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Sandy Hook 911 Recordings REMOVED From Net


Exclusive: What the Media is Not Telling You About Future Lead Ammo Shortages


  by Joshua Cook
Both the left and the right have disputed Col. Allen West’s claim that President Obama is engaging in backdoor gun control by using the EPA to close down America’s primary lead smelter.
Col. West argued that without lead, gun manufacturers cannot make conventional ammunition, and accuses Obama of using backdoor gun control tactics to weaken the 2nd Amendment. Lawrence Keane, the senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which represents the ammunitions and firearms industry, told the Washington Times, “Manufacturers use recycled lead to make ammunition. They don’t buy from smelters.”
“The EPA closing, which has been in the works for a while, will have no impact on production, supply or cost to the consumers,” said Keane.’s Joshua Cook called the NSSF, but they could not be reached for comment.
What is unclear is how gun manufacturers will get their additional lead supply? Secondary smelters have only recycled lead from manufacturers. Secondary smelters only provide the service of processing the lead, which is then returned to the manufacturers.’s Joshua Cook contacted the smelter set to close, which is owned by Doe Run and located in Missouri. Cook asked Doe Run’s spokeswoman Tammy Stankey to clarify if lead ammunition will be affected by the closure of America’s last primary smelter.
Stankey told Cook:
“Primary lead is produced from ore. We have the largest mining district in the world here in Missouri. We extract the minerals to produce a pure lead concentrate, which goes to our smelter at the Herculaneum facility in Missouri.”
“That smelter produces the primary lead that battery manufacturers prefer. We also have a secondary smelter in Missouri. It recycles 13 million batteries a year used in automobiles all over the world.”
“The secondary smelter recovers lead by recycling it from batteries, spent lead ammunition and other lead materials. The predominant customers are battery companies. The battery companies send batteries in, and we recover the lead and send it back to them. These companies in America rely on us to provide them with secondary lead and primary lead.”
“We also sell lead to ammo manufacturers who are using primarily secondary lead.”
“Some of them may not be concerned; however, 130,000 tons of lead, which is primary lead, but still lead, will be removed from the North American market.”
“So we are in the supply-and-demand market, if you remove 130,000 tons of lead from the market, there will be greater competition for the remaining lead. So it’s really a matter of supply and demand.”
“There will be a smaller supply of lead in the U.S. market in the future.”
“Having said that, between 96% to 98% of all lead acid batteries are recycled annually. So that tells you that on an annual basis, we are losing 2% to 4% of the lead. It’s not being returned in to the recycled lead production in the U.S. The primary lead historically helped to make up the gap.”“So are the ammo manufacturers are correct when they say they get their lead from secondary smelters, that’s an accurate statement.”
“Is it also accurate to say that we are looking at lead shortages all over? That is an accurate statement too, because 130,000 tons of lead will be removed from the U.S. market.”
“So the next question is where to get additional lead? The only primary smelters left in North America are two in Canada and one in Mexico. There are also some smelters in Asia.”
“China will likely ship us batteries but not the raw material the battery manufactures wants to use to make their own batteries. It’s simple economics. Would you rather sell corn or loaves of bread? There is a profit motivation for China to sell batteries, not the raw material of lead.”
“That’s the part that people who aren’t concerned are missing. We are taking  130,000 tons off the market. So the question is: where will that lead come from? What additional costs will come to supply the market with that demand? How much will shipping lead, which is a heavy material, cost?  What about the political and environmental pressure to regulate lead smelters all over the world? How much competition will be there for lead imported to the U.S.?”
“The battery companies require the largest percent of lead, 80%. So if you are someone that is not a high-demand customer, you will have less leverage with the supplier for lead. The battery companies will have an easier time with suppliers, because suppliers do not want to jeopardize a large contract. Battery manufacturers own the lead. It’s not our lead. We simply provide a service to recover the lead and return it to the battery manufactures,” said Stankey.
If ammunition manufacturers are like battery manufactures, only with less leverage, then where will they get new lead supplies? It must be imported.
As stated in a previous article, U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan’s communications director told Cook, “We’re very concerned and extensively looking into the lead issue.”
The concern for gun owners is that if President Obama bans lead imports for gun manufacturers by executive order, he can limit ammo supply.
Cook asked Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, if he was concerned that Obama may ban lead imports for ammunition manufactures by executive order?
 ”That’s why we need to impeach him,” said Pratt. The sheriff of the county where that smelter is located should have already communicated with the chief attorney of the EPA and said, ‘Not in my county. If you come into my county, I am arresting you.’”
Cook asked Michele Hickford, communications director for Col. Allen West, about the recent criticisms regarding his article and the reality of the lead issue. “It’s fair to say the EPA is slowly tightening the noose on the lead industry in this country. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots and see where it’s headed. Any reduction in production, as you point out, is bound to impact supply at some point,” said Hickford.
“You know, last fall before the election, Col. West was vilified for questioning the sudden drop in unemployment figures. Turns out they were fake after all,” said Hickford.

Sociopath on the Loose BY MARCIA WOOD -


Sociopath on the Loose

It’s time to speak up, speak out and clarify who Barack Obama really is and what he’s done in five years in an attempt to destroy our Nation.  Let’s call a “Spade a Spade” now, to heck with what someone has conjured up as to what is and what isn’t politically correct.  Don’t know about you but I tossed the “Damn” race card out in 2008 when Obama and the Liberal news media were shoving it down our throat in 2008.
What you will read in this article has nothing to do with race, color of skin, financial status or Political Party.  It is strictly based on cold hard facts depicting how a corrupt politician and his cohorts brought change to our awesome Nation.  It’s all about misrepresentation, manipulation and selfish control to attain one’s goals.
When facing a critical problem, first one must discover the source.  That’s pretty darn easy – look no further just take a jaunt over to our White House.  Here you’ll find a group of like - minded people spawned from Alinsky, Socialists, Communists and extremists who have been working 24/7 to take over our Nation. 
The Commander and Chief leads this pack from a distance, never getting his hands dirty, not even rolling up his sleeves because those serving him have waited for years for the Obama God to arrive in their midst. They have infiltrated our Government, our schools and our courts patiently waiting to make their move to destroy America as we know it.
To me I say it’s time to cut to the chase and call a “spade a spade.”  One word describes Barack Obama – no it isn’t sugar coated or suggestive it aptly depicts and identifies him.  SOCIOPATH
A Sociopath
A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others.  A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused - it is done to get one's way).  Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others.  Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways.
Recently Obama said this, “the issue of inequality drives everything I do in this office. There you are folks in a nutshell we have an Alinsky sociopath running our Country. He isn’t here to protect or defend this great Nation – no he’s here to methodically create a big Government turning the people into his workabees.
He will do all of the above via redistribution and he’s off to a good start via our stimulus money, Obamacare, filtering funds to his half – brother and Auntie too!  His blooming spending just goes on and on… 
While he’s doing this inequality stuff he steals our money to pad the bottomless pockets of the Unions, EPA, his big contributors, his buddies involved in the “Green Scam,” the not so famous Czars, the Muslim Brotherhood and Eastern Countries who are murdering Christians and the innocent.
So it’s time to remove our shackles and stand up to this person some refer to as “Mr. President.”  First, notify the House that there will be no more spending – they can live within their means.
 Next tell Congress we the people want Obama’s charge card and we the people don’t want any more money sent to any foreign Countries at this time – we want that money spent on our ugly National Debt. 
Another FYI for the House and Senate is this: we don’t want Obamacare or a single payer system never did.  We want the Government to stay out of our personal business – no more spying on us, no more IRS meddling and no more accumulated debt.
Obama we quit – no longer will we bend under your dictates and Executive Orders.  You’ve worn out your welcome and it would be best for our great Nation if you’d quietly resign and find a new Country. 
As Always,
Little Tboca
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MUST WATCH! Cavuto: Mr. President, we at Fox News are not



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Fukushima Radioactive Water Storage Tanks - ALLOW IMAGES
TEPCO to Begin Dumping Radioactive Water into
Pacific, IAEA and NRC Gives Thumbs Up
Dec 7, 2013

What You Need To Know
It was only a matter of time before this solution was proposed. The chairman of the Fukushima Monitoring Committee, Dale Klein, says that TEPCO will have to begin dumping stored radioactive water into the Pacific as it is impossible to continue storing it onsite. It should come as no surprise that the plan has been given the thumbs up by numerous nuclear industry reps, including:
Allison M. Macfarlane, Chairman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission:
"a reasonable recommendation"
Juan Carlos Lentijo, Director, IAEA Div. of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology and head of IAEA’s mission to Fukushima Daiichi:
“Controlled discharge is a regular practice in all the nuclear facilities in the world."
Shunichi Tanaka, Chairman, Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority
“You cannot keep storing the water forever."
Let's look at a summary of the known facts.
  • Dozens of species of fish in the Pacific are already showing detectable levels of radiation poisoning directly traceable to the Fukushima disaster (see this, this and this).
  • Radioactive sea water is close to (see this and this) or already beginning to reach the shores of N. America.
  • There are increasing die offs in the Pacific Ocean, as well as strange diseases, showing up in star fish, seals, tuna, herring, salmon and more (see this, this and this).
  • Contaminated ground water continues to flow freely into the Pacific Ocean at an estimated rate of 300-600 tons per day (143,790 gallons per day using the conversion of 239.65 U.S. gallons per ton * 600).
  • The general consensus of Japan's nuclear industry, and well as international industry reps, is to intentionally dump contaminated water used to cool melted and spent fuel directly into the Pacific Ocean.
  • The crisis is less than three years into a remediation and cleanup effort expected to take many decades.
As AlertsUSA Threat Journal has repeatedly recommended since the beginning of the crisis, you would be wise to outright avoid, or dramatically reduce, eating anything coming out of the Pacific, particularly as time moves forward. Why take a chance? The longer the crisis goes on, the more contaminated the Pacific will become.
While it is highly unlikely you will keel over and die tomorrow, your body bioaccumulates these materials the same as the rest of the food chain below you. This is particularly important for children and young adults as they have longer to live, and thus, have longer to experience potential ramifications.
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Gas Centrifuge Uranium Enrichment Plant, Natanz, Iran  - ALLOW IMAGES
Former Intel Chiefs: Iran Already Nuke Capable,
Congressman Calls for Use of Tactical Nukes
Dec 7, 2013

What You Need To Know
The former heads of two of the world's most powerful intelligence agencies this week, in completely separate speeches held half a world apart, stated that Iran has reached the point of what is known as a "nuclear threshold state" and already has the ability to build several nuclear bombs in just a matter of a few weeks.
Commenting in New York on the interim accord reached earlier in the week between Iran and the P5+1 group of nations, Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and National Security Agency, stated the following:
"We have accepted Iranian uranium enrichment. There is no question about that. That's a different red line than we used to have. [...] It says in the agreement that we will come to an agreement with regard to their right to enrich, which is very different than UN security council resolutions to date that says they do not have a right to enrich. At the end of the day Iran is going to be a nuclear threshold state. [...] Right now, the Iranians are far too close to a nuclear weapon."
On the other side of the planet, General Amos Yadlin, the former chief of Israel's Military Intelligence Directorate, had equally revealing comments on the agreement:
"Iran is approaching breakout point to a nuclear bomb.The fact that Iran is a nuclear threshold state is not the fault of this agreement. Iran spent many years developing this capability and no one managed to stop it. Iran is a step before breakout to a bomb. This is unfortunate but true.”
The situation was further clarified by a member of Israel's Knesset, Tzahi Hanegbi, who stated that Iran has built a uranium stockpile of 7.2 tons, enough for several bombs. He went on to express concern that the interim deal would end up being the final deal, thus leaving the Islamic Republic in place as a nuclear threshold state with the capability to assemble a bomb within six to seven weeks.
Readers are reminded that for decades Iran has threatened to wipe the nation of Israel off the map, not to mention repeated threats to attack the U.S. given the means. Through dozens of rounds of negotiations over the years, Iran has simply bought time during which their nuclear program has advanced. Year, after year, after year. Now they are there.
As Iran already has missiles more than capable of striking Israel, logic would dictate that their efforts to develop ICBMs in partnership with N. Korea is intended for targets much further away.
Under the terms of the latest agreement, billions of dollars in sanctions have been lifted and Iran literally gives up nothing. Enrichment activities will continue and even expand, and the deal doesn't cover inspections of Iran’s nuclear weaponization program, including fuses, timers and metallurgy. Any notion of reinstating economic and trade sanctions down the line is laughable, as China and Russia are certain to vote against them.
Unless Iran all of a sudden has a national change of heart, which is highly doubtful, it would appear that war in the Middle East is a certainty. It could very well start with Iran attacking Israel, Israel preemptively striking Iran, or Western nations striking Iran to set back or end their program.
Congressman Calls for Use of Tactical Nukes
In an interview this week with CSPAN, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) called for the use of tactical nuclear weapons in the event of war with Iran. Watch this portion of his interview here. For reference, Congressman Hunter is a reserve United States Marine Corps officer and a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He is the first of only seven members of Congress who are combat veterans of either conflict. He currently holds the rank of Major.

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Rand Paul says first vote he needs toward 2016 White House bid is his wife's

FILE: Dec. 6, 2013: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaks at the Detroit Economic Club held at the Motor City Casino, in Detroit, Mich.AP
Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul tapped his brakes this weekend on a potential 2016 presidential run, saying his wife has yet to support the idea.
“Where’s my cellphone? Can I call my wife?” Paul said jokingly after a speech Friday night in Detroit. “There are two votes in my family. My wife has both of them, and both of them are ‘no’ votes right now.”
Whether the popular, first-term senator was totally joking or just playing coy remains unclear, with early polls showing him, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio consistently among the Republican Party’s top potential 2016 White House candidates.
Paul trails Christie by less than 2 percentage points and trails Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton by 9 points, according to an averaging of polls by the website
“If I’m a very able politician, I’ll tell you in a year whether I’m able to persuade my wife. Right now, I don’t know yet, but I thank you for your interest,” said Paul, who has a strong libertarian following and who has expressed interest in a White House run.
He has already been to the early voting state of Iowa, where in May he headlined the Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner.
Paul was in Detroit this weekend touting his economic plan, which attempts to help the bankrupt city and other financially struggling U.S. governments through lowering taxes to encourage growth.
He said cutting corporate, payroll and income taxes would put more money "in the hands of those who earn it and pointed to his bill calling for "economic freedom zones." He wants a flat tax of 5 percent in certain neighborhoods.

BIOGRAPHY: The Truth About Nelson Mandela


EXCLUSIVE: Florida cop arrested for refusing to remove Guy Fawkes SPEAKS OUT


FREE ZONE media weekend movie 2 "when bough breaks" - ENJOY


Friday, December 6, 2013



Obama Administration Lied about Kenyan Uncle By Onan Coca

 Some people have been questioning President Obama’s past since he became a likely candidate for President. The media and the Democrat Party have long derided them as “birther’s” for their incredulity about President Obama’s ability to hold the Executive position. Well, you have to think that stories like this one will spark people’s imagination.
President Obama’s uncle Onyango Obama (or Omar Obama) has been illegally living in the United States since the 1960s. He was recently arrested for drunk driving and was found to have deportation orders against him. He is now fighting that deportation and took to the witness stand to defend himself. In his defense, he claimed that President Obama had lived with him for several weeks back around the time that the President attended Harvard.
Onyango Obama, now a 69-year-old liquor store manager in Framingham, said he had helped numerous students and had relatives in the United States, including his nephew, Barack Obama.
He said the president had stayed with him at his Cambridge apartment for three weeks when he came to attend Harvard Law School in the 1980s.
“It’s a good thing to let your nephew stay with you,” he said after the hearing, adding that in his family, “your brother’s kids are your kids as well.”
This claim came as a complete surprise to the media and to scholars with knowledge of President Obama’s history.
The reason for the surprise?
President Obama’s White House told the media over a year ago that the President had never met his uncle, Omar Obama.
But his relationship with his uncle, nicknamed Omar, was less clear.
In November 2011, a White House spokesman said he had no record of the two ever meeting. The Washington Post had also reported that scholars believed the two had never met.
obamaliesThe White House never moved to correct the record, until the president’s famously private uncle took the witness stand in Boston immigration court two days ago.
This story introduces yet another embarrassing lie told by this White House to the media. The White House would like you to think that they simply misspoke a year ago, when they originally denied that the President had ever met his uncle, but how much sense does that make? Wouldn’t the simplest way to answer this question be to ask the President if and when the two had ever met? Instead the White House staff does “research” and comes back with this answer, “He has never met his famous nephew, according to the White House.”
The apparently conflicting stories that the White House has come out with will do nothing but enflame the latent “birther” movement.
It adds another layer of intrigue to what has been the cloudy past of the least vetted Presidential candidate in our nation’s history. Perhaps the silver lining to the Obama Presidency will be that the media will be more vigilant in the future to cover the political parties more equitably. Perhaps the lesson of the last 5-6 years will teach them to report on the day’s news instead of advocate for their pet political projects.
The media’s hands are bloody with the dirty politics of the Obama administration.






The IRS Scandal involves:
Last night during his interview with Chris Matthews, Barack Obama denied there was a so-called IRS scandal and said it was just something sensationalized by the media.
“If on the other hand, you’ve got an office in Cincinnati, an IRS office, that I think for bureaucratic reasons, is trying to sreamline a difficult law to begin with, and interpret whether a non-profit is a political organization, deserves a tax exempt agenc, ant they’ve got a list. Suddenly, everyone’s outraged… And, I’ll point out that there are some so-called progressives and perceived to be liberal commentators during that week that were just outraged at the possibility that these folks had in some way been discriminated against. And, that is what gets news.”

The IRS Scandal involves: At least 292 conservative groups targeted At least 5 pro-Israel groups targeted Constitutional groups targeted Groups that criticized Obama administration were targeted At least two pro-life groups targeted A Texas voting-rights group was targeted Conservative activists and businesses were targeted. At least 88 IRS agents were involved in the targeting scandal At least one conservative Hispanic group was targeted IRS continued to target groups even after the scandal was exposed Last night during his interview with Chris Matthews, Barack Obama denied there was a so-called IRS scandal and said it was just something sensationalized by the media. “If on the other hand, you’ve got an office in Cincinnati, an IRS office, that I think for bureaucratic reasons, is trying to sreamline a difficult law to begin with, and interpret whether a non-profit is a political organization, deserves a tax exempt agenc, ant they’ve got a list. Suddenly, everyone’s outraged… And, I’ll point out that there are some so-called progressives and perceived to be liberal commentators during that week that were just outraged at the possibility that these folks had in some way been discriminated against. And, that is what gets news.”

When news of the scandal broke Obama promised to get to the bottom of it.
IRS investigators have still not interviewed one single Tea Party group. There is evidence the White House and IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer information.

Thursday, December 5, 2013



Two days ago, testimonies were given on Capitol Hill that should raise every American citizen’s concerns about recent flagrant abuses of presidential power.  
Michael Turley, a Georgetown University Law Professor, issued this warning… “The danger is quite severe. The problem with what the president is doing is that he's not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system – he’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.”
Equally concerning is the fact that Congress isn’t stopping him because his leftist sycophants in the Senate actually like what he’s doing!  
Our constitutional system of checks and balances is being subverted by the Executive Branch to the point of being completely ineffectual.  Please see my urgent update below –
Under President Barack Obama, the Executive Branch’s quest for power at the expense of the other two Branches is accelerating. In fact, the administration’s propensity to sidestep the Constitution is making news nearly every day now. 
Earlier this week, the House Judiciary Committee called in experts on constitutional law to assess what they are seeing as a dangerous trend. Enabled by the Democrat-controlled Senate, President Obama has successfully tilted the balance of power decidedly toward the Executive Branch.   
Among the most telling of testimonies was that of Georgetown Law Professor Jonathan Turley, who said that the Obama administration has “an undeniable pattern of circumventing Congress in the creation of new major standards, exceptions, or outright nullifications.” Professor Turley added…
“We have what many once called an imperial presidency model of largely unchecked authority. And with that trend, we also have the continued rise of a “fourth branch.” 
We have agencies that are quite large that issue regulations. The Supreme Court said recently that agencies could actually define their own or interpret their own jurisdictions.” 
++The “fourth branch” of American government. 
In the next 12 months, President Obama will seek to fill 50 federal judicial openings and over 180 federal agency leadership positions. 
He will be stacking the courts and filling the federal agencies with ideological clones – people who have come to be known as “Obamabots.” 
This will, in turn, empower federal agencies to pass mandates without congressional approval and to persecute opposing organizations and individuals, much like we’ve already seen with the out-of-control IRS, the NSA, the FBI, HHS, and an unbridled EPA. 
In this chilling new scenario, circumventing Congress will be the norm for the Obama administration and its ever-expanding federal agencies.  
Then, if these agencies’ mandates are challenged in federal court, the President will have already taken care of the judges’ political orientations.   
Among the first federal courts that will be jerked hard to the Left is the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, to which the President hopes to add three judicial activists as early as next week.  That court is charged with ruling on Executive Orders and other administrative matters – no wonder President Obama wants that court in his hip pocket!
As Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) said, “If we cannot go and get the court to decide the differences between the two branches, then… the imperial presidency is complete.” 
++Harry Reid’s use of the “nuclear option” is fueling this disaster.
With Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s “nuclear” gift to President Obama, the possibility of derailing these dangerous nominations has substantially diminished. The nuclear option removed the minority’s party’s ability to filibuster, rendering Senate Republicans almost helpless in trying to stop radical nominations.  
We must do everything we can to help stop Barack Obama from stacking the courts and flooding the federal agencies with his ideological clones!

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