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The men who crashed the world


In the first episode of Meltdown, we hear about four men who brought down the global economy: a billionaire mortgage-seller who fooled millions; a high-rolling banker with a fatal weakness; a ferocious Wall Street predator; and the power behind the throne.
The crash of September 2008 brought the largest bankruptcies in world history, pushing more than 30 million people into unemployment and bringing many countries to the edge of insolvency. Wall Street turned back the clock to 1929.
But how did it all go so wrong?
Lack of government regulation; easy lending in the US housing market meant anyone could qualify for a home loan with no government regulations in place. Also, London was competing with New York as the banking capital of the world. Gordon 

Brown, the British finance minister at the time, introduced 'light touch regulation' - giving bankers a free hand in the marketplace. All this, and with key players making the wrong financial decisions, saw the world's biggest financial collapse.



Experts: Carney's Departure Comes as Press Grows More Wary of Obama: Don't count on it ?

Friday, 30 May 2014 09:48 PM

By Todd Beamon
 White House press secretary Jay Carney's resignation capped a tenure that saw the media grow increasingly restless toward President Barack Obama amid of a bevy of scandals, including the controversy that led to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki's departure on Friday, experts told Newsmax.
"I wish him well," Ari Fleischer, who served as press secretary for President George W. Bush for nearly two and a half years, said in an interview. "He served a long time in a very hard job. Regardless of politics or ideology, or whatever anyone thinks of him or his boss, it's a hard job and a wonderful job."
Democratic analyst and pollster Doug Schoen likened Carney's performance to that of the inept sergeant of the television sitcom "Hogan's Heroes."
"Press secretaries have a natural life of only about one term, so I am frankly surprised he has stayed as long as he has," he said in a statement. "That being said, he played the 'Sergeant Schultz' role well.
(Carney never once played Sgt. Schultz! Since WHEN did you ever hear Carney saying, "I know NOTHING!"  The writer is making all this up for your consumption.  What's goin on here is, the Associated Press contributed to this report. They want you to think that they are going to be listening with a critical, jaundiced ear to this "new" press secretary for anything suspicious and then report to you about it. Don't be fooled. It's their ass that's on the line for truthfulness and they are covering it.  They intend to do no such thing. CB)
"He spouted the party line, avoided difficult questions, and maintained he knew very little about most subjects beyond what he had already said.
"A job well done, from the president's point of view."
And Tobe Berkovitz, an associate professor of advertising at Boston University, was even more caustic.
"Despite the fact that the press knows that he lied to them repeatedly, that he was part of the cover-up of a whole bunch of administration scandals, he will still get a job for probably several million dollars a year," he told Newsmax in an interview. "The irony would be if he goes into a healthcare provider."
In a surprise announcement, Obama said Friday that Carney would step down next month after more than three years in the job.
Carney, 49, succeeded Robert Gibbs in February 2011 after working for Vice President Joe Biden. He had been a journalist, once covering Russia and the White House for Time magazine, for 21 years. He also worked for The Miami Herald.
Obama named Carney's No. 2, Josh Earnest, 39, as his successor. He first worked on Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.
Obama described Carney as one of his closest friends and advisers, adding that he was "not thrilled" when Carney first told him in April that he wanted to leave.
Carney has been press secretary for longer than usual for such a high-pressure job. Many occupants stay for only a couple of years.
His departure had been rumored for months, and Carney has sparred publicly in the last year with the media over a bevy of scandals.


Sudanese woman sentenced to die for Christian faith to be freed, report says



The Sudanese woman sentenced to death earlier this month after refusing to renounce her Christian faith will reportedly be freed in the next few days.
A foreign ministry official told the BBC that Meriam Ibrahim, 27, is guaranteed religious freedom in the country, despite a judge's earlier ruling that she should be hanged for apostasy.
Ibrahim gave birth to a girl early Tuesday at a prison clinic in Omdurman, near Khartoum, one of her attorneys told by phone.
She also faces 100 lashes for adultery – for being intimate with her husband, Daniel Wani, who fled to the United States as a child to escape the civil war in southern Sudan, but later returned.
International outrage against Ibrahim’s sentence has grown significantly in recent weeks, as more than a million people signed online petitions protesting the sentence. One such effort on has garnered more than 630,000 signatures as of Friday, and Amnesty International officials have characterized the punishment doled out by a judge to be a “flagrant breach” of international human rights law. It’s also a violation of Sudan’s own Constitution, according to the State Department.
It is not clear what diplomatic pressure the U.S. can bring to bear on Khartoum. Although American taxpayers send roughly $300 million per year in economic aid, the help is largely in the form of food and medicine. Cutting it off would only hurt the people, and not the regime of President Omar al-Bashir, who has been indicted as a war criminal by the International Criminal Court.
Fox News' Joshua Rhett Miller contributed to this report

Jihad Watch Daily Digest for 05/31/2014

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Jihad Watch

May 31, 2014 09:11 am | Robert Spencer
This article epitomizes the willful ignorance and self-imposed blindness of the British intelligentsia regarding Islam. The BBC says below that “men in Niger are allowed to have four wives under a local interpretation of Islamic law.” A local interpretation of Islamic law? Oh, so the Qur’an is local to Niger, now? The Qur’an says: “And […]

May 31, 2014 05:50 am | Robert Spencer
The Pakistani blasphemy laws are a tool for the persecution of Christians and an ongoing human rights abuse. But the International “human rights community” is indifferent — after all, no “Islamophobia” is being committed, so all is well. “Illiterate Christian Couple Sentenced to Death in Pakistan for ‘Blasphemous’ Texts,” by Leah Marianne Klett, Gospel Herald, […]
May 30, 2014 07:38 pm | Robert Spencer
“Federal authorities are investigating whether he was recruited or radicalized online.” But this investigation will be clumsy and perfunctory at best, because when, say, local mosque officials tell the feds that nobody knew this guy, nobody ever saw him, except one time to castigate him for his “extremism,” and that further probing would be “Islamophobic,” […]
May 30, 2014 04:41 pm | Robert Spencer
Either all of Israel is illegitimate (which may be what Obama thinks) or the “settlements” are on Israeli land by UN declaration and the right recognized for all nations victorious in war throughout history — except Israel in 1948 and 1967. Once again the U.S. supports “Palestinian” jihad propaganda — and what did it get […]
May 30, 2014 01:01 pm | Robert Spencer
It is unusual to see the slick pseudo-moderate Tariq Ramadan, who is so skillful at manipulating credulous Infidels into thinking that he is the very model of the modern moderate Muslim when actually he has never called for any genuine reform or rejection of any Sharia provision, including jihad warfare against Infidels, so openly lapse […]

May 30, 2014 12:46 pm | Robert Spencer
Professors Rabab Abdulhadi and Joanne Barker met with Leila Khaled of the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the jihadist Sheikh Raed Salah of Hamas. But relax: “Responding to charges a professor engaged in Mideast politics on the taxpayer dime, San Francisco State University officials offered bland reassurances that the school investigates […]
May 30, 2014 11:43 am | Robert Spencer
Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey hands down a Sharia-inspired ruling. These are the kinds of laws that the purveyors of the “Islamophobia” myth want to bring to the U.S. The jailing of the Muhammad video producer, and the calls in the wake of the Muhammad video riots in mainstream media outlets for self-censorship of material that may […]
May 30, 2014 11:26 am | Nicolai Sennels
A small detail in EuroPol’s report “European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014” underlines the cowardice of the EU and the UK when it comes to confronting Islamic terrorism: European Union (EU) Member States reported no terrorist attacks specifically classified as religiously inspired terrorism for the 2013 period. However, in at least two attacks, […]
May 30, 2014 11:18 am | Nicolai Sennels
For those who are interested in political violence, the enormous difference between Left and Right wing terrorism shown in the chart here is also interesting. From EuroPol’s report “European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2014“: Significant increase in arrests for religiously inspired terrorism from 159 in 2012 to 216 in 2013.

May 30, 2014 09:26 am | Robert Spencer
He is charged with destroying records. He also brought dinner to the bombers on the night of the attack. If the charges are true, he clearly approved of what they had done. What could have motivated him to support the mass murder of innocents? Could it be the belief system and ideology that no one […]

American soldier held by Taliban for years is freed in prisoner swap


Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the only American solider held captive in Afghanistan, has been released by the Taliban in exchange for five Afghan detainees, U.S. officials said Saturday.
Bergdahl was held captive for nearly five years, after leaving his base in east Afghanistan on June 30, 2009.
Officials said the detainees were in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the deal happened after a week of intense negotiations mediated by the government of Qatar, which will take custody of the Afghans.

A Defense Department official gave Fox News the names of the detainees: Mohammad Fazl, Mullah Norullah Noori, Mohammed Nabi, Khairullah Khairkhwa, and Abdul Haq Wasiq. There are now 149 detainees remaining at Guantanamo Bay.
Bergdahl, a Hailey, Idaho native, was captured outside his base. However, whether he walked off the base or was captured by the enemy remains unclear.
He is thought to have been captured by members of the Haqqani network, which operates in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region and has been one of the deadliest threats to U.S. troops in the war.
The announcement of his release comes as the United States winds down its military operation in Afghanistan.
“Sergeant Bergdahl’s recovery is a reminder of America’s unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield,” Obama also said.
Officials said the Taliban turned the 28-year-old Bergdahl over Saturday evening, local time, in Afghanistan. Several dozen U.S. special forces were involved in the exchange, which took place in eastern Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border.
Officials described the transfer as a nonviolent handover between the American forces and about 18 Taliban.
A U.S. official said when Bergdahl was aboard a military helicopter he wrote on a paper plate, because it was too loud to talk,"SF?" -- meaning are you Special Forces?
The operators sitting with Bergdahl responded loudly, saying, yes, we've been looking for you for a long time. Berghdal broke down crying, the official said.
Bergdahl was in good condition and able to walk, according to the officials, who insisted on anonymity in order to describe the details of his release.
Bergdahl is expected to be transferred to Bagram Air Field, the main U.S. base in Afghanistan, then on to the United States.
The Haqqani network, which the State Department designated as a foreign terrorist organization in 2012, claims allegiance to the Afghan Taliban, yet operates with some degree of autonomy.
The five Afghan detainees from Guantanamo were still at the base as of Saturday morning, but were being transferred into the custody of Qatar officials. Under the conditions of their release, the detainees will be banned from traveling outside of Qatar for at least one year.
They are being transferred via a U.S. Air Force C-17 plane.  Based on the terms of the detainees' release, they will be subject to restrictions on their movement and activities.
Officials  spoke with Bergdahl's parents Saturday, shortly after their son had been taken into U.S. custody. Bergdahl's family was in Washington on a previously scheduled visit when they received the news.
The Fox News' Catherine Herridge and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

End Times: Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse


  "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." -Genesis 6:4
"From the heights of these pyramids, forty centuries look down on us."
-Napoleon Bonaparte
"And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer." -Revelation 12:7-8
Patrick Heron

Arizona Tea Party Holding First State Convention

Amidst yet another round of media conjectures regarding the demise of their movement, Tea Party groups across Arizona will gather together for a State Convention on May 31st in Phoenix, Arizona, the Valley of the Sun. This event has the political class a little nervous. Apparently, these groups didn’t get the memo that the movement is dead. In fact, they are proving quite the contrary. 
The “Organizing to Represent Americans” Convention represents the first time Tea Parties in Arizona will assemble as a whole at one venue to discuss creating a system of strategies designed to go on the offense against the left and restore the American Republic.
“In my four years of Tea Party participation in Arizona, I have never seen so much enthusiasm for one of our events, “said Chris Rossiter, President of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party. “Each time we would put out a new batch of tickets, they were snatched up. The Tea Party is a very instinctive and resilient movement and I think everyone senses that a big change is necessary and it is here, starting this Saturday in Arizona.”
The organizers of the event had one thing in mind when they were planning the event—strategy. They immediately sought participation from the national groups and secured sponsorship from the Tea Party Patriots and, as well as Americans for Prosperity and Heritage Action. This move of getting the backing of national Tea Party groups was a strategic one. Organizers of the Arizona Tea Party Conference want to see Tea Party Conventions in all 50 States by 2016. Accomplishing that task will require the assistance of groups at the national level.
By calling their event a State Convention, Rossiter said they have made several ears in the Republican Party perk up. “My phone and email are going crazy with messages from politicians who want in. The funny thing is that this isn’t a political event and we are posting ‘no campaigning’ signs at the entrance to the venue,” he said.  Rossiter continued, “Perhaps they are worried we are going to leave them high and dry and strike out on our own. Even though we have no intention at this time of forming a third party–if the Republicans were to drop a hand grenade in the middle of their ranks by doing something like passing Amnesty, the GOP could fall apart and we would be wise to have a contingency plan. But, that is not the main purpose of our Convention by any means.” 
In a press release, the organizers stated what drove them to organize the Tea Party state convention in Arizona. 
At a time when the liberal media and the establishment political parties are proclaiming the death of the movement, the Tea Party has gathered steam, is further organizing, and is meeting to establish long-term goals and the strategies to achieve them. The Constitution and the very moral fabric of our society are under attack.   Ordinary Americans are eager for their rights and their values to be represented and defended in the public arena and that is exactly what the Tea Party intends to do. 
There has been so much interest in the 2014 Arizona Tea Party State Convention that the event is now sold out.



  (Photo © RiteOn LLC)  
By Chuck MacNab 

One can't help but wonder about the number of times media personalities and politicians mouth the word "why" when discussing the Obama Administrations policies of deliberately weakening the military. There is an easy and obvious answer to the question. We believe that Obama and the advisors he mostly listens to, like Valerie Jarrett, Michelle Obama and others, have an intense dislike of the military. Whether uninformed meddling with national defense is in the best interest of the country seems to be of little consequence to them because everything they do and every policy they pursue is 100% political and intended to play to their personal prejudices and their radical, left wing political base.
It should be noted that, from what others, who should know, have said and written, that Obama and his close associates and advisors have a deep seated hatred of the military. It probably goes back to their early activities as left wing student hippies and their personal disgust of being associated with any sort of discipline or order.
Many believe that Bill Clinton is the "poster boy" for dodging military service. Allegations of his "finagling" to avoid the draft have been widely distributed. How antithetical it is to the concept of duty, honor and country that Bill Clinton became Commander In Chief of a military that many believe he despised but quickly learned to use for political purposes. Now Hillary, who some have written, is more anti-military than was Bill, may become the first female President (Commander In Chief). How's that for flying in the face of common sense and good judgment?
The zealots who idolize the radical Democrats see anything connected with the military in the same light. The only time Obama praises the military is when he and/or his advisors see a political advantage in doing so. Here are some observations that we believe prove this point reasonably well:
* Obama has refused to attend D-Day ceremonies at Normandy. Apparently he is attending this one but we suspect it's because long ago his advisors could see that the heat was coming over so many issues concerning veterans.
* The VA health care debacle. (A situation that Obama was well aware of since the time he was in the Senate.)
* The deaths at Benghazi. (Either he or his advisors refused to mount a military rescue operation and they may have even stopped it.)
* The Obama Administration is said to be purging the officer corps of commanders that do not agree with his political views.
* The rules of engagement were drastically changed for political purposes possibly causing more deaths and casualties than necessary.)
* Obama Administration has cut back military research and development. (While dramatically increasing food stamps, health care welfare programs, personal vacation spending, on and on.)
* Obama has rejected essential military support for long time allies and, instead, has supported potential enemies (such as the Muslim Brotherhood)
* Obama removed the planned missile shield from Eastern Europe to appease Putin creating serious doubt among allies.
* Obama's policies are encouraging Al Qaeda to expand across Africa and Asia by showing weakness and waffling.
Obama and associates are following policies that will turn the military into yet another social welfare agency. It has already become the favorite testing ground for political correctness and left wing social experimentation, forced through many manipulations such as the use of unethical threats to retirement income, pay and benefits. We believe a reasonable argument can be made that VA Administrator, General Shinseki, was "set up." He joins a long list of "purged" Generals who have been unlucky enough to have had "community organizer" and "experienced" military strategist Barack Obama as their Commander In Chief!
Putting the life of the CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan at risk through an incompetent, stupid blunder is just the latest manifestation of the disregard that the Obama Administration places on military matters. Just how long this incompetence can continue before it seriously endangers the country... is an open question.

A bank is a place that will lend you money, if you can prove that you don't need it.

AB 1014 - 'Shall Issue" Gun Violence Restraining Orders in California - THIS EFFECTS EVERYBODY !




Dear Friend,
In May we celebrate Small Business Week and the many entrepreneurs who take risks in pursuit of the American Dream. Small businesses help tell the story of our Eighth Congressional District. Many of these businesses provide unique goods and services that cannot be found in other stores. Still others are passed from one generation to the next and become cornerstones of our local communities. Too often, Washington gets in the way of success for small businesses in Missouri.
The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that nearly half of the private sector jobs in America are with small businesses. Over the past 15 years, the Administration found that small businesses produced 64% of new jobs created. With this significant impact on job growth, it is clear that small businesses are vital to the strength of our economy. Small business owners create jobs. Not bureaucrats in Washington.
Unfortunately, too many small businesses are struggling to overcome red tape from Washington. Studies have shown that small businesses are hit harder with the cost of environmental regulations than large corporations. Furthermore, small businesses pay 67% more to comply with the overly complex tax code than big businesses. It has even been estimated that one million small business jobs will be eliminated as a result of the Obamacare employer mandate.
Overregulation from Washington is stifling growth and punishing business owners for their hard work and sacrifice. I am committed to fighting intrusive and burdensome regulations from the Obama Administration. For too long, the EPA and IRS have created unnecessary hurdles that slow economic growth and progress. Now Obamacare threatens to unravel the American Dream of owning a business. The House of Representatives has passed nearly 40 bills aimed at helping small businesses prosper, but the Senate has refused to even bring these bills up for a vote.
The Eighth District of Missouri boasts a diverse and lengthy list of small businesses. From concrete, to lumber, to automobiles and agriculture, our home is full of innovative entrepreneurs. I am proud to represent so many industries and the vitality that they uniquely bring to our communities. I trust small business owners to learn, grow, and thrive without the oppressive scrutiny of a bureaucrat. A small business should be locally owned and controlled, not Washington regulated.
Memorial day was celebrated this week all across the Eighth Congressional District. Here is a picture from Rolla of the services at Veterans' Memorial Park! Thank you to all of our current and veteran members of the military!
I enjoyed visiting with high school students Elliotte, Kameron, Brynn, and Katherine from Rolla. They stopped by for a tour of the Capitol during their school trip to Washington. If you are interested in booking a tour of the Capitol on your Washington vacation, call my office at 202.225.4404.
I was grateful to receive prayers and kind words from these folks visiting from Steelville Assembly of God this week.
Jason Smith
Member of Congress



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May 31, 2014
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Syrian Rebel Firing Anti-Tank Missile - ALLOW IMAGES
Obama to Train and Arm Syrian Rebels
(Something He Has Actually Been Doing for 3 Years)
May 31, 2014
What You Need To Know
It is being widely reported that President Obama is "close to authorizing" U.S. forces to begin training and equipping so called "moderate" Syrian rebels to bolster their fight against the Assad regime as well as al Qaeda elements in the country.
Despite Administration attempts at framing this as a new policy, readers might be interested to know that on Tues of this week the PBS television program FRONTLINE aired a documentary entitled Syria: Arming the Rebels, which clearly shows such training is already taking place and has been for three years. Within the documentary, rebels describe their clandestine journey from the Syrian battlefield to meet with their American handlers in Turkey. They are then transferred to Qatar, where they say they received training in the use of sophisticated weapons and fighting techniques, including, as one rebel says, “how to finish off soldiers still alive after an ambush.”
Clearly, someone is being deceptive.
Syrian Rebel Firing U.S. Made BGM71 Anti-Tank Missile - ALLOW IMAGES
Syrian Rebel Firing U.S. Made BGM71 Anti-Tank Missile #2 - ALLOW IMAGES
Readers are reminded that in Feb. of this year, AlertsUSA Threat Journal reported on hearings by the Senate Intelligence Committee within which the Director of National Intelligence, along with the Directors of the CIA, FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency, testified that the U.S. is under significant threat from a growing number of Syrian extremists who, after receiving advanced training, go back to their home countries and conduct terrorist acts. (Full Transcript).
At the time, the U.S. intelligence community estimated the number of foreign fighters in Syria to be in excess of 7,000. The U.S. State Department refuses to provide estimates of how many Americans they believe have traveled to the Middle East to join the fight.
If you thought U.S. involvement in Syria ended when President Obama took his now infamous walk around the White House grounds with an advisor last August and decided against launching a full blown military assault on Syrian Army forces, you may want to think again. Far too much hangs in the balance, including control of strategic oil and gas pipelines running through the country, to simply walk away. Now that the smoke screen of removing chemical weapons is clearing the air, the Administration's effort at going public with plans to train and arm Syrian rebels could be signaling a new upswing in U.S. military engagement in the region.
AlertsUSA continues to monitor developments in the region and will immediately notify service subscribers of changes in the overall terrorism threat environment here in U.S. as a result of events in Syria, as events warrant.
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Chinese Jin Class Submarine - ALLOW IMAGES
Tensions Soar in the China Sea
May 31, 2014
What You Need To Know
China continues to grow more aggressive in exerting their controversial territorial claims at sea as well as in their air. On Tuesday of this week, a Vietnamese fishing boat capsized and sank after being rammed by a Chinese vessel not far from the where China has placed a massive offshore drilling platform within Vietnamese territorial waters in the S. China Sea. Government officials in Hanoi claim the vessel was surrounded by approximately 40 Chinese fishing boats before one of them began ramming it.
Both Vietnam and China claim absolute sovereignty over the waters which encompass the Paracel and Spratly Island archipelagos, beneath which massive oil and gas deposits have been discovered.
Late this week the United States warned China after a dangerous provocation involving Japanese aircraft over disputed waters in the East China Sea. According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, two Japanese military patrol and surveillance aircraft were, for the first time ever, intercepted by two armed Su-27 Flankers from the People's Liberation Army Air Force. The Chinese fighters are reported to have flown within 100 feet of the Japanese aircraft which were said to be in the area monitoring Russian and Chinese naval exercises reported on in last week's issue of Threat Journal.
Not to be left out, S. Korea also expressed outrage over the joint Russian / Chinese war games as they took place in disputed waters to which they lay claim.
Further raising tensions in the region, Chinese state controlled media this week released images of three Chinese nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines now deployed to Yalong Bay naval base on Hainan Island in the South China Sea.
The Jin-class submarines are equipped with 12 multiple-warhead JL-2 submarine launched ballistic missiles. A report published last year by the National Air and Space Intelligence Center stated that the JL-2 missile will, for the first time, allow Chinese submarines to target portions of the United States from operating areas located near the Chinese coast.”
Additionally, readers may recall that last year, Chinese media published a report that revealed a nuclear missile strike on the western United States with JL-2 missiles could kill up to 12 million Americans. The Chinese government even published a strike map showing what cities would be hit as well as the potential spread of fallout.
As always, AlertsUSA continues to closely monitor developments in this increasingly tense region and will immediately notify service subscribers of changes in the overall threat environment as events warrant.

Satellite Image of Hurricane Andrew - ALLOW IMAGES
USGOV Warns of Hurricane Season
May 31, 2014
On May 29, 2014, AlertsUSA issued the following
related Flash message to subscriber mobile devices:
5/29 USGOV issues formal alert regarding 6/1 start of hurricane season. NOAA recommends those in storm-prone coastal regions be mindful of preparedness needs.
What You Need To Know
On Thursday of this week AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via text messages to their mobile devices that the the U.S. government issued a notice and reminder to the public on the formal start of hurricane and typhoon season.
While forecasters are predicting below average tropical activity this year in terms of the actual number of the named storms, AlertsUSA cautions listeners to not become complacent as this is in no way an indicator of the potential severity of any storms that do form.
As an example, the 1992 Atlantic hurricane season had a total of only 7 named storms, 4 of which were hurricanes. Only one impacted the U.S. mainland. That was hurricane Andrew, a category 5 storm that slammed into the Miami area, completely destroying 63,000 homes, damaging more than 100,000 others, killing 44 and leaving approximately 175,000 homeless.
Don't become a statistic or potentially one of the people the nation will watch stand in line waiting for the FEMA trucks. If you live in coastal areas, take some time, sit with your family and make a plan. Have materials needed to board up a home, some supplies put away and above all, stay informed.
As we have done for more than a decade, AlertsUSA continues to monitor tropical weather in this hemisphere and will immediately notify service subscribers of any systems posing a threat to the continental United States as events warrant.

Travel Security Update
The U.S. Dept. of State is the authoritative federal source for information on the security situation at travel destinations worldwide. With tensions rapidly increasing in most regions, readers planning on international travel, even to such common destinations as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands, are strongly encouraged to do a little research on the security situation prior to departure.
New USGOV Travel Alerts and Warnings




See all USGOV Travel Alerts and Warnings HERE.

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