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Is Ashton Kutcher a closet conservative? See his latest remarks about changing the entitlement culture


Ashton Kutcher made national headlines for his speech about the importance of hard work at the Teen Choice Awards in August. And he is back in the news once again this week – this time for an interview he did with Ellen DeGeneres in which he spoke about the problems he sees with the entitlement culture.
“There’s an entitlement that is starting to emerge that I think is unhealthy for people and unhealthy for our country,” Kutcher told DeGeneres in an interview that aired Wednesday. He went on to explain, ”The only thing that can be below you is to not have a job.”
“Well, let’s start with some really good news. Let’s start with yet another amazing talk from Ashton Kutcher, a guy who I can’t believe is not a TEA Party member because he says absolutely everything that hard working, God-fearing Americans stand for,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I don’t know who he thinks the TEA Party is, I don’t know who he thinks we are, but I gotta break it to ya, Ashton: We’re you. You’re us. Listen to this from the Ellen Show:”


“How great is that? How great is that,” Pat asked. “I mean this is from the same guy who stood there with his wife at the time, Demi Moore, and did the ‘I pledge my service’ or ‘I’m going to be a servant to the president’ thing a few years ago.”
“When I come home, Stu, will you write a video… a plea to Ashton Kutcher? Who do you think you are? I mean, seriously, who do you think you are? I don’t understand, and I really want to have a dialogue with you because if you can still be on your side and make sense and all your friends are clapping, then we need to talk because we’re missing something here,” Glenn explained. “Because you’re saying everything we believe in. So what is it that you think about us and what is it that we think about you that we need to expose, to break down a barrier? Because if your side believes all this, that’s our biggest point! That’s our biggest point! All of the stuff that’s separating us is ridiculous.”

47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 2


Hillary Clinton bodies

By Tami Jackson

Hillary Clinton wants to prove that 2016 will be the year of the woman — she wants to check off the last item on her power grab bucket list: Madam President.

Last month I began the search into the well publicized list of 47 deaths, 47 bodies in the wake of Hillary Clinton.
Accidents happen. Planes crash, people take their lives out of desperate grief and overwhelming hopelessness.
But the question we should each ask ourselves is, what are the probabilities that such a number of people, closely related to Hillary and Bill, many of whom harbored troublesome Clinton secrets, would die mysterious deaths?
The probabilities are not good. Add to that the murders and even execution/hit-style murders, and this list should make every American at least uneasy.


11 – Kathy Ferguson

Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, 38 year old Kathy Ferguson was found dead in May 1994, in her living room with a gunshot to her right temple. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going somewhere.
Ferguson was a hospital worker and her death came a mere 5 days after the death of her ex-husband’s.
Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones Lawsuit, and Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.
The LA Times reported:
The ex-wife of a state trooper who is a co-defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton died in an apparent suicide.
Kathy Ferguson, 37, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the right temple early Wednesday at the home of her boyfriend, said Mark Malcolm, chief deputy coroner for Pulaski County.
dead body


What Would Abraham Lincoln Do Today?

Are you willing to do something to defend the Constitution and your God given Rights & Liberties? Or will you sit idly by and let Obama and the democrats take them away from you?

Abraham Lincoln went to war to defend the Constitution as it was written. In 1856, he said:
"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. And not to Democrats alone do I make this appeal, but to all who love these great and true principles."

Flight Announcement


Shortly after a British Airways flight had reached its cruising altitude, the captain announced: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain. Welcome to Flight 293, non-stop from London Heathrow to New York.
The weather ahead is good, so we should have a smooth uneventful flight. So, sit back, relax, and -- OH MY GOD!"
Silence followed.
Some moments later, the captain came back on the intercom. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sorry if I scared you.
While I was talking to you, a flight attendant accidentally spilled coffee in my lap. You should see the front of my pants."
From the back of the plane, an Irish passenger yelled, "For the luva Jaysus -- you should see the back of mine.
 "Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point."

Precious Little Girl Dismembered While She Is Still Alive By Obama's Psychotic Syrian Rebels


Should the United States be allied with radical Islamic jihadists that dismember little girls while they are still alive?  That question sounds Syrian-Rebels-460x345ridiculously absurd, but that is precisely what Barack Obama is proposing.  Obama wants the United States to go to war so that it will be easier for al-Qaeda Christian killers to take over Syria.  What you are about to read should absolutely shock you.  Please send it out to your friends and share it everywhere that you can. 
If America willingly sides with psychotic, murderous savages that behead little children, it will bring a curse upon our nation.  It is imperative that the American people be told the truth about this.
Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib is a Catholic nun and mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria.  She has been living in the country for about twenty years, and she has been very active in reporting what has actually been happening on the ground inside Syria.
Posted below is an excerpt from what she told RT the other day.  According to her, the Syrian rebels have been brutally beheading people wherever they go and they even dismembered one little girl with a frame saw while she was still alive
In the village of Estreba they massacred all the residents and burnt down their houses. In the village of al-Khratta almost all the 37 locals were killed. Only ten people were able to escape.
A total of twelve Alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack. That was a true slaughterhouse. People were mutilated and beheaded. There is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive – alive! – by a frame saw. The final death toll exceeded 400, with 150 to 200 people taken hostage. Later some of the hostages were killed, their deaths filmed.
What Mother Agnes is saying lines up very well with what is being reported in major international publications such as the Daily Mail
Terrified Christians claim Syrian rebels ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they ‘liberated’ their ancient village.
Opposition forces, including fighters linked to Al Qaeda, gained temporary control of the Christian village of Maaloula after fighting with regime forces.
The reports have reignited fears about western support for the rebel groups, which are increasingly being infiltrated by Islamic extremists.
According to eyewitness accounts quoted in that same article, innocent Christian villagers are being given the choice to either convert on the spot or be summarily executed…
One Maaloula resident said the rebels, many of whom had beards and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great), attacked Christian homes and churches shortly after moving into the village.
‘They shot and killed people. I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. Where is President Obama to see what has befallen us?’
Another Christian resident said: ‘I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, “Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded”.’
And keep in mind that these psychotic Syrian rebels are doing this even though they know that the entire world is watching them.
So if this is how they are acting now, how bad would they be if they actually took power in Syria?
It is also very important to note that a high percentage of these “rebels” are actually foreigners.  In fact, as Business Insider reported back in January, a lot of them are actually death row inmates that Saudi Arabia set free and sent into Syria to wage jihad…
A leaked internal memo shows how Saudi officials commuted 1,200 death row inmates under the condition they go and fight against Assad in Syria, according to the Assyrian International News Agency.
From the memo:
We have reached an agreement with them that they will be exempted from the death sentence and given a monthly salary to their families and loved ones, who will be prevented from traveling outside Saudi Arabia in return for rehabilitation of the accused and their training in order to send them to Jihad in Syria.
Saudi officials apparently gave them a choice: decapitation or jihad? In total, inmates from Yemen, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, and Kuwait chose to go and fight in Syria.
These are the people that Obama wants to assist?
Is he insane?
If the rebels win, they will set up a hardcore Sunni government that will impose sharia law on the entire nation of Syria.  This is a nation where Christians, Jews and various types of Muslims have been living together peacefully for centuries.
If the jihadists that Obama is supporting win, all of that will be gone.
A similar thing happened in Afghanistan.  We have spent more than a decade “nation building” in Afghanistan, and now they have a government where members of parliament argue that anyone that converts to Christianity should be killed
Converts from Islam to Christianity should be killed according to Islamic law (shari’a), in a bid to stop the growth of Christianity among Afghans inside and outside the country, according to one leading member of parliament cited by the Afghan Voice Agency news service.
Mohabat News, an independent Iranian Christian news agency, reported on Sunday that Nazir Ahmad Hanafi said several weeks ago that “Afghani citizens continue to convert to Christianity in India. Numerous Afghanis have become Christians in India. This is an offense to Islamic laws and according to the Qur’an they need to be executed.”
Hanafi, an independent who represents the province of Herat, is a prominent lawmaker who heads the parliament’s Legislative Commission and reportedly received the third highest number of votes in the 2010 parliamentary election.
Is that what thousands upon thousands of Americans shed their blood for?
Are we about to make an even worse mistake in Syria?
The Syrian rebels are not our friends.  They even put up pictures depicting the destruction of the White House on their Facebook pages.  They are murderous, psychotic jihadists that are the enemy of everything that is true and good.

Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War?


Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War?
In 2009, Jim Rickards, a lawyer, investment banker and adviser on capital markets to the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, participated in a secret war game sponsored by the Pentagon at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). The game’s objective was to simulate and explore the potential outcomes and effects of a global financial war. At the end of the war game, the Pentagon concluded that the U.S. dollar was at extreme risk of devaluation and collapse in the near term, triggered either by a default of the U.S. Treasury and the dumping of bonds by foreign investors or by hyperinflation by the private Federal Reserve.
These revelations were interesting not because they were “new” or “shocking.” Rather, they were interesting because many of us in the field of alternative economics had already predicted the same outcome for the American financial system years before the APL decided to entertain the notion. At least, that is what the public record indicates.
The idea that our government has indeed run economic collapse scenarios, found the United States in mortal danger and done absolutely nothing to fix the problem is bad enough. I have my doubts, however, that the Pentagon or partnered private think tanks like the RAND Corporation did not run scenarios on dollar collapse before 2009. In fact, I believe there is much evidence to suggest that the military industrial complex has not only been aware of the fiscal weaknesses of the U.S. system for decades, but they have also been actively engaged in exploiting those weaknesses in order to manipulate the American public with fears of cultural catastrophe.
History teaches us that most economic crisis events are followed or preceded immediately by international or domestic conflict. War is the looming shadow behind nearly all fiscal disasters. I suspect that numerous corporate think tanks and the Department Of Defense are perfectly aware of this relationship and have war gamed such events as well. Internal strife and civil war are often natural side effects of economic despair within any population.
Has a second civil war been “gamed” by our government? And are Americans being swindled into fighting and killing each other while the banksters who created the mess observe at their leisure, waiting until the dust settles to return to the scene and collect their prize? Here are some examples of how both sides of the false left/right paradigm are being goaded into turning on each other.

Conservatives: Taunting The Resting Lion

Conservatives, especially Constitutional conservatives, are the warrior class of American society. The average conservative is far more likely to own a firearm, have extensive tactical training with that firearm, have military experience and have less psychological fear of conflict; and he is more apt to take independent physical action in the face of an immediate threat. Constitutional conservatives are also more likely to fight based on principal and heritage, rather than personal gain, and less likely to get wrapped up in the madness of mob activity.

The Obamacare Awards

 And the loser is: America. For one cancer survivor, Obama is worse than the disease. And: Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt. All this — plus — Joe phones a friend; more or less. Presented in 1080 hi-def, FOR FREE! It’s The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™!

LAX Hoax- Story Keeps Changing, Guns, Clothing, NO HD Surveillance Footage




House rules....any questions?

AJ, the king of all slaggards and editor here who absolutely does nothing to earn his keep (well he does watch over me and the house so I guess he sorta earns his keep) asked me to put this picture up for him. By chance, I was looking at it once and AJ came over and just stared at the monitor. I switched to another post and he went away. I put this back on and he came back, put his paw on my leg and just sorta poked me with his his paw. I took the picture off again he took his paw off my leg and looked down and sighed. I pulled it back up and he did the same thing with his paw and barked at me. Coincidence, I think not and after all, he is the editor and dogs rule, all there is to it. Obviously, he is smarter than me.

It hinges on Kentucky and defeating Micth McConnell


This is a MUST READ.

After what the establishment RINOS did in Virginia, the fight has moved to Kentucky and how I wish I could vote there in May, 2014. Rest assured, my vote would not be cast for RINO traitor Mitch McConnell.

Virginia was a 'loss' for the Tea Party in the narrowest of ways, but it is still a loss. Yet those who hold and honor true conservative values know that only by the slight of hand and offering up a  stupid, third wheel 'Libtardtarian' candidate, did the progressive regressive democrats or communists slime out a win in Virginia.

Now is NOT the time to fold your hand and give up as the fate of our republic hangs in the balance. More importantly, the fate of our children, their children and generations beyond, hang in the balance. I could say much more but will turn this over to Sundance from the Treehouse. PatriotUSA

"FOLLOW THE DOMINOS – The uncivil war within the GOP will immediately stop if Mitch McConnell can be defeated in the Kentucky primary race. Until then, the war will increase in exponentially increasing intensity as piles and piles of cash are demanded by the Decepticon Establishment class.

If McConnell wins his primary challenge – King George will advance his army to defend his other interests.

Everything is contingent upon Mitch McConnell and Kentucky.

Everything…… E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G."


The Establishment Republican Party Takes Aim To Destroy Conservative Ranks and The Tea Party – For Only One Reason…..


An “Un-Civil War Inside The GOP”?   You are seeing it come out in discussion. Some pundits are talking about it;  but few, if any, are connecting the dots, walking out the long term consequences, and talking about the real “why now” reason.

Mitch McConnell 
TOO BIG TO FAIL – The white wine spritzer drinking, crust-less sandwich triangle eating, crowd of big money donors, are now being leveraged by the establishment-class of entrenched, power hungry, old school, K-Street Republicans for one reason, and one reason only.

Their king, Mitch McConnell, is in trouble. And they consider him Too Big To Fail.
Insert URGENT Bailout DEMAND Here.

Period. Full stop. End of reason.

FOLLOW THE DOMINOS – The uncivil war within the GOP will immediately stop if Mitch McConnell can be defeated in the Kentucky primary race. Until then, the war will increase in exponentially increasing intensity as piles and piles of cash are demanded by the Decepticon Establishment class.

If McConnell wins his primary challenge – King George will advance his army to defend his other interests.

Everything is contingent upon Mitch McConnell and Kentucky.

Everything…… E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Mitch McConnell 3
WALK IT OUT – If McConnell can be defeated – Then Chris Christie might not be the 2016 candidate for President. Period.

If McConnell wins his primary – Then Chris Christie WILL BE the 2016 candidate for President. Period.

If McConnell is defeated – The donors will recognize their money is futile against the will of the conservative electorate.

If McConnell wins his primary – Then the donors will be promised self-serving “indulgences” to keep pouring in the cash and protecting the establishment.

Everything is contingent on Kentucky’s Senate Race in May 2014.

The Primary race for 2016 Presidential politics is dependent on the Kentucky Senate race primary outcome in May 2014.

If McConnell is defeated in 2014 then a 2016 GOP primary will have many possibilities.
If McConnell wins in 2014  the 2016 GOP Primary is done. Over. Baked into the Decepticon cake.

That’s why the Republican establishment did not want a Virginia win.   That’s why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce did not spend a dime on Ken Cuccinelli.   And why Mitch McConnell warned every establishment GOP table-sitter to stay away from supporting Cuccinelli lest they feel the ire of a dry coffer.  Monetary leverage - Period.

McConnell and the rest of his ilk-minded Decepticon class wanted a clear recent Christine O’Donnell-type optic to use as leverage against the Tea Party Conservatives.   They wanted Cuccinelli to be the next O’Donnell example

And they wanted Chris Christie positioned as their Great Hope.    That was their goal.
Speaking of the Chamber of Commerce.  The wife of the new NRSC Head, Josh Holmes, is Blair Latoff, AKA Mrs. Josh Holmes, who is, wait for it…… the senior director of communications at the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington. Who is her husband, National Republican Senatorial Campaign head Josh Holmes? Why he’s the former Chief of Staff for, wait for it…….   Mitch McConnell. D’oh.

So when you see National Republican Senatorial Committee Josh Holmes threaten anyone who would support a primary challenge against his boss Mitch McConnell, which he has done, it is for one reason only.   Protect McConnell at all costs.

If you want to finally bring down the pure filth that infects the Republican Party - you must kill the snake by cutting off the head.

Kentucky Senator, Mitch McConnell, must be defeated.  Period.
matt bevin
McConnell is being primary challenged by Matt Bevin.   The Senate Conservatives Fund, who gave us Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, are supporting Matt Bevin against McConnell.   But that’s not the real issue – Nor is it the real goal.

NUCLEAR OPTION DEFCON 5 -  Sure, we hope Matt Bevin can defeat McConnell, and we’ll work our butt off to insure he can.    If enough Kentuckians wake up, we’re sure he can.   But the goal is to DEFEAT McConnell.

It doesn’t matter if relatively unknown Matt Bevin suddenly wakes up tomorrow morning, don’s a fruit filled Carmen Miranda hat, wears 5 inch heels with a skater skirt, and does laps around the White House while twerking tourists and carrying a Hillary in 2016 banner – VOTE for him.

The goal is to DEFEAT Mitch McConnell.  Period.

That is the first domino.

If that can be achieved all other Decepticons will be on notice.  No-one will be too big, or too necessary, to fail.  Period.

If McConnell can be defeated then not only will the heavy hand of Decepticon pressure be removed from the throat of scared to act conservatives, but also the 2016 presidential primary race opens up for the possibilities of a Rand Paul, or Scott Walker, or Ted Cruz, or (fill in the blank).

If McConnell wins then all money and structural/logistical support will go to supporting establishment Chris Christie in 2016.  Period.

I don’t give a flip what anyone says, that specific outcome will lead to a 3rd party candidate.

So you can see, if McConnell can be defeated in 2014 there will be less of a potential for a 3rd party in 2016 because the primary will be level and wide open.
Everything about the conservative movement, and the Tea Party, going forward into 2014 and 2016, is contingent upon Mitch McConnell losing in the GOP primary race in May of 2014.

THAT is the root cause of these articles outlining the NEW Super-Pacs who are organized for one reason only - to protect, in general, the Decepticon class in 2014, and more specifically the head of that entire construct, Mitch McConnell.

American Patriot

Reference material:


Dear Friend,
Rural communities in Missouri rely heavily on coal-fired energy to power their homes, businesses and farms. In fact, over 80% of Missouri's power is generated by coal-fired power plants. Missourians and other rural Americans stand to lose when Washington bureaucrats regulate rural energy production instead of creating a responsible national energy policy that works for all Americans. Democrats and Republicans in Congress joined together to reject President Obama's cap and trade ideas. Now the President is attempting to enforce these same kinds of ideas through new Environmental Protection Agency regulations without the approval of Congress.
Recently, leaders at the EPA have proposed rules for power plants that could dramatically increase energy costs for Missouri families. The EPA is attempting to label coal ash, a byproduct of coal-fired powers plants, as a “special waste.” The label would impose handling and disposal restraints on coal plant operators. Most of Missouri's power is generated by coal, and the new coal ash regulations would have a huge financial and operational impact on these plants. It would cost up to $42 million in capital improvements to meet the EPA's new standards and would raise utility bills for families in our state who are already struggling.
Unfortunately, the EPA is also rejecting clean coal technology and issuing strict standards for new coal-fired electric generating plants. The new standards essentially guarantee no new coal-fired plants will be built. If we cannot use the reliable energy coal provides, lights across rural Missouri and all of rural America will be out. President Obama's new rules could increase the cost to build a new coal-fired power plant by over $1 billion. The $1 billion price tag makes new coal-fired power plants virtually unaffordable. At a time when America's energy needs are increasing, the EPA should not stand in the way of building new power plants.
In Missouri, a new carbon tax could:

  • Increase the cost of using natural gas by 40%
  • Raise gasoline prices by more than 20 cents per gallon
  • Increase Household utilities by nearly 19%
  • Cost Missourians between 41,000 to 49,000 jobs
With high gas prices and rising utility bills, the last thing Missouri families need is a new carbon tax from the Obama EPA. The President has said all options need to be on the table as a national energy policy is developed – taxing Missourians disproportionately for using coal should not be one of those options. We cannot hope to generate enough power for over 300 million Americans without recognizing the importance of clean-coal technology, natural gas and oil. For Missouri, and all of rural America, coal power is essential.
This Week's Highlights
As promised, I returned my congressional salary from the 16 days of the government shutdown to the U.S. Treasury with the request that my salary be used towards a reduction in the national debt. In Missouri, folks don't get paid until the job is done. I think the same standard should apply to Members of Congress. Click HERE to view a copy of my letter requesting my salary be used to pay down the national debt.
I met with the Board of Municipal Utilities on Tuesday in Sikeston to discuss the Obama EPA War on Coal. Sikeston, like many communities in our 8th District, relies on coal to power their homes, businesses and farmers. President Obama's new EPA regulations on coal would have a disastrous impact on rural America.
I am always amazed by the diverse agriculture of Southeast Missouri. I had a fascinating visit to the Dawson Cotton Gin in Malden, MO on Tuesday where I got to see the gin in action.
I discussed the new Obama EPA rules for coal-fired power plants with the Howell-Oregon Electric Coop members on Wednesday in West Plains. The new rules would place a de facto ban on new coal-fired power plants which would create a serious hardship for rural communities in MO-08 and throughout the country.
I was thrilled to have such a great turnout at our meet and greet in Shannon County on Wednesday. So good to see so many people interested in their government.
Jason Smith
Member of Congress
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Did China Threaten the U.S. Over
the Debt Ceiling Debate?
Nov 09, 2013
What You Need To Know
In a piece appearing late last week in the online journal of Armstrong Economics, Glen Downs, Chief of Staff for Congressman Walter Jones of N. Carolina, shared an interesting insight on what happened behind the scenes that brought the heated debt ceiling negotiations to a sudden end.
According to Downs, "Credible sources here in Washington have shared a chilling back-story that took place involving the President and congressional leaders of both parties as the clock ticked down to the Treasury running out of cash earlier last month. It seems that more than one creditor nation, led by the Chinese, indirectly telegraphed a willingness to take very draconian measures in response to a ‘debt default’ – apparently even if coupon payments were made on outstanding debt owed to them. Those measures were set to go way beyond being financial, and were said to be credible in nature. At least one senior Republican scoffed at the threat, but relented when briefed by (at least nominally) non-political figures in the national security community."
AlertsUSA Threat Journal makes mention of this piece in light of last week's highly unusual move by the Chinese to publish in multiple mainstream media outlets their nuclear war plans against the U.S., including land-based and submarine-launched missile strikes on U.S. cities that would kill up to 12 million people.
We add to this the well publicized, steadfast refusal of the White House, State Department and DoD to even comment on the Chinese threat.
While AlertsUSA Threat Journal has no definitive proof of connections between the debt ceiling negotiation threats and the Chinese publishing nuclear strike plans, not to mention other recent unusual disclosures of their growing military capability, it would be foolish to dismiss them as unrelated.
In calls placed by AlertsUSA to sources on Capital Hill who are in the know but refuse to speak publicly on the matter, the response was the same: "I can neither confirm or deny a connection between the threats, though it would not be off the mark to draw this conclusion."
China is currently the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt instruments valued at 1.3 TRILLION. The total could actually be significantly higher as Beijing is also known to hold American debt through intermediaries. Combined, the total U.S. debt held by the Chinese are estimated to be somewhere in the range of $3.5 TRILLION.
With this level of money in play, China clearly appears to have no intention of being played like a chump by the White House and Congress.
Approximately 60% of all global trade is conducted in U.S. dollars. Thus, exporting nations such as China accumulate huge reserves of the currency. Instead of just letting the money sit idle, most countries purchase U.S. Treasuries. And herein is the problem.
Fiscal dysfunction in Washington puts Chinese officials, and the country's economy, in a very difficult position. A default or debt crisis in the U.S. would substantially reduce the value of China's U.S. Treasury holdings, as well as open the party leadership up to big trouble with the populace for investing so much of the country's wealth in the U.S..
Does China "need" America? For the moment, yes. There are few other viable alternatives to U.S. Treasuries for China to park it's enormous reserves and the market for Chinese goods is still very good, though things are changing fast. China has been making great headway in transitioning their economy towards more domestic demand, as well as expanding trade opportunities with other nations.
Further, China and many other large economies are transitioning away from the U.S. dollar in matters of trade. Australia and China now trade directly using their own currencies, completely sidestepping the USD. The same goes for China and Brazil. And just last month, Europe and China agreed a currency swap deal to boost trade and investment between the regions, here again completely sidestepping the USD.
Reserve Currency Chart - ALLOW IMAGES
Repayment of at least a portion of China's holdings of U.S. debt is going to happen, either directly or "in-kind" through the transfer or acquisition of strategic technologies and assets (defense technologies, key industrial concerns, gold, etc.). But at some point in the not-so-distant future, the U.S. house of debt will come crashing down. Between now and then, it is expected that China will be exerting as much pressure as possible, perhaps even including threats, to keep their existing holdings safe.

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Travel Security Update
TSA Expands Scope of Passenger Screening
The Transportation Security Administration has begun dramatically expanding the scope of airline passenger screening to include searches of a wide variety of government databases for traveler background information well before they ever arrive at the airport for a scheduled trip.
The Transportation Security Administration states that the ultimate goal is to streamline actual airport security checks for millions of travelers who pose no risk by qualifying fully one quarter of passengers for lighter screening.

The U.S. Dept. of State is the authoritative federal source for information on the security situation at travel destinations worldwide. With tensions rapidly increasing in most regions, readers planning on international travel, even to such common destinations as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands, are strongly encouraged to do a little research on the security situation prior to departure.
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Fukushima "No More Seafood For You" (Must See)

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