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Claire Davis dies from injuries in Arapahoe High School shooting


Claire Davis dies

Picture of Claire Davis as released by her parents
LITTLETON, Colo. - Claire Esther Davis, the Arapahoe High School student critically wounded in Dec. 13's school shooting.  has died from her injuries.
She died at 4:29 p.m. Saturday, according to the hospital.  The statement, published on the hospital's Facebook page, said:
It is with heavy hearts that we share that at 4:29 p.m. this afternoon, Claire Davis passed away, with her family at her side. Despite the best efforts of our physicians and nursing staff, and Claire’s fighting spirit, her injuries were too severe and the most advanced medical treatments could not prevent this tragic loss of life. Claire’s death is immensely heartbreaking for our entire community, our staff and our families.

The Davis family would like to thank everyone who have sent their best wishes and prayers, and are grateful for the kindness and support of the community. They know that you all are mourning with them, and again request privacy during this time of grief.

Information regarding a public celebration of Claire’s life will be announced at a future date. Please feel free to continue to leave cards for the Davis family in the Cards for Claire box, located within the main entrance of the hospital.
Davis, 17, was shot in the head by another student with a shotgun at point-blank range at the school on Dec. 13, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said.
She was taken to Littleton Adventist Hospital in "very critical" condition, underwent surgery and remained in a coma ever since.
One day after the shooting, Davis' father told 7NEWS his daughter was "not doing very well."
At the time, he told 7NEWS reporter Molly Hendrickson that the family is grateful for the support of everyone in the community, and asked for the community to pray for her.
About 500 classmates held a candlelight vigil Saturday for Davis, who was sitting with a friend near the school library when she was shot. Earlier tonight, another vigil was held for Davis at Shepherd of the Hills Church, near Arapahoe High School.
"We come tonight to pray for her and her family," said Rev. Bradley Stoltenow. "Father when the doors of Arapahoe High School open, we pray, Lord, that we take back that school."
"I wanted to be here to really support Claire and what happened with her," said Ellie Maji, a fellow student at Arapahoe High School. "I know some of her friends and I know how hard it is for them."
Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said earlier that investigators think she was shot at random by the gunman.
The shooter was a fellow student who had gone into the school looking for a teacher with whom he had a dispute. The Arapahoe High School shooter killed himself with a shot to the head, the coroner confirmed.
Students are planning a special edition of the school newspaper that will honor Claire.
New Fund Established Honoring Claire Davis

The Denver Foundation announced today that the family and concerned friends and community members have created the Arapahoe High School Community Fund honoring Claire Davis.  This charitable fund will broadly support Arapahoe High School and the surrounding community with support for mental health care, anti-bullying programs, and other community needs as determined by the fund’s advisors, Michael and Desiree Davis.

“The Denver Foundation is privileged to be able to help the Arapahoe High School community honor Claire Davis and help with needs that extend beyond the immediate,” says David Miller, President of The Denver Foundation. “We will be honored to work with Claire’s family to determine where contributed dollars will make the greatest difference.”

ALERT!...HHS Doomsday Prepping ALL Medicare & Medicaid Providers


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Robertson Family Responds


Breaking News: Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family Responds

The Robertson clan has released a statement about the ongoing controversy between patriarch Phil Robertson and A&E.
Here it is in its entirety.
entirefamilyWe want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E's decision.  We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word. 
While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Phil would never incite or encourage hate.We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right.We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm.  We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty.   Again, thank you for your continued support of our family.
I’m sure I speak for most of the Eagle Rising family when I say that we hope to see all of the Robertson family back on TV soon. We’ve grown to love their heart and their transparency. They have been a great example as a family, as friends, and as Americans.


School Drops Christ from 'Silent Night,'

School Drops Christ from 'Silent Night,' Draws Ire
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 10:01 AM PST

A school administrator, with hand in the cookie jar said, "they meant nothing wrong".  Sorry, not buying it.  They said they "didn't want to offend anybody".  More likely they meant, they didn't want to offend anyone that was non-Christian because these "educators" should be smart enough to know that "O Holy Night' is not only traditional, but greatly loved by millions of people.
I am sure that a "religious" song, especially about the birth of Jesus Christ, doesn't fit into the schools "Winter" program like prayer doesn't fit into their secular ideology.  And because they are "educators" certainly they are smarter than the rest of us and therefore think they know whats best for your children.  This of course explains why, since we have allowed prayer to be removed from schools in the nineteen sixties, new problems like rape, school shootings, low standard academics, teen pregnancy, suicide and rampant drug abuse are the new norm. 
Seems like the Son of God isn't welcome in any places that are government institutions anymore.  This also explains a lot. 
As for me, I will sing........







Jack Cashill Documents Obama's Troubling Lies



Posted Friday, December 20th 2013 @ 3pm
The "Duck Dynasty" family is flocking to Phil Robertson's side.  The patriarch has been suspended by A&E in the wake of controversial comments he made in a magazine interview that some have deemed homophobic and racist.  The Robertsons say in a statement that Phil's "unfiltered comments" may have been "coarse," but his "beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible."  They also call the 67-year-old a "Godly man" who would "never incite or encourage hate."  As for Phil's indefinite hiatus from the "Duck Dynasty" TV show, the family says they are disappointed that he was suspended for expressing his faith.  They say they can't imagine the show going forward without him, and are currently in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of "Duck Dynasty." 

Woman Was Probed, Cavity Searched, and X-Rayed When She Tried To Reenter The United States


Chemtrails? Watch This! Then Try to Deny It




Hamas-CAIR California: Half of Islamic Students Bullied -Called “Terrorists, bin Laden”


Everyone is being bullied in 2013. Leave it to Hamas-CAIR California to issue a report that over half of all Islamic students suffer from “bullying.” According to their report, which is the first of its kind, Islamic students face “biased-based bullying” in California. This doesn’t include other instances that have supposedly occurred across the nation. This particular study was conducted with a sample of 500 Muslim students. It’s interesting that Hamas CAIR dares to play the bullying card, when every single state in the United States has cowered to Islam. Students are not forbidden to wear a hijab in school in California. Common Core is jihadist certified, with many of the textbooks serving as substitute Korans in the classroom. The only thing that has happened here is the American education system has given in completely to Islam. Like the homosexual agenda, it is never enough. Hamas-CAIR California will submit this biased, self serving “report” in order to get the results they want, which is complete control over American education.
Hamas-CAIR California has a definate goal in issuing this “bullying” report. It will make all educators even more eager to please the CAIR thugs into making schools a safe haven for budding jihadists. Any perceived threat of “bullying,” requires swift action to keep the Islamists from striking, possibly suing. Scare tactics and threats are the calling cards of Hamas-CAIR. What should we expect from a terrorist organization?


Senate rushes through NDAA approval late last night

last night, the Senate voted to reauthorize the National Defense Authorization Act and approved $607 billion in military spending.  Only twelve Republicans and a measly three Democrats opposed the bill. Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), and potential 2016 hopefuls Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) all voted “Nay.”
Senator Ted Cruz released the following statement:
Today I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. I am deeply concerned that Congress still has not prohibited President Obama’s ability to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens arrested on American soil without trial or due process.
The Constitution does not allow President Obama, or any President, to apprehend an American citizen, arrested on U.S. soil, and detain these citizens indefinitely without a trial. When I ran for office, I promised the people of Texas I would oppose any National Defense Authorization Act that did not explicitly prohibit the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. Although this legislation does contain several positive provisions that I support, it does not ensure our most basic rights as American citizens are protected.

Reid Uses New Senate Filibuster Rule To Confirm Homeland Security Nominee Who is Under Active Investigation



Back in November, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed to change the Senate rules in order to push through Barack Obama’s nominees without a filibuster to deal with. The move was referred to as the “nuclear option.” Today, Reid and the Democrats took advantage of those rules and used them to advance confirmation of Obama’s controversial number two Homeland Security official Alejandro Mayorkas.
The Washington Times reports:
Senate Democrats used the new filibuster rules Friday to win confirmation of a controversial top Homeland Security official, approving a new deputy secretary who is still under investigation of wrongdoing in his current post as head of one of the immigration agencies.

The vote was the latest sign of how bitter the partisanship has become in the Senate, with each party saying there’s a total lack of trust with the other side, and questioning whether that can be rebuilt next year.
Not only was the confirmation a new precedent due to the new rules change, but Republicans claimed it was the first time that a nominee, who is currently under investigation by the Inspector General, has been confirmed.
Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) claims to have had analysts search the record and said there has never been a confirmation of a nominee under active investigation.
“It’s never been done before,” he said. I reported back in July that Mayorkas is currently under investigation for his part in helping a financing company run by Anthony Rodham, the brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, secure an international investor visa for a Chinese executive.
Reid, claims that the investigation into Mayorkas lacks credibility (isn’t that convenient), and claims his nomination was far too important to wait till after the Christmas break.
“There is still an ongoing investigation,” Coburn said. “Never before has the Senate confirmed someone in this high of a position who is under investigation. … We should wait for this investigation to be completed.”
Politics, no doubt, that had Mr. Reid been on the opposite side of things would have made an even bigger stink about than is being made now. However, Reid was not alone in his dismissal of the investigation.
Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said the allegations were “lies and smears” motivated by politics.
“I was obvious this was done for political motives not to make Homeland Security a better department,” Leahy said.
Clearly, Republicans were not strategizing properly, as if we are actually expecting establishment Republicans to do such a thing. The vote to confirm Mayorkas was along party lines, 54-41.
Mayorkas was not the only nominee confirmed on Friday. Obama’s Internal Revenue Service director nominee John Koskinen was confirmed by a vote of 59-36, with five Republicans crossing over to vote in favor of his confirmation.
Richard Burr (R-NC), Susan Collins (R-ME), Bob Corker (R-TN), Rob Portman (OH) all voted to confirm Koskinen.
While elections are still a long ways off, one wonders if Republicans were to take back the Senate and change the rules in their favor how much Harry Reid and Democrats would be screaming about it being “unfair,” and to top that off, one wonders if Republicans would cave to that pressure and go back to the way things were.
In either case, the confirmation of Mayorkas should be of grave concern to Americans, since he is still under investigation, yet, will be in the number two spot over the Department of Homeland Security. Yes, my friends, elections have consequences.


Egypt Buries the Brotherhood


Protest against President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo, Egypt 
It’s not unusual for the United States and a Muslim country to be on the opposite sides of the War on Terror. It is unusual for a Muslim country to take a stand against terrorism while the United States backs the right of a terrorist group to burn churches, torture opposition members and maintain control of a country with its own nuclear program.
But that’s the strange situation in what Egypt’s public prosecutor has declared “the biggest case of conspiracy in the country’s history.”
The media assumes that the charges accusing Muslim Brotherhood leaders of conspiring with Hamas and Hezbollah, passing state secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and plotting to help foreign terrorists kill Egyptian soldiers is a show being put on for Western audiences. They couldn’t be more wrong.
This isn’t about winning international PR points. It’s about destroying the credibility of the Brotherhood in the eyes of Egyptians and burying it along with what’s left of the Arab Spring in the waters of the Nile.
Obama assumed that cuts to military aid would force Egypt to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power. He was wrong and the latest round of criminal charges show just how wrong he was.
The charges that the Muslim Brotherhood conspired with Hamas and Hezbollah to unleash a wave of terror against Egypt go to the heart of this struggle between the Egyptian nationalism of the military and the Islamic transnationalism of the Muslim Brotherhood. They paint the Muslim Brotherhood as not merely corrupt or abusive, the way that many tyrannies are, but as a foreign subversive element.
These aren’t merely criminal charges. They are accusations of treason.
There are two narratives of the Arab Spring. In one of them, the people rose up against the tyrants.  In the other an international conspiracy of Western and Muslim countries collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Arab countries.
To destroy the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the state has to do more than accuse Morsi of abuses of power; it has to show that he and his organization were illegitimate because they were Un-Egyptian.
That will prove that the differences between Mubarak and Morsi aren’t incidental. Mubarak may have been thuggish and corrupt, but he was an Egyptian patriot. Morsi will be charged with being an Iranian traitor who conspired to take away the Sinai and turn it over to the terrorist proxies of a Shiite state.
The Egyptian public prosecutor’s charges speak of an Iranian conspiracy dating back to 2005 that saw Muslim Brotherhood members being trained by that country’s Revolutionary Guard and by Hezbollah. They allege that the Muslim Brotherhood had been preparing to declare its own separatist Emirate in the Sinai if it could not succeed in bringing Morsi to power.
Egypt had already accused Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders of being liberated from prison by terrorist infiltrators. It now accuses him of importing foreign terrorists to attack Egyptian soldiers  (which provided him with a pretext for bringing the Egyptian military under control by pushing out Field Marshal Tantawi and putting General Al-Sisi in command of the Egyptian military) and after Sisi’s overthrow of him, to intimidate Egypt into restoring him to power




Forget the polls showing a take over; after amnesty the GOP may be lucky to exist post Nov. 2014

by Kevin “Coach” Collins
It is undeniably fun to watch the polls turn against Barrack Obama and the Democrat Party. After so much frustration we conservatives can take comfort in the suffering of those who voted the Democrats into power, but that really doesn’t help us in the long run. You can’t eat schadenfreude. We have our real life to deal with and right now our real life isn’t looking very good.
Those who followed last year’s election know  the polls showed good things were coming until the pollsters finally figured out they were talking to the wrong people. When Rasmussen effectively searched out those who had not been previously surveyed Mitt Romney’s side collapsed.
It is becoming increasingly likely that the polls and surveys we are seeing today have a similar fundamental flaw; they are all vulnerable to collapse because of the agenda of John Boehner and the rest of the GOPe including the Chamber of Commerce.
The advantages held by Republicans today will be distant memories next November. Nevertheless, the vicious uncalled for attacks on conservatives by John Boehner Peter King John McCain and their like will not be forgotten. They will become be rallying cries to fight against the Republican Party next year.
Those who are tempted to think that since conservatives have nowhere else to go Republicans will win by default ought to reconsider. Boehner’s insistence upon waving amnesty as a red flag in the face of conservatives will lead to the evaporation of the GOP’s base support overnight.
The Republicans are fooling themselves into believing that the mere word “Democrat” attached to an opponent will bring them easy victories, because it won’t do anything of the sort after amnesty. To the contrary, Republicans who vote for amnesty will carry a scarlet “A” on their foreheads; and being backed by “The Chamber of Commerce” will be a one way ticket to unemployment.
Republicans connected to amnesty will get no base support and no votes of gracias from newly minted Democrats.
If the tone of this essay conveys the message that amnesty will bring about a big election night for Democrats and the beginning of the end for the Republican Party I’ve made my case.



How prophetic



White, Christian, Straight People Need To Shut Up

Phil Robertson, the Founding Father of the Duck Dynasty show on A&E, was interviewed for an article in GQ Magazine, and because he spoke of his beliefs in regards to Homosexuality and quoted the Bible, A&E has decided to suspend him indefinitely from the show because they got some pressure from the homosexual rights organization, GLAAD.
We are not writing this article today to continue on with the story, but to take on the underlying truth here. The truth that the racist pendulum in the United States has swung to the other side. Yes! We said it! To be white, Christian or heterosexual in America (or God forbid, all 3) today is to be suppressed. If you fall into any of those categories, you better watch what you say, no matter what you think because otherwise, you are going to get the brunt of everyone else’s opinion. In that battle, you will lose.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Currently, we are getting ready to take down the Mount Soledad Cross in California because it’s offensive, neighbors protest a family for their Christmas Lights on their own house by sending a hate letter because it’s offensive, many Christian military personnel are no longer allowed to pray because it’s offensive, and we could give you a hundred more recent examples, but you get the point. We have gone to the complete other side to try and please the minority in our country, and in doing so, the majority are quickly becoming the minority.

Do you think the Phil Robertson explosion would have been so newsworthy had it been said by a black female? We hardly think so and to prove that; we would like to share this short video below with you.

This Mecklenburg County North Carolina Commissioner said, back in June of this year, that the new county manager should be anyone but a white male, and you know what, she is still sitting as a county commissioner today. While she did get a little news coverage for this incident, it was only on a local level, and it fizzled out and died within days.

Today, we have BET (Black Entertainment Television), The National Black Chamber of Commerce, the Miss Black USA Pageant and dozens of other Racially Supported organizations. What do you think would happen if we started the White Television Network or we renamed the US Chamber of Commerce the National White Chamber of Commerce or if the Miss USA Pageant became the Miss White USA Pageant? You know, and I know, that all hell would break loose. Every activist organization in the country would be in an uprising and suing for such things but as a white Christian, you better not say anything. Political Correctness really only applies to the white, Christian, heterosexual people of our country today. Everyone else is protected by the 1st Amendment. We’re sorry, but to put it bluntly, that is just screwed up! That’s as racist as you are ever going to get.

If we truly want equality of human beings to exist in this world, if it even really can exist because reality is that people are different, white, Christian, straight people need to start voicing their opinions and let their voices be heard that the 1st Amendment does, in fact, apply to White, Christian, Straight people too.


    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has offered to help the Brazilian government in its investigations around US spying in exchange for permanent asylum in the country.
    In an open letter published by Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo today (17), the former NSA contractor suggests - without addressing president Dilma Rousseff directly - that his ability to speak is limited in Russia, where is temporarily based.
    Snowden also says that this situation can only change and he will only be able to assist governments that have been spied on such as Brazil until a country grants him permanent asylum. Back in July, Snowden sent asylum requests to 21 countries including Brazil and other Latin American nations - at the time, the Brazilian government said it would not respond to the request.
    Snowden seems confident that the events that have taken place since his initial request was denied mean his assistance is more valuable to Brazil than ever before.
    "These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power," Snowden says.
    "Many Brazilian senators agree, and have asked for my assistance with their investigations of suspected crimes against Brazilian citizens. I have expressed my willingness to assist wherever appropriate and lawful, but unfortunately the United States government has worked very hard to limit my ability to do so," he adds.
    "Until a country grants permanent political asylum, the US government will continue to interfere with my ability to speak."
    In his open letter, Snowden says that the NSA spying activities "threatens to become the greatest human rights challenge of our time" and says that the episodes involving the monitoring of president Rousseff's communications as well as oil company Petrobras, were a breach of privacy despite the US attempts to describe it as something that was needed to ensure safety.
    "They did it without asking the public in any country, even their own," Snowden adds.
    Snowden's original asylum request to Dilma Rousseff's government was declined only a few days before it emerged that Brazil was also on the list of countries being spied. President Rousseff only found out that her own communications were being monitored in September.

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    Pass The Eye Bleach: New Obamacare Ad Targets Gay Men


    'Every Democrat Should Be Scared’ Of This Obamacare Ad


    California Chemtrail Spraying Out of Control - News Weather Joker Dave Hovde Explains


    Secretary Kerry expresses regret to India after diplomat strip-searched


    Devyani Khobragade, India's Deputy Consul General in New York.Mistakenly arrested , Strip Searched, 
    Open Mouth, Insert FOOT ?

    Secretary of State John Kerry called India's national security adviser on Wednesday to express his regret after one of India's top diplomats was arrested on fraud charges and strip-searched in New York City, creating a rift between the two countries.
    Deputy Consul General Devyani Khobragade is accused of submitting false documents to get a work visa for her Manhattan housekeeper, an Indian national she allegedly paid less than $3 per hour.
    In an email to Indian newspapers published on Wednesday, Khobragade said American police did cavity searches on her after she was arrested and imprisoned on Dec. 12.
    Lawmakers in New Delhi called her alleged treatment "despicable" and "barbaric," and responded by taking amenities away from the U.S. Embassy there. 
    On Wednesday afternoon, State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement that Kerry had called Indian National Security Adviser Shivshanker Menon to "express his regret, as well as his concern that we not allow this unfortunate public issue to hurt our close and vital relationship with India.""The secretary understands very deeply the importance of enforcing our laws and protecting victims, and, like all officials in positions of responsibility inside the U.S. government, expects that laws will be followed by everyone here in our country," the statement said.
    "It is also particularly important to Secretary Kerry that foreign diplomats serving in the United States are accorded respect and dignity just as we expect our own diplomats should receive overseas."
    Khobragade, 39, was arrested and handcuffed while dropping her daughter off at school, then held in a cell with drug addicts until she posted $250,000 bail, according to Indian officials.
    She wrote of her arrest, "I broke down many times as the indignities of repeated handcuffing, stripping and cavity searches, swabbing, in a holdup with common criminals and drug addicts, were all being imposed upon me, despite my incessant assertions of immunity."
    U.S. Marshals confirmed in a statement that she was strip-searched following "standard arrestee intake procedures."
    Khobragade is accused of visa fraud — lying to the State Department about the terms under which she sponsored a visa for a woman from India to come to the U.S. and work for her as a babysitter and housekeeper. Foreign diplomats and dconsular officials are allowed to get visas for people from their home countries to work for them in the U.S., but the employees must be paid the U.S. minimum age and can't be forced to work excessively.
    According to the criminal complaint filed against her, Khobragade told the U.S. Embassy in India that her housekeeper would receive $4,500 a month and would work normal hours, at a rate of $9.75 an hour (which does not add up).
    But, after the woman was given a visa to come to the U.S., prosecutors say Khobragade told the woman to sign a second contract — which the U.S. was not told about — paying her $3.31 an hour.
    The housekeeper told U.S. authorities Khobragade subjected her to verbal abuse, paid her less than $3.31 an hour, took her passport away, and told her she had no choice but to continue working under those conditions, prosecutors say.
    Khobragade was arrested by U.S. State Department diplomatic security personnel. As a consular employee, she has no immunity from prosecution for ordinary crimes.
    On Tuesday, as tensions escalated between the U.S. and India, India decided to block perks at the U.S. Embassy such as inexpensive alcohol and food imports.
    A small group of demonstrators held a protest close to the U.S. Embassy in Delhi on Wednesday, demanding an apology while wearing makeshift Obama masks and sarongs made from the American flag.

    Empire of Madness: Caligula in Pyongyang

    by Vladimir Tismaneanu
    North Korea is Stalin’s ultimate dream come true. It is a most dangerous actor in world politics and a despicable tyranny where reason and moderation are treated as mortal enemies. Blind obedience is mandatory and so is infinite subservience to the Supreme Leader, the administrator of truth, memory, and universal poverty. It is the most hermetic regime in the world, an armed-to-the-teeth totalitarian despotism whose possession of  nuclear weapons  gives nightmares to all those who know how the Kim dynasty and its sycophants operate. It is, in fact, as the recent bloody purges made clearer than ever, a huge concentration camp run by a lunatic commander.
    The mysterious, baby-faced monster Kim Jong-un has unleashed a Stalin-style onslaught on his own acolytes. It is like a re-enactment of the Soviet Great Purge when Stalin got rid of the whole Bolshevik Old Guard. It is not an exaggeration to predict more bloodshed to follow. No doubt the North Korean nomenklatura is now frightened and  humiliated. No one is safe in this universe of paranoid delusions and rampant suspicions.


    Soldier Speaks Out to Protect the 2nd Amendment


    Aaron Weiss is a combat veteran of the war in Iraq, and he now serves the people of Dutchess County, New York as a police officer. In March, he rose to speak at a meeting of the county legislature as they considered a move to repeal NY’s SAFE Act. The SAFE Act is a gun control measure that was written and passed on the heels of the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Mr. Weiss argues passionately, first against the idea that the legislators who passed this gun control measure were “brave,” noting that they did it in secret and moved quickly to ram it through. He also reminded these legislatures that, at the most basic level, they are stripping the rights of people away from them -- and there is nothing brave about that.Mr. Weiss also reminds the legislators and the citizens in attendance at the meeting what the cost of preserving those rights has been. These are not rights won and kept by the bloodless debates of bureaucrats. These are rights won and kept by the men and women who fight to protect them--those who give their youth, their innocence, their health and their very lives on the battlefield--so that the rest of us can sit comfortably at home enjoying those rights in the manner we’ve come to expect.
    This may well be the best defense of the 2nd Amendment given in recent days. Our elected officials could do a whole lot worse than to sit down with Mr. Weiss and ask him to tell them why our 2nd Amendment is so important. In fact, that is exactly what many of our politicians should do; maybe it would give them some much needed perspective on our God given rights.
    Thank you, Mr. Weiss, for your service, your character, your courage and your willingness to stand up and fight for us once again.






    " Nelson Mandela is a leader who Barack Obama
    should try to emulate.  He could start by spending
    "27 years in prison”.
                                         Quote of Don Imus


    Rand Paul for Senate 2016


    After 100 years of the Federal Reserve's secretive policies, I think it's about time you and I pull back the curtain and take a peek at exactly what the Fed is doing.

    But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is just fine with keeping Americans in the dark about the Fed's activities.

    With the cloture vote scheduled for Friday on Janet Yellen's nomination to succeed Ben Bernanke I hope you will take IMMEDIATE action to send a message to my colleagues that you won't stand for squandering another opportunity to bring transparency to the Fed.

    So I hope you'll sign your emergency "Audit the Fed" fax petition right away.
    After the trillions in bailouts and the disastrous easy money policies that have devalued the dollar and wrecked our economy, I think you and I have a right to know the extent of the Fed's manipulations.

    And it's up to you and me to charge through Harry Reid's roadblocks.

    That will only happen if I can flood the offices of your Senators with tens of thousands of petitions from Americans who are outraged that the Fed has been able to operate in the shadows without any hint of accountability.

    Click to sign

    Only a grassroots uprising can prevent Harry Reid from greasing Janet Yellen's nomination through the Senate without holding a vote on my Audit the Fed bill.

    Will you stand with me in this fight?

    You see, the Federal Reserve is in the spotlight like never before.

    I can't imagine how my colleagues in the Senate could explain refusing to audit the Federal Reserve.

    So help me stand up to Harry Reid blocking transparency at Fed by signing your emergency "Audit the Fed" fax petition right away.
    Send a clear message to your Senators that MUST vote against cloture for Janet Yellen's nomination as long as Harry Reid refuses to schedule a vote on Audit the Fed.

    Thank you for your action.

    In Liberty,

    Senator Rand Paul

    Fort Hood Murderer Received $278K From Government – Victim’s Families Nothing (Video)

    Fort Hood Murderer Received $278K From Government – Victim’s Families Nothing (Video)

    Posted: 17 Dec 2013 09:04 PM PST

    We couldn't afford to keep the Vietnam Memorial or the WWII Memorial open...but we could afford to pay a mass murderer like Nadal Hassan to the tune of a quarter million dollars ...but not one red cent for the families of the victims.  The government and the talking heads will blame it on the red tape, they will explain it away as a systemic failure...but these facts came out months ago, before the "Soldier of Allah" received this much and nothing was done then.In case you missed it, this is the man that: " 'gunned down [a] pleading pregnant woman'.
    Not unlike what has happened to the families of Seal Team 6...the travesty and the open support of radical Islam by this government are continuously lawless and shameful acts. -W.E.

    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) released his annual report on government waste today. Among the findings:

    • $630,000 for buying friends and fans for Facebook and Twitter
    • $415,000 for fine wines in China
    • $278,000 to Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Hassan but ZERO to the victim’s families (Work-place violence)
    • $10 million on Superman movie tie-ins 
    • The Army National Guard spent $10 million on Superman Movie tie-ins while plans were being made to cut the guard by 6,000 members.

    Read more on Coburn’s findings here.    <<<<<<<<

    Shocking Proof Fukushima Radiation is Poisoning the Planet



    Because of Fukushima, “experts say ocean currents are carrying the radioactive water to the West Coast.”
    Reports state that the San Francisco Bay area, among other areas on the West Coast, is threatened heavily by the radioactive fallout from Fukushima.
    In fact, the entire west coast of America has been reporting record levels of radiation in the sea life and water samples.
    From Southern California, to Oregon and up to British Columbia experts in the fields of nuclear science, oceanography, entomology and independent researchers are studying the effects of this massive dose of radiation on the public’s health.
    All radioactive contamination is a direct result of Iodine 131. This is only used in nuclear reactors and not found in nature. Cesium, strontium, plutonium and uranium have also been found in record setting levels all along the west coast.
    In May 2011, the Norsk Institute’s online site, which was monitoring worldwide radioactive contamination across the globe. They compiled a list of toxins that were introduced by the Fukushima plume.
    Here is a short list of the half-life of five of the radioactive isotopes in the air, food and water that are poisoning us and children:
    • Cesium 137: 30 years
    • Plutonium 239: 24,000 years
    • Strontium 90: 29 years [mimics calcium in the body]
    • Uranium 235: 700-million years
    • Iodine 131: 8 days [absorbed into the thyroid and gives heavy radiation dose
    Earlier this month, China “suspended imports of shellfish from the west coast of the United States [because] recent shipments of geoduck clams from Northwest waters were found by its own government inspectors to have high levels of arsenic and a toxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning.”
    Denis Campbell, chief editor of UK Progressive Magazine, claims that the Fukushima radioactive plume “lost some of its potency” before it first hit the shores of California.
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