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Two Brothers at Center of Benghazi Controversy: One Runs CBS News, the Other Is Obama’s Adviser

President Barack Obama with with Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication. (Photo: Pete Souza/The White House/
President Obama with Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications. (Photo: Pete Souza/The White House/
The disclosure this week of a White House document on Benghazi has thrust CBS News into the spotlight for its coverage in the aftermath of the terrorist attack.
CBS News President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, the White House deputy national security adviser who drafted the newly released document about Benghazi just days after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack that killed four Americans. Ben Rhodes’s involvement was first revealed Tuesday when Judicial Watch obtained the document as part of a court case.
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Last night, “CBS Evening News” did not cover the latest developments on the story, even though reporters peppered White House press secretary Jay Carney with questions earlier in the day.
The Washington Free Beacon reports CBS was the only evening newscast not to cover the latest details on Benghazi. The program instead covered “the weather, Oklahoma executions, and the arrest of a former Irish Republican Army operative.”
Earlier yesterday, Glenn Beck interviewed Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS News investigative reporter, about the Benghazi disclosure and the Rhodes brothers. Attkisson revealed that she sought the same Ben Rhodes document that Judicial Watch eventually obtained. CBS News, however, would not take the matter to court.
“CBS wasn’t willing to file a [Freedom of Information Act] lawsuit when I was there to try to get some of these documents,” Attkisson said.
She continued: “Of course I knew about the relationship between Ben Rhodes, the assistant to the president, and the president of CBS News. And there had been a little bit of reporting … involving Rhodes and some of the talking point matters, so I wasn’t terribly surprised. But I was glad to see written documentation that sheds a little more light on all of this.”
Attkisson resigned from CBS News in March. Among the reasons cited: a lack of support for her investigative reporting on Benghazi and other Obama administration scandals.
>>> WATCH: Why Sharyl Attkisson Left CBS News Over Benghazi ‘Pressure’
In her coverage of the Rhodes document Tuesday, Attkisson noted the brothers’ relationship. CBS News did as well in a story published on its website yesterday.
Larry O’Connor, a WMAL radio talk-show host, said it’s time for CBS News to come clean.
“Larger questions deserve to be answered about the atmosphere and culture at CBS News and how open [David] Rhodes is to any investigations into the Benghazi story and his brother’s involvement,” O’Connor wrote for the Free Beacon. He added:
Let’s be clear: this is not an appearance of conflict, it is an actual conflict. Whether that conflict actually affects the way the story is being covered at CBS News is an open question.
It may very well be that David Rhodes has let it be known that his brother is fair game and if a CBS reporter can catch the White House adviser holding a smoking gun they’ll be rewarded not punished. But why should it be a mystery? Why aren’t Rhodes and CBS out in front of this issue? Why aren’t they leading the charge on the Benghazi story to erase any suspicion of a conflict where one clearly exists?
It’s past time for David to address this question head-on and erase any concern in his newsrooms and any question in the minds of CBS News’ dwindling audience. And it’s also time for other journalists in Washington to point out the obvious conflict.
UPDATE: CBS News has not yet responded to The Foundry’s questions. A CBS spokeswoman told Huffington Post: “White House Correspondent Bill Plante reported the story on ‘CBS This Morning,’ with a disclaimer about the relationship, as well as CBS News Radio and There also was a thorough editorial discussion about it at ‘CBS Evening News’ and David Rhodes was not involved.”



The Susan Boyle Story~ Les Misérables Story... where it all began


And the Dream lives on ?

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She sang, they listened, she died, we ain't heard anything like it since ? just hate ?



Against DOJ Wishes, Tech Firms Claim They’ll ‘Alert’ Users to Data Demands

Some US tech firms – both large and small, are now claiming to no longer complying quietly with Federal and law enforcement demands for e-mail records and other customer and user data, saying that users have “a right to know in advance” if their personal information is being targeted for government seizure.
This is potentially a step in to right direction in terms of privacy and liberty, but the public should not take this latest damage control/PR splash at face value, as these same firms have been routinely violating the rights of an unaware public for many years now. Let’s take a closer look….

Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft and other leading tech firms, claim they are planning to adjust their current privacy policies regarding notification of government data demands by most law enforcement agencies. These firms claim to strongly support the individual rights of users to ‘know when their data is being requested by government officials’, in most cases. Although this can be seen as a positive move towards transparency in a bid to regain the public’s trust, simply notifying a user when the government is coming to take their personal data still means that these tech firms are continuing on with business as usual with their cozy collusion with big government in the harvesting, sale and institutional theft of our personal information. Notifying customers is not enough. How come these tech giants will not simply refuse to hand over our data to begin with? Answer: because our personal information is their super-profit center.
The fact that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is even protesting against this initial commitment of notification by tech firm (see Post article below) only shows how uninterested in justice the DOJ really is, acting as a bent legal arm for STASI culture in Washington. The DOJ claims that any transparency will ‘put lives at risk’ (even though after 13 years of undemocratic regime policy, they still haven’t managed to catch any real terrorists).
For all the money our governments spends sucking up our information – emails, phone conversations, search engine activity, SMS messaging, social network feeds, as well as on other ‘intelligence gathering’, security and policing – what are we getting in return, other than our civil liberties trampled?
The now exists a rancid culture in government and third sector organisations – a combination of secrecy, unaccountability, and mass psychological intimidation – and tech giants like Microsoft, Google and the rest, have been fully complicit in building this negative paradigm, gauging out their profits for decades now.
To pretend that the US Federal Government’s obsession with spying and data collection does not have its economic knock-on effects, would be naive. Bottomline: Washington policies are hurting the American economy…

The Washington Amazon Post reports today…

Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, notify users of secret Data demands

or all of this we are a poorer nation. poorer in freedom, poorer in civil liberties, poorer in spirit, poorer in tract for our neighbors, poorer in our pocket book and poorer in a democracy corrupted by the combination of secrecy, unaccountability, money and fear mongering. We were and are not a fearful people.
or all of this we are a poorer nation. poorer in freedom, poorer in civil liberties, poorer in spirit, poorer in tract for our neighbors, poorer in our pocket book and poorer in a democracy corrupted by the combination of secrecy, unaccountability, money and fear mongering. We were and are not a fearful people.
Craig Timberg
Washington Post
Major U.S. technology companies have largely ended the practice of quietly complying with investigators’ demands for e-mail records and other online data, saying that users have a right to know in advance when their information is targeted for government seizure.

This increasingly defiant industry stand is giving some of the tens of thousands of Americans whose Internet data gets swept into criminal investigations each year the opportunity to fight in court to prevent disclosures. Prosecutors, however, warn that tech companies may undermine cases by tipping off criminals, giving them time to destroy vital electronic evidence before it can be gathered.

Fueling the shift is the industry’s eagerness to distance itself from the government after last year’s disclosures about National Security Agency surveillance of online services. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google all are updating their policies to expand routine notification of users about government data seizures, unless specifically gagged by a judge or other legal authority, officials at all four companies said. Yahoo announced similar changes in July.
As this position becomes uniform across the industry, U.S. tech companies will ignore the instructions stamped on the fronts of subpoenas urging them not to alert subjects about data requests, industry lawyers say. Companies that already routinely notify users have found that investigators often drop data demands to avoid having suspects learn of inquiries.
“It serves to chill the unbridled, cost-free collection of data,” said Albert Gidari Jr., a partner at Perkins Coie who represents several technology companies. “And I think that’s a good thing.”
The Justice Department disagrees, saying in a statement that new industry policies threaten investigations and put potential crime victims in greater peril.
“These risks of endangering life, risking destruction of evidence, or allowing suspects to flee or intimidate witnesses are not merely hypothetical, but unfortunately routine,” department spokesman Peter Carr said, citing a case in which early disclosure put at risk a cooperative witness in a case. He declined to offer details because the case was under seal.

Continue this story at Washington Post

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Wow: This Guy Has Something To Say About People Who Call Bundy Racist. And It's Epic

Warning: This video contains language which may offend some viewers.


Common Sense, E.T. Williams





Internal memos reveal EPA worked behind the scenes to kill Alaska mine project

Feb. 21, 2013: Gina McCarthy, then-Assistant Administrator with the Environmental Protection Agency and current Administrator, holds a climate change report as she speaks at a climate workshop sponsored by The Climate Center at Georgetown University.AP
The Environmental Protection Agency came under fire Thursday after new emails surfaced that allegedly show government officials worked in secret with tribal leaders and other environmental groups to preemptively oppose the controversial Pebble Mine project in Alaska before a review was even conducted.
The internal memos published by The Washington Times show EPA officials working behind the scenes as early as 2008 to kill the gold and copper mine project -- two years before any scientific study or survey was conducted looking into the environmental impact.
“As you know I feel that both of these projects (Chuitna and Pebble) merit consideration of a 404C veto,” EPA official Phillip North wrote, according to the emails.
North, according to the Times, pushed to have the mine’s veto added to the agenda of a 2009 agency retreat.
But the EPA announced in 2011there would be a neutral and scientific review of the mining project. At the time, they said that concerns raised by environmental groups and local tribes would be investigated, but that no decision had been made.
“Alaska is a long way from Washington, D.C.,” Rep. James Lankford, R-Okla., told Fox News. “There is no reason for Washington, D.C., to run affairs in Alaska.”
Lankford says the EPA pre-judged the case and didn’t wait for a full scientific review.
“They are to be neutral in this, and they are definitely not neutral in this,” he said.
In a statement Thursday, the EPA said the emails in question were "authored by a low level staffer stationed in Alaska who had no decision making authority for the Agency.
"Additionally, the focus should be on what the agency has actually done which is taking a deliberative approach based on the science. In fact, the agency leadership had not made a decision on whether to proceed to 404(c) action until the scientific analysis was complete," the EPA said.
The newly published emails are just the latest twist in the Pebble Mine saga which began years ago.
Mine opponents have been urging EPA to take steps to protect the region. They say the project would threaten the billion-dollar commercial fishing industry in Bristol Bay and the 14,000 jobs linked to it.
Supporters, including Pebble Limited Partnership, the investment group behind the proposed multi-billion dollar copper and gold mine, accuse the government of using “junk science” to sabotage the deal.
“Rather than allowing the filing of a mining permit application, the EPA employees secretly plotted with environmental activists to undermine the ability of land owners to objectively evaluate and develop the proposed mining of the Pebble deposit … and thereby establishing a precedent that will have long-term harmful impacts on investment and job creation in the United States,” Pebble Partnership wrote in an April 29-dated letter to the EPA.
The letter also accuses the EPA of misusing taxpayer money to “create a flawed, junk science laden report, called the Bristol Bay Assessment, designed to negatively influence government, financial markets, and public policy.”
Pebble Partnership has said the mine deposit is one of the largest of its kind in the world, with the potential of producing 80.6 billion pounds of copper and 107.4 million ounces of gold over decades.
In February, the EPA announced it was taking the first steps toward restricting the development of the mine, citing concern for a premier sockeye salmon fishery in southwest Alaska. The agency employed a rarely used veto process under the Clean Water Act that gives the government the ability to stop or slow the process.
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told reporters the EPA was working on how it can best use its authorities “to project Bristol Bay rivers, streams and lakes from the damage that will inevitably result from the construction, operation and long-term maintenance of a large-scale copper mine.”
Pebble Partnership CEO Tom Collier called the move an example of government overreach.
He told The Hill this week the project had “become the poster child for an expansion of EPA authority."
While the EPA process is underway, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is prohibited from approving a permit for the project.
Fox News' Chad Pergram contributed to this report.


Health Impact News

Here's the latest:

A Third of Americans Say Government Is Suppressing Access to Natural Cures

2014-05-01 11:12:26-04
While one third of Americans believe the government is suppressing access to natural cures, a new JAMA “study” says they are medical conspiracy kooks who are unscientific and foolish. Are you concerned about government limitations on your access to natural treatments and dietary supplements? Are you alarmed by the safety and integrity of our food system? Do you worry about fluoride in your food supply? According to an article published in JAMA Internal Medicine, a publication of the American Medical Association, you are a head case.


Honey Out-Performs Antibiotics in Fighting Superbugs

2014-05-01 14:09:22-04
Honey has been used for centuries to counteract infections, but until recently few realized just how antibiotic honey was. There is overwhelming evidence from research showing that honey beats some pharmaceutical antibiotics when it comes to a variety of superbugs.




Teenager takes his great-grandmother to prom

Delores Dennison never went to her high school prom.
Times were tough. Money was scarce -- just enough for the necessities.
But if she had gone to the prom, Delores might have imagined wearing a lovely dress and promenading through a sea of balloons and dancing with a handsome young man on a crisp April evening. She might have imagined the band playing the Frank Sinatra song, “How I love the kisses of Delores.”
But the days of promenades have long passed for Delores, now 89-years-old. Youth and vigor have given way to heart trouble and a stroke. And the handsome young man who became the love of her life – the man who used to sing to her that Frank Sinatra song, passed away many years ago.

“I respect my elders greatly,” Austin Dennison Told me. “They have a great influence on my life. To be able to sit down and talk to them and learn from them and their experiences is a great thing.”
A few months back, Delores received a telephone call from her great-grandson. Austin is 19-years-old, a senior at Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio. And he had a very important question for his “Granny DD.”
“I asked her if she would be my prom date,” Austin told me. “How cool would it be to take my great-grandmother to prom?”
Now, Austin Dennison is the kind of fellow who looks like he just stepped out of central casting. He’s the sort of kid a dad hopes his daughter would marry.
He’s an Eagle Scout who plays for the school’s football, baseball and basketball teams. He plays in the school band and faithfully attends church. He’s the kind of youngster who says “yes sir” and “yes ma’am.” He’s the kind of young man who respects his elders.
Still, the proposal took Delores by surprise. It’s not every day your great-grandson asks you out to prom.
“He was so sweet and adamant about it,” Delores told me. “I asked him, ‘But are you sure that you wouldn’t like to take one of the young ladies who could get out there and do everything with you?’ He said no. ‘I want you.’”
Before we continue, you might want to grab a box of tissues.
Austin drew his inspiration from his economics teacher. The teacher’s older brother had taken his grandmother to prom. Austin remembered that his own Granny DD had never been – so he picked up the phone and made the call.
“I couldn’t disappoint him – if I had to go on my hands and knees,” Delores said.
“At first she was a bit resistant,” Austin said. “I assured her I was serious and she finally said yes. It was my privilege to take her.”
But there was much, much work to be done. The first item of business was finding a suitable dress for the big night.
“That was an adventure,” Delores said. “We were looking at the young girls dresses. None of those dresses would be OK for me.”
Let’s just say young ladies don’t dress like they did back in the 1930s.
“They were either too high or too low and I didn’t want any of that,” she said.
Eventually she settled on a pretty blue dress and a clutch purse.
“The purse was for my necessities – my nitro and my puffer that I use for breathing,” she said.
The night of the prom was magical. Austin serenaded his great-grandmother with a special song and presented her with a pearl necklace.
His father chauffeured them to an elegant dinner at the local Bob Evans.
“That’s one of her favorite places,” Austin said.
He ordered the pancakes. She ordered an omelette. “I had to take some of it home,” Delores confessed.
Afterwards, it was off to the high school where Austin and his lovely date were introduced at the promenade.
“We got a standing ovation,” he said. “But we had to cut across the dance floor because she didn’t have enough energy.”
Delores managed to get a few laughs as she hit the balloons with her cane.

“It was wonderful and I just loved all the girls in their fancy gowns and the gentlemen in their tuxedos. It was quite a night,” she said. “Everyone there just could not have been more polite. Everyone got an A+.”
One of Austin’s friends even tried to make a move on his grandmother.
“He tried to cut in,” he said with a good-natured laugh. “He asked for a dance, but she didn’t have the energy.”
And her date? Well, she declared, “He was a perfect gentleman. He was everything you would expect of a young man.”
“I respect my elders greatly,” he told me. “They have a great influence on my life. To be able to sit down and talk to them and learn from them and their experiences is a great thing.”
But Austin had one more surprise waiting for his great-grandmother. As he escorted her onto the dance floor, a tune from another time filled the gymnasium. It was that song – from a long time ago.
How I love the kisses of Delores…
“I chose that song because Grandpa Ed used to sing that song to her,” Austin said. “We shared that dance. It was really sweet.”
What a break if I could make Delores mine, all mine…
And that’s the story of how Delores Dennison went to prom. She wore a lovely dress, and promenaded through a sea of balloons and danced with a handsome young man on a crisp April evening. And all the while, the band played on.
How I love the kisses of Delores…

Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers - Dolores

Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. Sign up for his American Dispatch newsletter, be sure to join his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter. His latest book is "God Less America”.

GOP rep wants to cut funding for federal ‘paramilitary units’ after BLM dispute


A Republican congressman wants to crack down on the proliferation of armed law enforcement units within the federal government, on the heels of the standoff last month between supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and a federal land agency. 
Both sides of that standoff -- agents with the Bureau of Land Management, and states' rights protesters who streamed into Nevada -- were armed, leading the BLM to back down for fear of violence. 
But Utah GOP Rep. Chris Stewart told The Salt Lake Tribune that the BLM doesn't need an armed unit in the first place. He's reportedly looking at ways to cut funding for what he calls "paramilitary units" and require them to rely on local law enforcement instead. 
"There are lots of people who are really concerned when the BLM shows up with its own SWAT team," he told the newspaper. "They're regulatory agencies; they're not paramilitary units, and I think that concerns a lot of us." 
The bill could apply to a host of federal agencies, including the BLM, IRS and others. previously reported, followed controversy over a separate armed raid by the EPA last year in Alaska, that 40 federal agencies have armed divisions. This includes nearly a dozen typically not associated with law enforcement. 
The agencies employ about 120,000 full-time officers authorized to carry guns and make arrests, according to a June 2012 Justice Department report. 
Though most would expect agents within the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Prisons to carry guns, agencies such as the Library of Congress and Federal Reserve Board also employ armed officers.    
Among those with the largest armed units are the Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and Park Service. 
A BLM spokeswoman told the Tribune that the BLM and Park Service had law enforcement on the scene in Nevada to ensure safety -- and that, with just 300 officers covering millions of acres of public land, they already coordinate with local law enforcement. 
But Stewart says they should be able to rely on the local sheriff in these types of incidents. 
Other lawmakers, though, are focusing more on the armed militia members who showed up to protest agents taking Bundy's cattle over a grazing fee dispute. 
KLAS-TV in Las Vegas reported that Sgt. Tom Jenkins, of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said officers were concerned for their lives. 
"We didn't show any fear that day, but I can tell you, we all thought in the back of our minds, we all thought it was going to be our last day on earth, if it went bad," he reportedly said.

UC Berkeley To Charge Seniors To Attend Their Own Graduation So They Can Hear Nancy Pelosi



EPA’s McCarthy Defends Hiding Secret Science from Public
Posted: 30 Apr 2014 11:58 PM PDT
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

BY SEAN HACKBARTH, Contributing Author: In a speech filled with more straw men than a corn field in the fall, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy fired back at critics, like the U.S. Chamber, who have called out the agency for its lack of transparency and openness involving scientific data and analysis that it uses to impose costly air pollutions regulations on the economy.
The debate stems around access to data on the health effects of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) on humans. While EPA and researchers have blocked public access to the data, the agency has used it to justify nearly all (98%) of the benefits of EPA air regulations between 2002 and 2012.
“People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. You can't just claim the science isn't real when it doesn't align well with your political or financial interests,” McCarthy said to the National Academy of Sciences, “Science is real and verifiable.”
See what I mean about straw men?
No one disagrees with any of this. What EPA critics want is public access to the data in order to scrutinize, verify, and reproduce the conclusions.
For instance, William Kovacs notes a major problem with the data:

The studies used to support the 1997 PM2.5 standard have never been independently reproduced or validated, and EPA has successfully resisted all attempts – including a 2000 Freedom of Information Act request from the U.S. Chamber – to obtain the data underlying the studies upon which EPA based its standards.Nevertheless, in her speech to the Academy, McCarthy reaffirmed her agency's refusal to make the data available to public scrutiny.
Science is an iterative process. It builds on previous work and assumes that no one has all the answers. EPA shouldn’t be afraid to open the data to public inspection.

This is especially important when regulators use this data to impose tremendous costs on the economy — especially in electricity generation -- keep jobs from being created, and hold back investments. The public should be able to see the data and not merely take the word of a federal agency.
Despite McCarthy's claim that EPA critics are attacking science itself, by advocating for openness and transparency we’re defending the scientific process that’s delivered progress to humanity for centuries.
“When we follow the science -- we all win,” McCarthy told the audience, and she’s right. However, that requires that the data be open so the public can examine it.
Sean Hackbarth is a policy advocate and blogger at U.S Chamber of Commerce. He is a contributing author at the  ARRA News Service.

Unknown Good Samaritan with Firearm Stops Two Robbers, Then Does Something Really Cool


When a young mother became the victim of an attempted purse snatching in a mall parking lot Tuesday, an unidentified armed citizen stepped in. He not only stopped the would-be thieves, what he did next was even better: he bought candy for his scared kids and drove way.
Now, that’s a good samaritan.

Obama Playing Messiah With Keystone Pipeline and It's 30% Opposition

By Jerry McConnell

The Weasel in the White House once again plays his “sabotage America” games with the Keystone XL Oil Producing Program, making it even harder to reap the many bountiful benefits it could bring to this country.  This forever dangerous liar will stop at nothing to keep that oil from being part of an out and out separation for us from the greedy and nefarious plans the OPEC oil (Islamic) nations will continue to press on us.
 Over four months ago on January 23, 2014, I authored a column on this Canada Free Press website and asked the headline question, ‘Is There ONE American ANYWHERE Who Will Stand Up to Our DICTATOR, And Get the Keystone Pipeline Moving’?  As what I suspected then, it may have taken more than 120 days to find out, but it seems as though not one person with any intestinal fortitude exists in America that will come to the forefront of the legislative arena and lead us to oil freedom.
I guess it’s easier to lead an armed division of militia or military into death-defying battle against an enemy of superior odds than it is to face down a punk metrosexual, street smart loafer who is adept at lying and confusing the welfare class into thinking that to follow him is victory.  I thought we had a potential leader in Wyoming U. S. Senator John Barrasso but he must have been silenced by the many panty-waist environmental wimps throughout both Canada and the United States. 

Forgive me for once thinking that Speaker John Boehner was going to back this oil freedom winner program and drive OPEC into poverty.  I say forgive me, because I have never been more wrong in my life.  He is an absolute wimp-RINO who now divests all traces of conservatism by closely embracing AMNESTY in all its inglorious dishabille and country-killing costs to decent taxpayers.  Score another victory for Obama over Boehner who should by now be so shame-faced that he would fear facing his friends.  If he has any left.

It has taken me a long string of  verbosity to get to this point, but it is so painful I had hoped that it would just go away -  but no, it’s still here.  And that is the notice by Fox and online on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 in “Obama Playing Politics With Keystone Pipeline” ‘President Obama is holding off approving construction of the vital Keystone XL pipeline not for environmental concerns but for political reasons - his fear of alienating one of his core constituencies, environmentalists, charges online magazine The American.’
I feel sure that many of you reading this article will remember and perhaps scratch your heads in wonderment at the reminder over the past 2 years of multiple news items on how this very sensible operation would assure us of over 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Canada to refineries mainly in the Southwest of U. S.  Even Obama’s Cabinet member, the State Department, says that Keystone XL poses “no significant impacts” on the environment.  And yet, as states, “the administration insists that the pipeline will be approved only if “it does not significantly exacerbate” carbon pollution.
That’s like Obama saying “It will be a nice day if it doesn’t rain and the weather bureau saying there’s no significant rain in sight.  Or in simpler terms, two guys look at a bushel of apples and one says “I’ll take a half-dozen of those apples and the other says “Oh I only want six.”  The State Department and Obama are both saying the same thing only Obama has to say it negatively.  And while the Administration is saying it won’t be approved if this or that, is saying “that oil from Canada’s oil-sands fields is already flowing into the United States by pipeline from Alberta to Oklahoma.  Keystone would simply extend the pipeline to the Gulf Coast.”  Again, ‘six of one and a half dozen of the other.’ 
Why is Obama so opposed to Keystone?  Well, my guess would be twofold:  1) He is trying to protect the predominantly Muslim states of OPEC; and 2) He is trying to keep all the oil assets in North America in intact for the Islamic takeover of Canada and United States. 
But states “Safety concerns? A recent study by the Fraser Institute disclosed that the transport of oil and gas is safer by pipeline than by rail or roadway.
“Economic concerns? The State Department predicted that pipeline construction would produce about 42,100 jobs throughout America and boost local property tax revenue in many places.
“Obama’s opposition to Keystone isn’t based on popularity, either. Pew polling reveals that 65 percent of Americans support extension of the pipeline and just 30 percent oppose it”. 
That 30 percent opposition is easily explained as a combination of egg-head enviros, Islamists, welfare and food stamp recipients along with those who vote socialist-communist without a second thought of the problems built in with votes for that reason. 
I’m beginning to believe that there isn’t one man or for that matter, even one group of people who aren’t absolutely terrified of taking on Obama and his terrorist Cabinet members and his scary czars including the Black Panthers and ACORNS.  Sarah Palin, probably with her eyes on a 2016 VP spot, has started to speak out in favor of illegal alien enforcement,  flip-flopping from her strong amnesty position of the past.  Maybe she will also accept the challenge to lead our government in this beneficial Keystone oil plan. Stranger things have happened.






WHO warns: antibiotic resistance is now a bigger crisis than the AIDS epidemic

by The Extinction Protocol
April 2014HEALTH - Antibiotic resistance is now a bigger crisis than the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, a landmark report warned today. The spread of deadly superbugs that evade even the most powerful antibiotics is happening across the world, United Nations officials have confirmed. The effects will be devastating - meaning a simple scratch or urinary tract infection could kill. The WHO said in some countries, because of resistance, carbapenems now do not work in more than half of people with common hospital-acquired infections caused by a bacteria called K. pneumoniae, such as pneumonia, blood infections, and infections in newborn babies and intensive-care patients. Resistance to one of the most widely used antibiotics for treating urinary tract infections caused by E. coli -medicines called fluoroquinolones - is also very widespread, it said. In the 1980s, when these drugs were first introduced, resistance was virtually zero, according to the WHO report.

 But now there are countries in many parts of the world where the drugs are ineffective in more than half of patients. The WHO said in some countries, because of resistance, carbapenems now do not work in more than half of people with common hospital-acquired infections caused by a bacteria called K. pneumoniae, such as pneumonia, blood infections, and infections in newborn babies and intensive-care patients. Resistance to one of the most widely used antibiotics for treating urinary tract infections caused by E. coli -medicines called fluoroquinolones - is also very widespread, it said. In the 1980s, when these drugs were first introduced, resistance was virtually zero, according to the WHO report. But now there are countries in many parts of the world where the drugs are ineffective in more than half of patients. –Daily Mail






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