlaze chronicling the Benghazi scandal this week alone. The dates preceding each of the following headlines represent the dates of publication on TheBlaze:
10/26: CIA operatives were told to “stand down” in Benghazi after three requests for back-up denied:
Explosive new allegations surrounding the Benghazi attack emerged this morning, with FOX News’ Jennifer Griffin reporting that sources have confirmed that three urgent requests for military assistance sent from the CIA annex were all denied; CIA operators were apparently told to “stand down” rather than respond when shots were heard around 9:40 p.m. on September 11. Following the alleged developments, Charles Woods, father of ex-Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods who was killed in the attack, passionately responded to this new information on Glenn Beck’s radio program.
10/26 Senators demand that Obama declassify the video of the attack:
Republican senators are demanding that the Obama administration make public the surveillance video taken during last month’s deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. …Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte wrote to President Barack Obama’s defense secretary, CIA director and attorney general demanding that the video be declassified.
10/26: Panetta said military did not intervene in Libya because he did not have any “real-time” information:
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday the U.S. military did not intervene when the U.S. Consulate in Libya was under assault last month because military leaders did not have enough information about what was happening on the ground.




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Obama’s FEMA FAILURE As Sandy’s Victims BEG For Food And Clothes

‘We Need Food, We Need Clothing’: Staten Island Residents Plead for Help 3 Days After Sandy
The residents of Staten Island are pleading for help from elected officials, begging for gasoline, food and clothing three days after Sandy slammed the New York City borough.
Shades of Hurricane KATRINA! Obama epic fail…
Staten Island was one of the hardest-hit communities in New York City. More than 80,000 residents are still without power. Many are homeless, and at least 19 people died on Staten Island because of the storm.
One of the devastated neighborhoods was overwhelmed by a violent surge of water. Residents described a super-sized wave as high as 20 feet, with water rushing into the streets like rapids.
Staten Island resident Mike Abuzzio’s home is completely gone, with only his floor boards remaining. He, his wife and their two young daughters have been staying with relatives.
“My youngest daughter yesterday said, ‘Daddy, I want to go,’” Abuzzio told ABC News. “I told her, ‘It’s going to be awhile, hon.’ She doesn’t understand. She’s 6.”
In the rubble that was once his home, Abuzzio found one clean, intact plate of Christmas china. He said that plate will be special at Christmastime and will be used specifically for his mother’s cookies.
For 48 hours after the storm, search teams were hunting for two Staten Island brothers, just 2- and 4-years-old. They were swept out of their mother’s arms when waves caused by storm surges crashed into the family’s SUV. Their small bodies were found today at the end of a dead-end street. Their parents were at the scene where the bodies were discovered.
Staten Island officials sounded increasingly desperate today, asking when supplies will arrive. They blasted the Red Cross for not being there when it counted.
“This is America, not a third world nation. We need food, we need clothing,” Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro said today. My advice to the people of Staten Island is: Don’t donate the American Red Cross. Put their money elsewhere.”
The Red Cross and the National Guard arrived in the area late Tuesday and are distributing food, water and gas – and city officials say things are much better.
Molinaro urged New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wednesday to cancel Sunday’s New York City Marathon. The race’s staging area is on Staten Island and Molinaro said it would be “crazy, asinine,” to have the race after what has happened.
“My God. What we have here is terrible, a disaster,” Molinaro said Wednesday. “If they want to race, let them race with themselves. This is no time for a parade. A marathon is a parade. Now is the time to put your shoulder to the wheel. If they want to prepare for something, let them prepare for the election, not a marathon.”
“Do you realize how many police officers you need for a marathon?” he asked. “There are people looting stores on Midland Avenue. There is looting taking place in the homes on the South Shore that were destroyed. That is where we need the police.” source – ABC News


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Loose Lips and False Fairness Sink Battleships

I guess coming into the week less than 5% of the electorate is “undecided” for next Tuesday so many today’s jobs number will influence   their decision. I find it interesting how last minute voters break. It’s like seeing virtue in the guy that makes a last second shot in a professional basketball game after missing all night and his team still loses by a mile.

But that’s the way it goes and thus we are in for a nail-biter in just a few days. 100 hours of nail-biting over the election is nothing considering how gut-wrenching worry over the economy could be for the next several months or even years.
Abraham Lincoln Battle Formation (Google)

War on Success and the American Dream!

War, whoa, Lord
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Edwin Starr

People who hate a physical war cheer a war on success and profits and upward mobility. Many are ready to dismantle the nation all out of a false notion of fairness.

If we choose to move closer to a socialist society then life will become harder for everyone although not initially. At first higher welfare and food stamp benefits will good and some would say “fair.” It might be cathartic for some to watch the so-called rich get their comeuppance but when the barometer for being rich dips to under $100,000 cheering will turn to howls.

It might see like the “right thing to do” taking money earned by American corporations aboard and giving it to people in this nation via infrastructure banks or other schemes. But at some point Americans will realize those funds are landing in pockets of unions and not masses.

To watch formerly great empires in Europe scramble for loans and bailouts and consider we are on the same path is frightening. People think they’re voting from the heart and that makes it okay. It’s easy to use our eyes and brains and know what’s smart and really fair if greatness is the goal. I cringe at the idea I’m a bad person for busting my ass for so long and now must be dealt with by confiscating my earnings.

And for what must modest to great success be greeted with resentment and confiscation? Gobs of money goes into the government funnel with sprinkles of crumbs out the other end for people that often will never be required to put any elbow grease into the program. Ironically the stuff we need to spend money on like a strong military is pooh-poohed as an antiquated notion or warmongering.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy we saw national guardsmen in Hoboken New Jersey and three navy ships steaming toward New York. Once again underscoring the need for a strong military to police the world but also plan a role in domestic emergencies as well. In the new fairer world we’d have dwindling military capabilities. In fact President Obama’s sarcastic remark about not using bayonets and having ships that planes land on was a lost opportunity for Mitt Romney to pounce.

All faded empires got that way through fiscal mismanagement and neglecting military capabilities.

As for the notion we need fewer ships because we have aircraft carriers nothing could be further from the truth. The photo above is the formation for the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier. As it turns out that ship with planes makes the best argument for needed more ships in our navy. Typically carrier groups and most battleship groups require major escorts for protection. At minimum additional ships include:

2 Guide Missile Cruisers
2 Anti-Aircraft Warships
2 Anti-submarine Destroyers

Like they say in the song, what is war (of any sort) good for? Like they say in the game you sank my battleship and possibly our nation, too.


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Faith, Freedom in the Center of the Storm

Faith, Freedom in the Center of the StormWe usually assist in Africa and other impoverished areas around the world, just like Red Cross does, said Sgt. Angelo A. Sedacca of the NYPD, talking about his work with the Knights of Malta, a Catholic charitable organization in more 120 countries throughout the world. Now we're needed here in New York City in the aftermath of Sandy, he told the Catholic News Service.
If you happened to have a roof over your head and electricity in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and could hear above the political noise over whether or not New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie helped President Obama's chances in next week's election, you were able to see the beauty of civil society in action.
Essential to the story of the preparation, rescue and recovery were men and women who work for the government --elected officials and bureaucrats as well as first responders on the ground. But they couldn't do their job without the existence of a support system of people who live to serve their fellows.
As happened in the wake of the terrorist attack on New York in 2001, the mayor's office in New York immediately pointed to the leading role of the faith-based Salvation Army in providing relief. And there was the member of St. Augustine's Catholic Church in Westchester County, organizing other parishioners in going door-to-door to check up on their neighbors and the elderly in the town making sure they have everything they need,& as the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York told the story.
Our hearts are broken when you see the loss of life, the grieving families, the devastation, the ruination, people without their cherished possessions and their homes, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, observed in a television interview. But throughout all of it too, you begin to see a glimmer of light and hope. ... Once again, the best, the most noble sentiments of people are coming out as people are heroic and generous in serving those in need.
This notion of solidarity is one that has been dancing on the margins of presidential politics and public policy all year. Vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan once sought Dolan's spiritual guidance on federal policymaking when wrangling with the federal budget.
Faith is indispensible. It's why the increasingly narrow view of religious freedom that the Obama administration harbors is an issue of historic import. Even some of the president's own appointees on the Supreme Court have indicated that it's a step too far, slapping down an administration rule regarding hiring practices at an Evangelical Lutheran school.
This rebuke, however, did not make the impression it should have on the White House; the Department of Health and Human Services would go on, during the same month, to issue final regulations in regard to mandated abortion-drug, sterilization and contraception insurance coverage to employers. To this day, faith-based social-service entities -- including schools, hospitals and some of the very charities providing essential services in Sandy's wake -- face an unprovoked attack on their liberty, no matter what the White House spinmeisters say.
In the wake of disaster, though, we are reminded why it's in the best interest of everyone that we allow these faith-based entities to operate as their conscience guides them -- of why protecting religious freedom in America is the right thing to do not only because it is just, but also because it provides a practical benefit to the healthy life of a democracy. Without hope, without people motivated by something greater than a presidential-election victory or financial gain, we're a sadly limited lot.
Our hope, even for nonbelievers, is not in a political savior. It is in this nobility on display, rooted all so often in faith in God and His call to individuals to truly love one another. Can we translate this compassion into our civic choices, ensuring that we remain a people protecting what is most precious to us -- our first freedom, religious freedom?
 by The Circuit Rider :   It is a sad commentary on America and this Government that in the muidst of the efforts to help those in need that we see the labor unions denying electrical power crews from other states the right to help because they are not unionized.  We saw a mayor who was more willing to deny power and food to his constituents in desparate need to supply a"circus" ,the New York Marathon for political gains.  This is what our nation has degenerated to by following the programs of the liberal government????          GOD FORGIVE US.

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