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Australian movie from Mel before sucess Mad Max.With the great actress three times academy award nomination Piper Laurie

Cliven Bundy’s Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Statements Completely Discredits New York Times By Tim Brown


The New York Times decided to do a hit piece on Cliven Bundy and in doing so they used the usual tricks: They edited Bundy's comments. Now the Nevada rancher is being smeared in the media as a racist due to the dishonorable coverage by the New York Times and others. So, in the spirit of fairness and truthfulness in media, here's the complete unedited video remarks of Cliven Bundy, which don't contain racist comments at all, but rather very pro-black and pro-Mexican comments. See for yourself.

Here is the full text of Bundy's comments:
…" and so what I've testified to ya', I was in the WATTS riot, I seen the beginning fire and I seen the last fire. What I seen is civil disturbance. People are not happy, people is thinking they did not have their freedom; they didn't have these things, and they didn't have them.

We've progressed quite a bit from that day until now, and sure don't want to go back; we sure don't want the colored people to go back to that point; we sure don't want the Mexican people to go back to that point; and we can make a difference right now by taking care of some of these bureaucracies, and do it in a peaceful way.

Let me tell.. talk to you about the Mexicans, and these are just things I know about the negroes. I want to tell you one more thing I know about the negro.

When I go, went, go to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas; and I would see these little government houses, and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids…. and there was always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch. They didn't have nothing to do. They didn't have nothing for the kids to do. They didn't have nothing for the young girls to do.

And because they were basically on government subsidy – so now what do they do? They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never, they never learned how to pick cotton. And I've often wondered are they were better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things? Or are they better off under government subsidy?

You know they didn't get more freedom, uh they got less freedom – they got less family life, and their happiness -you could see it in their faces- they were not happy sitting on that concrete sidewalk. Down there they was probably growing their turnips – so that's all government, that's not freedom.

Now, let me talk about the Spanish people. You know I understand that they come over here against our constitution and cross our borders. But they're here and they're people – and I've worked side-by-side a lot of them.

Don't tell me they don't work, and don't tell me they don't pay taxes. And don't tell me they don't have better family structure than most of us white people. When you see those Mexican families, they're together, they picnic together, they're spending their time together, and

In case you weren't paying attention, the terms "negro" and "colored people" are not racist terms. Those with more melanin in their skin have throughout history referred to themselves as such. They certainly aren't "African American."
Bundy was merely pointing out the plight of black families in the US, something that our friend David Risselada has done countless times, including today in his excellent article.
His comments about Mexicans were not racist either, but rather pro-family.
Surely "conservatives" came to Bundy's aid though, right? Not according to Conservative Treehouse. Sundance writes, "What's more sad than the refusal to openly discuss the issues – is how quickly the conservative right is willing to throw Bundy to the wolves based solely on the New York Times and Media Matters opinion."
Sundance also wrote, "Are the remarks controversial?   Yes, however – No more so than the remarks made by Shirley Sherrod. The left rose quickly in their defense of Shirley Sherrod.    In this case the left rose quickly in the attack against Cliven Bundy."
Bundy is exactly right to point out the issue of children murdered by abortion in the black community. Sadly, many in the black community don't recognize that they continue to elect their oppressors to office.
Mr. Bundy's comments are anything but racist, but this is how the progressives in this country operate. They pull sound bites in order to create a non-story, to inflame those who will never dig deeper than what they are given. At least in this article, you can make a fair judgment for yourself, and if you simply watch the entire comments of Cliven Bundy, you will never come to the conclusion that he is a racist.


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FROM: Carol Bundy
To Me

Today at 12:21 PM


We are trading one form of slavery for another.

What I am saying is that all we Americans are trading one form  of slavery for another.  All of us are in some measure slaves of the federal government.  Through their oppressive tactics of telling the ranchers how many cows  they can have on their land, and making that  number too low to support a ranch, the BLM has  driven every rancher in Clark County off the land, except me.  The IRS keeps the people of America in fear, and makes us all work about a third or a half of the year before we have earned enough to pay their taxes.  This is nothing but slavery from January through May.  The NSA spies on us and collects our private phone calls and emails.  And  the government dole which many people in America are on, and have been for much of their lives, is dehumanizing and degrading.  It takes away incentive to work and self respect.  Eventually a person on the dole becomes a ward of the government, because his only source of income is a dole from the government.  Once the government has you in that position, you are its slave. 

I am  trying to keep Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream alive.  He was praying for the day when he and his people would be free, and he could say I’m free, free at last, thank God I’m free at last! But all of us here America, no matter our race, are having our freedom eroded and destroyed by the federal government because of its heavy handed tactics.  The BLM, the IRS, the NSA--all of the federal agencies are destroying our freedom.  I am standing up against their bad  and unconstitutional laws, just like Rosa Parks did when she refused to sit in the back of the bus.  She started a revolution  in America, the civil rights movement, which freed the black people from much of the oppression they were suffering. I'm saying Martin Luther King's dream was not that Rosa could take her rightful seat in the front of the bus, but his dream was that she could take any seat on the bus and I would be honored to sit beside her.   I am doing the same thing Rosa Parks did--I am standing up against bad laws which dehumanize us and destroy our freedom.  Just like the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord, we are saying no to an oppressive government which considers us  to be slaves rather  than free men.  
 I invite all people in America to join in our peaceful revolution to regain our freedom.  That is how America was started, and we need to keep that tradition alive. 

Cliven D. Bundy

PS - Please pass this email along to friends and family.
PPS - Please join us this evening April 25th around 6 pm for a BBQ and some entertainment and a little swim in the river.  Bring EVERYONE you know. 
On Bunkerville rd East of I-15 a few miles.  You can't miss us.

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Carol Bundy
7175 Gold Butte Rd
Bunkerville, NV 89007

BREAKING NEWS: MILFORD Connecticut high school on lockdown after report of stabbing


DEVELOPING: A Connecticut high school was put on lockdown Friday after unconfirmed reports of a stabbing at the school, according to local media.
Emergency responders were called to Jonathan Law High School in Milford shortly after 7 a.m. A source told the Connecticut Post that a student was cut in the throat and is in critical condition. 
Fire Department Capt. Greg Carman says the emergency involved one patient who was taken to the hospital. He declined to disclose other information, but police were expected to release more details later in the morning.

US Imam in Memphis, Tn preaching theft, rape and murder of Christians and Jews in the US


Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi

Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi, a Memphis Imam based in Tennessee, preaches openly about what Islam truly is. He makes no bones about thinking that anyone other than a Muslim doesn’t deserve anything and are less than Muslims. In fact, part of Yasir Qadhi’s preaching includes rhetoric that says non-Muslims lives are forfeit and their property is legal for Muslims to take in jihad, (and this would include women as sex slaves) Recently Yasir Qadhi said that “Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims.”
Yasir Qadhi is not only a Memphil Imam, but is is also the Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute. He is a hafiz (has memorized the Qur’an) and he has an M.A. in the Islamic Creed and a B.A. in Islamic Sciences from Islamic University of Medina, as well as a master’s and a doctorate in Islamic Studies from Yale. During a lecture on Shirk, or polytheism, Yasir Qadhi said that Jews and Christians are mushrikoon, or polytheists, because they have made partners with Allah. From Yasir Qadhi’s perspective, only Muslims are monotheists.
He also claims that it is the responsibility of every single human being to bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and him alone. Now pay attention here. Yasir Qadhi now will tell you what the result and command that stems from this twisted principle.
“And it is because of this same principle of monotheism that the prophet has been commanded to do jihad.”
OK, now we’re getting somewhere. Did all of you alleged “moderate” Muslims out there get that? Of course, you did. You know this. You know jihad is not just some internal struggle. It isn’t about losing weight or getting in shape or some personal goal to be obtained. It is a holy war to advance the caliphate, the Islamic State. While “jihad is not the goal”, Qadhi says, “it is the means. It is a means to establish monotheism on the land,”. Let me translate that for any who are still skeptical and buying into the lie that Islam is peaceful. Jihad is a means, a violent means, to an end, or goal, where Islam dominates the United States.
I am amazed that something like this is allowed to be openly taught and the FBI or other Federal Agency hasn’t gotten involved with stopping this “hate speech”. If these people were white and Christian saying these things… they would be immediately detained and prosecuted. The only answer I can come up with “WHY” the Government isn’t concerned is that it’s already been infiltrated to the point of protecting this man’s message of the mission to kill ALL Jews & Christians so it can spread and be realized. Maybe I’m wrong and paranoid… except I heard the execution order come from a well-known Imam who walks the streets of America and isn’t behind bars. Warn your neighbor before it’s too late and send them this video.

Obama to Illegals: "You're welcome to stay!"


Dick Morris explains how Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is eyeing a significant policy change that would stop the deportation of tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

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I Am A “Domestic Terrorist' YOU BET YOUR ASS !


I Am A “Domestic Terrorist'

Editorial Cartoon (2011) by Marshall Ramsey
by An American Veteran: I am a ‘Domestic Terrorist”. No, not like real domestic terrorists of the Occupy Wall Street movement, who tried to blow up the Cuyahoga River Valley Bridge in Ohio, ran amok in New York and Seattle, raping women, breaking windows, setting fires, urinating on police cars, and attacking military port facilities in Oakland. All with the endorsement and high praise (barking and clapping) by Obama’s trained seals, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and members of the print and electronic media.

But, I am a “Domestic Terrorist” in the mold of Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, George Washington, John Adams, John Paul Jones, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry who said “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death” and pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor in the face of unrelenting persecution by a tyrannical government and king some 240 years ago, boldly declaring:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”. And,

“In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” Sound familiar?

I am a “Domestic Terrorist” according to Harry Reid and an “anarchist” according to Nancy Pelosi, because this 70 year old Veteran, Father of an Iraq War veteran currently on deployment, refuses to bend a knee before a “wannabe king and dick-tator” who believe the American people are servants of the government, instead of our government serving the people.

I am a “Domestic Terrorist” because I believe “God, Country, and Family” are not just idle words, but a way of life. My life and the lives of my children and grandchildren. I am a “Domestic Terrorist” because I believe life begins at conception; and if life is not safe in a mother’s womb, it’s not safe on the streets of America, as evidenced by the weekly killings on the streets of Chicago. I am a “Domestic Terrorist” because I believe ALL Americans, should work for living, and not depend on government handouts to merely “exist”. I worked for the past 63 years, first as a newspaper delivery boy at age ten, now as President of my own company. I believe in the American dream, and that you don’t help the poor by government “redistributing” money from those of us WHO WORK. That is called “communism”.

I am a “Domestic Terrorist” because I believe the government or its’ leaders, should not encourage its citizens to “smoke pot’ or “gamble”, just to get more tax revenues to subsidize those who do.

I am a “Domestic Terrorist” because I believe the ATF, Bureau of Land Management and ICE should enforce our immigration laws and pursue illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartel members with the same ferocity and “storm trooper tactics” they use to pursue and harass American ranchers and citizens.

I am a “Domestic Terrorist” because I believe in that man was created in the “image and likeness of God”. The God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. And, I am thankful for His creation and His only begotten Son dying for my sins; for my very life, my parents; wife of 40 years, three children; four grandchildren; and all that I have. And, I believe it takes three to make a marriage: God, man, and woman. Period.

Finally, I am a “Domestic Terrorist” because I believe there is NO expiration date on the Oath I swore some 56 years ago when I enlisted in the United Sates Navy: “That I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to same… Help Me, God!”

And I believe now, more than ever, in the words of Samuel Adams, another “Domestic Terrorist” of 1776: “The liberties of our country, the Freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending against all hazards and it is OUR DUTY to defend them against all attacks”.

On November 4, 2014, I, along with my family and many, many other “Domestic Terrorists", will exercise ‘our right” to vote again to restore our government to one that will be once more: “Of the People, By the People, and For the People!”
An American Veteran is a "pen name" for a patriot.

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Nonpayment of ObamaCare premiums could cost doctors


Jim Angle
While the debate continues over how many ObamaCare enrollees are actually paying their premiums, one aspect of the law temporarily rewards those who actually stop paying – and doctors may wind up bearing the cost.
“This law provides a 90-day grace period for people who have subsidized ObamaCare exchange plans and stopped paying their premium," said Betsy McCaughey, health care author and former New York lieutenant governor.
But the insurance companies are only obligated to cover the first 30 days of the 90-day grace period
"You're still entitled to care for another 60 days," said John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis. "The insurance company doesn't pay, you don't pay, who pays? Well, the doctors and the hospitals have to eat it. That's a very strange feature of this new health reform."
In fact, the American Medical Association is so concerned, it sent a sample letter doctors could give patients, telling them if they missed a premium, they could "...lose your insurance coverage. This letter is intended to let you know if you lose your coverage, you may be obligated to pay the full cost of services that we provide to you."
Providers worry because doctors and hospitals may not even know if someone isn't paying and no longer has active insurance.
The AMA is urging the administration to require insurers to notify doctors as soon as a patient falls behind on payments. Washington state actually passed a law requiring insurers to do that.
Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise Institute said, "it’s probably going to increase bad debt among providers and for hosptials. They're used to absorbing a certain amount of bad debt, but for a lot of individual doctors - they're not going to be able to absorb these costs so they're going to be really stuck."
Goodman added, "Doctors and hospitals that are accepting the plans and exchanges are already taking low fees and they've agreed to those low fees. And then to discover that the patient hasn't paid his premiums so they're not going to get paid at all, that's going to be a real unpleasant surprise."
Some believe the administration may have to bail out providers who, in many cases, are obligated to treat the sick anyway. Not only that, but the administration wants more doctors and hospitals to participate in ObamaCare.

Welp: Cover Oregon has died. # obamcare R.I.P

  Moe Lane
Hold on, let me make this clear. Cover Oregon is no more. It has ceased to be. It’s expired and gone to meet its Maker. This is a late progra… it’s a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If John Kitzhaber hadn’t nailed it to the perch, it would be pushing up the daisies! It’s rung down the curtain, joined the Choir Invisible…
This is an ex-program.

Arizona VA boss accused of covering up veterans' deaths linked to previous scandal

A Veterans Affairs official accused of keeping double books to hide the fact that dozens of veterans died awaiting care previously ran a Washington state VA facility that allegedly fudged suicide numbers, has learned.
Sharon Helman, director of the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, is accused with other management officials of keeping a fake waiting list that made it appear sick veterans were being treated in a timely manner -- while hiding the real list that showed up to 1,600 sick veterans were waiting months to see a physician. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, said investigators have evidence that two sets of records were kept by the facility to conceal the lengthy delays in care. 
At least 40 veterans on the secret list allegedly died while waiting for appointments, prompting congressional committees to launch investigations into the circumstances surrounding the deaths.
Helman, who is said to have approved and defended the Phoenix facility's actions, previously served as director of the Veterans Affairs facility in Spokane, Wash., where the VA's Office of Medical Investigations found the number of veteran suicides were being miscounted.
"Leadership, management and accountability is all we have ever required of the VA."- William Thien, Vietnam veteran and leader of 1.9 million-member VFW
From July 2007 through the first week of July 2008, at least 22 veterans in the Spokane VA service area committed suicide. During that same time period, however, Spokane VA reported nine suicides and 34 attempted suicides, according to and other media outlets. 
Helman was director of the Spokane facility at the time the number of suicides were being misreported. Shortly after news revealed that such data had been falsified, Helman was transferred to the VA facility in Hines, Ill., after having spent less than two years in Spokane. From there, Helman moved to Phoenix, where she became director of the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system in February 2012.
Helman could not be reached for comment, but the Arizona Republic reported earlier this week that Helman denies knowledge of any patients who died awaiting care or that patient information was improperly manipulated.
In a statement to, VA spokeswoman Jean Schaefer said the agency has asked for an independent review regarding the claims in Arizona.
“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) cares deeply for every veteran we are privileged to serve, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality care," Schaefer said. "The Phoenix VA Health Care system takes these issues very seriously and invited the independent VA Office of the Inspector General to complete a comprehensive review of these allegations."
But veterans advocates said Helman's transfers are part of the government agency's pattern of shuffling officials around instead of holding them accountable. 
"This is not the first time that Sharon Helman has been involved in an incident involving manipulation of patient data," said Pete Hegseth, chief executive officer for Concerned Veterans for America. "She fudged the number of veterans suicides at a previous job — and was never fired. She just moved."
Public records show that Helman received a $9,345 bonus last year, in addition to her annual base salary of $169,900.
"Leadership, management and accountability is all we have ever required of the VA," William A. Thien, a Vietnam veteran from Georgetown, Ind., who leads the 1.9 million-member VFW and its auxiliaries, said in a statement Thursday. 
"When you deal with lives, there should be no leniency granted to anyone with any knowledge of this alleged coverup, to include everyone in Phoenix who knew but didn’t tell, and those in oversight positions at the VA network and VA headquarters in Washington who knew but didn’t care," Thien said.

A Politician Made A Disgusting Comment On Adoption. The Way These Parents Responded is Awesome

In this story, the good guys win...
Hear his remarks in the video below ?

Alabama Democrat Representative Alvin Holmes offered $100k for proof of white families adopting black kids; families show up for the cash.

Ouch: America Left Behind In The Dust…And You’ll Never Guess Which Country Is Beating Us


Is the American golden goose being suffocated?

Photo credit: Paulien Osse (Flickr)
In the 1980s, the American rich and the American poor were far wealthier than the rest of the world’s rich and poor.
This caused the socialists in academia to gnash their teeth. They believed that we should embrace economic leveling as a means to achieve economic equality for mankind.
Well, today, middle-class and poor Americans have slumped behind our neighbors to the north in Canada, as well as several European countries. I wonder if the academics are cheering now.
Truth is, the great worldwide leveling is in progress; and rather than increasing the wealth of the world, we’re seeing the American middle class robbed and beaten down by excessive wage competition and the systematic de-industrialization of the country.
Just the Facts
On April 22, 2014, The New York Times published a piece that cited much of the current research on the middle class. The article opened with this gut punch: “The American middle class, long the most affluent in the world, has lost that distinction.”
The article continues with the fact that “after-tax middle-class incomes in Canada – substantially behind in 2000 – now appear to be higher than in the United States.”
The key phrase is “after tax.” The United States has continued to aggressively increase taxes, while most other countries have been lowering tax rates to make their products and labor forces more competitive.
Meanwhile, the American middle class is having difficulty saving. With savings and capital being taxed excessively, only the wealthy can accumulate enough seed corn to plant a new business or prepare for the future.
And this isn’t just conjecture. The numbers have all the proof we need: “Median per capita income was $18,700 in the United States in 2010 (which translates to about $75,000 for a family of four after taxes), up 20% since 1980, but virtually unchanged since 2000, after adjusting for inflation. The same measure, by comparison, rose about 20% in Britain between 2000 and 2010, and 14% in the Netherlands. Median income also rose 20% in Canada between 2000 and 2010, to the equivalent of $18,700.”
Look at the dates closely. Ronald Reagan dramatically cut taxes in the early 1980s, and income shot up 20%. But since 2000, the economy has provided virtually no wage growth for the middle class.
Think about the policy changes we’ve seen. George W. Bush, who called himself a “compassionate conservative,” greatly increased the size of the government. Then Barack Obama doubled down and grew the government even more.
If wages are to grow in America, wealth creation must resume. That only happens when capital formation and growth are encouraged… not penalized.
And it isn’t just taxes. Deficits are also a problem. When deficits are large, capital is taken from the private sector, which is a productive use of capital, and redirected to the government, which is an unproductive use of capital. In fact, the least productive capital transaction for the middle class is when a wealthy person buys government bonds. When this happens, the money goes directly to unproductive uses, and the wealthy person is paid a nice return on top of it!
Instead, we need to encourage the wealthy to put money into new businesses and private enterprise; and this won’t happen as long as they can see fruitful returns from investing in tax-free municipal bonds.
Ultimately, government is a millstone on the economy. But it really doesn

This Is What A Fight Between A Liberal And A Conservative Celebrity Looks Like


"I don't have to listen to this (expletive) stuff."

Photo Credit: Floyd Brown (Creative Commons)
Two time Oscar winner George Clooney and casino hotel developer Steve Wynn  got in a verbal dispute over Barack Obama that  ended in Clooney leaving Wynn’s table. The two offered dramatically events of what occurred at the dinner. Actor Clooney sent an email through his publicist describing his side of the story:
“There were nine people at that table … so you can ask them. … Steve likes to go on rants.
“He called the president an a–hole … that is a fact … I said the President was my longtime friend and then he said ‘your friend is an a–hole.’ … At that point I told Steve that HE was an a–hole and I wasn’t going to sit at his table while he was being such a jacka–.
“And I walked out. There were obviously quite a few more adjectives and adverbs used by both of us. Those are all the facts. It had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with character.”
The incident had occurred two weeks ago at Botero restaurant in Wynn’s Encore Hotel.
Clooney was in town to promote his Casamigos tequila during the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers convention.
The group included Clooney and his two Casamigos business partners; Rande Gerber and Michael Meldman, Wynn’s wife, Andrea; Larry Ruvo, founder of Southern Wine and Spirits; and two executives with celebrity powerhouse Creative Artists Agency (CAA).
“The place was empty” when the dispute occurred, according to Wynn.
Wynn said that Clooney got drunk from downing tequila shots and left after delivering an f-bomb.
Wynn said a joke was made about Mikhail Gorbachev, and Clooney “stood up and threw a hissy fit.”
Wynn related that his discussion of the Affordable Care Act was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”
Wynn said furthermore about Clooney that “when he’s drinking, he considers himself a close personal friend of the President.”
Wynn said that Clooney got up and said, “I don’t have to listen to this (expletive) stuff.”
Whoever’s account is right, Clooney and Wynn’s verbal confrontation reveals a dispute going on among Americans of every class today about the nature and success of the Obama Presidency.
Photo Credit: Floyd Brown (Creative Commons)


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feds To Hit Bundy Ranch Again With Multi-Agency Force Including Army Rangers; Covert Video Of Staging Area

On Sunday April 13th, an episode of The Truth Is Viral was published that questioned how easily BLM agents were run off of the Bundy Ranch. Never before has the federal government ever turned and run from a fight, and believe me that sets a huge and dangerous precedent.

That show was based on a report by investigative journalist Doug Hagmann who said that a highly placed source inside the Department of Homeland Security told him that the BLM withdrawal was a fake and that they intended to return with greater numbers. Hagmann also stated that his DHS informant told him that the first raid on the Bundy compound was an exercise designed to determine what kind of resistance the government will face should gun confiscations begin.

The very next day on Ben Swann's radio program Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association revealed that he had received intelligence from multiple credible sources inside the BLM and Las Vegas Metro that there is "no question" that the federal government is planning a second raid on the Bundy home and the homes of their children who live on the property.

Harry Reid doesn't think it's over either, and he said so in an interview with

And then "Dingy Harry" doubled down by calling everybody that supports the Bundy's "domestic terrorists" in an interview published by the Las Vegas Review Journal. How can the government let "domestic terrorists" run free? They are going to have to do something or lose all credibility in the eyes of even the most ardent Obama supporters. Judging by the comments left by liberals around the blogosphere, the progressive left is fully in support of squashing the Bundy's like bugs. Some have even suggested that the Bundy's be struck with drones.

Since that initial information came out both Mack and Hagmann have said that the publicity generated by their reports has caused the federal government to go back to the drawing board. Apparently what they've done is call for reinforcements because the last time the federal government stood toe to toe with patriots they were badly outgunned and a massacre was narrowly avoided.

I need to reiterate here that backing down from a group of armed protesters makes the federal government look extremely weak. This is something that the entire world has come to realize about Barack Obama, that he is the weakest president this country has ever had the misfortune of seeing in office. Even though it was really al-Qaeda terrorists that used chemical weapons in Syria and not Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad, Obama was seen as 'womanly" by the Arab world when he did not take action once his so-called "Red Line" had been crossed.

Right now the rest of the world is watching and laughing at the weakness of Barack Hussein Obama as Russian president Vladimir Putin bends him over on the world stage and spanks him viciously nearly every single day. Obama is a joke, and the whole world sees it. Now the American people are seeing it too, and being the malignant narcissist that he is Obama just will not let that stand; he can't. He cannot allow a few brave patriots to stand up against him and succeed.

A video posted yesterdayby Freedom Fighters 2127 News claimed a source in Las Vegas had been told by a law enforcement officer that there were about 140 agents in Las Vegas where the government has set up a staging area for a second, more forceful, raid on the ranch. The video goes on to say that Las Vegas hotels are being filled with federal agents; BLM Rangers and FBI that are arriving in unmarked vehicles. "J," Freedom Fighter's source, said that the vehicles are being parked in secure areas and parking lots in the Las Vegas area. "J" says this doesn't include those agents who may be flying in to take part in the raid.

This reinforces the facts published on the 13th which included a phone call to the Holiday Inn in Mesquite Nevada, which is just miles from the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville. Every time that I mentioned the phrase "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms," or "ATF," the Holiday Inn desk clerk hung up on me. You can listen to those phone calls by clicking this link.

Today I received brand-new video from one of my spies in Las Vegas that seems to confirm that federal agents are indeed massing in Sin City. This video shows federal agents in the bar of the hotel bragging about past exploits and warning about "bad breaches." My spy also took a tour of the hotel's parking facility and managed to capture their vehicles on video. This man speaks with me in an exclusive interview, describing what he saw, heard, and recorded with his cell phone.

As this episode of The Truth Is Viral was being uploaded, my source called with an update. He reported that he had returned to the Las Vegas Marriott hotel where he recorded the original video and had spoken with a hotel employee who told him that many of the men were Army Rangers. Interestingly, my source reported that whenever the Rangers left the hotel they were always escorted by Las Vegas Metro officers.

My source, just an ordinary everyday Patriot, has promised to keep me up to date with his latest observations.

Blaine Cooper
Blaine Cooper, the man who threatened to charge John McCain with Treason - to his FACE - at a town hall meeting, has been providing security for the Bundy family, literally putting his humungous body in harms way in order to protect the rancher and his family. Cooper reports that all is quiet at the Bundy ranch and they have no fear of a second government attack on their ranch.

Madison Rising Plays The Bundy Ranch
Still, members of Stewart Rhodes Oathkeepers organization and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association led by Sheriff Richard Mack, along with militia members from around the country, are still encamped at the Bundy Ranch where they recently enjoyed a performance by the popular Patriot band Madison Rising in appreciation for their brave stand against federal Jackboots. Calls have gone out for reinforcements that will be expected to stand up to, and possibly fight, a much larger attacking force than that which assaulted the Bundy's the first time.

If Doug Hagmann's source inside the Department of Homeland Security is correct, that part of the motivation for the initial raid was to gauge the reaction of the American people, I think they got their answer.

The American people have had enough.

BLM Snipers Dot The Hills Around The Bundy Ranch
The federal government could have simply filed a lien against Cliven Bundy's estate and collected whatever they claimed that he owed them when he died.

Instead, they surrounded the Bundy Ranch with militarily equipped, specially trained federal agents that attacked the Bundy family with dogs, tazing Bundy family members. Bundy's son Ammon was arrested and beaten after taking photographs of BLM snipers on surrounding hillsides.

Again, the American people have had enough of this kind of federal brutality.

Please don't misunderstand me, this is not a threat, this is simply an observation. If there is a second armed federal raid on the Bundy Ranch there will be bloodshed; lots of bloodshed, and I guarantee that many of the dead will include federal agents because the militias that are now protecting the Bundy ranch have snipers too.

I would like to speak directly to any federal agents that might be part of a second raid on the Bundy Ranch in particular, and to federal agents and members of the Armed Forces in general. You know this is wrong. "I was just following orders" did not work for the Nazis in Nuremberg after World War II, and it will not work for you now.

There is ample evidence that Harry Reid is lining his pockets, and the pockets of his family members, through the seizure of state lands by the Bureau of Land Management.

I want you to remember that when you kiss your wife and children goodbye the morning of the raid; that you may very well be killed just so that this lying animal Harry Reid can profit monetarily.

He really thinks that land is his personal possession - NOT the property of the federal government - as noted in
Reid's body language in that interview with KLNV is unmistakable, his arrogance and disrespect for the American People and the Rule of Law on full display.

Do you really want to die for a federal government that doesn't care about you or your family? That was proven when Obama refused requests by flag and general officers of the United States military who wanted to save Amb. Christopher Stephens in Benghazi. He told them to "stand down," leaving the Ambassador and our Navy SEAL brothers to die at the hands of the merciless savages of Ansar al-Sharia.

Do you really want to die for Eric Holder, a man who is still in Contempt of Congress two years after refusing to provide information over Operation Fast and Furious which resulted in the death of federal agent Brian Terry? Do you really want to die for Harry Reid, one of the dirtiest politicians Washington DC has to offer today?

I don't want you to die for them.

What can you do? Well, you can quit. Just don't be part of it. Stand up, be a man, and tell your superiors that you think it's wrong; that you won't have any part of it. You can also call me and tell me your story. Become a whistleblower and help me expose the truth about Barack Obama's agenda to subject this country to a state of absolute despotism.

My brothers, you took the same oath that I did. You took the same oath that the Patriots facing you at the Bundy Ranch did. Why do you think that these men have converged on the Bundy Ranch from all over the country? They are standing up for honor, decency, and the rule of law. Failure to pay grazing fees is not a capital offense in the United States of America, and any attempt to make it so is an attack on common decency and the American way of life.

You are honor bound to uphold that oath and refuse to obey any unlawful order. If you forsake that oath and fire on American citizens when the facts of the case are extremely shady, you can expect that fire to be returned; and nobody wants that.

I know that many of you are torn, I know that at least one of you told journalist Dennis Michael Lynch that you did not want to be pointing your weapon at the Bundy's.

So don't. Problem solved.

DeLynn & Our Grandson Conner Christian
EDITOR'S NOTE: At the end of this video I happily grant the request of one of my viewers who had asked me to use her donation to buy my wife some flowers. Since it was Easter I chose a beautiful lily basket, and when DeLynn saw them and heard the story of how they came to be in her room, tears of gratitude, happiness, and outright astonishment were shed.

DeLynn just can't get over how kind and faithful my viewers are, and to be quite honest neither can I. The video at the end was taken at the Horton Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast, run by the wonderful Babbitt family of Traverse City Michigan.

The Babbitt's son Jim is one of TTiV's most faithful family members and he asked his parents to hook us up with a free night at their B&B for our 25th wedding anniversary last August, which they were only too happy to do. The Horton Creek Inn B&B has a large garden filled with the most beautiful flowers one can find, and besides the massive in-room jacuzzi tub it was DeLynn's favorite part of our stay.

All kidding aside, Jim grew up in this beautiful home - we even stayed in his old room which has a private balcony overlooking the inn's breath-taking garden - and that is exactly how DeLynn and I were treated; just like we were family. And we are both so grateful to the Babbitts for treating us to that special, one-of-a-kind, memory.

In closing I wanted to thank, once again, everyone who has kept us in their prayers as we go through the hardest times we have ever endured. Hearing last month that the chemotherapy was no longer working, that her colo-rectal and liver cancer had further metastasized to involve two new areas of cancer, was a devastating blow to both of us.

While we haven't given up hope for a miracle, and never will as long as she is alive, we also have to be realistic: Father is calling my wife home. We need your prayers now more than ever.
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