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VIDEO: How Many Wives Can A Muslim Have On Welfare In Michigan?




Colbert: No Boots on the Ground in Iraq

ISIS Releases Video Mocking Barack Hussein Obama!



'ISIS Releases Video Mocking Barack Hussein Obama!

ISIS Propaganda Video 'Flames of War' Shows Attacks on U.S. Troops



8 ways the Obama administration is blocking information

AP Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee (AP Photo).
The fight for access to public information has never been harder, Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee said recently at a joint meeting of the American Society of News Editors, the Associated Press Media Editors and the Associated Press Photo Managers. The problem extends across the entire federal government and is now trickling down to state and local governments.

AP Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee (AP Photo).
Here is Buzbee’s list of eight ways the Obama administration is making it hard for journalists to find information and cover the news:
1) As the United States ramps up its fight against Islamic militants, the public can’t see any of it. News organizations can’t shoot photos or video of bombers as they take off — there are no embeds. In fact, the administration won’t even say what country the S. bombers fly from.
2) The White House once fought to get cameramen, photographers and reporters into meetings the president had with foreign leaders overseas. That access has become much rarer. Think about the message that sends other nations about how the world’s leading democracy deals with the media:  Keep them out and let them use handout photos.
3) Guantanamo: The big important 9/11 trial is finally coming up. But we aren’t allowed to see most court filings in real time — even of nonclassified material. So at hearings, we can’t follow what’s happening. We don’t know what prosecutors are asking for, or what defense attorneys are arguing.
4) Information about Guantanamo that was routinely released under President George W. Bush is now kept secret. The military won’t release the number of prisoners on hunger strike or the number of assaults on guards. Photo and video coverage is virtually nonexistent.
5) Day-to-day intimidation of sources is chilling. AP’s transportation reporter’s sources say that if they are caught talking to her, they will be fired. Even if they just give her facts, about safety, for example. Government press officials say their orders are to squelch anything controversial or that makes the administration look bad.
6) One of the media — and public’s — most important legal tools, the Freedom of Information Act, is under siege. Requests for information under FOIA have become slow and expensive. Many federal agencies simply don’t respond at all in a timely manner, forcing news organizations to sue each time to force action.
7) The administration uses FOIAs as a tip service to uncover what news organizations are pursuing. Requests are now routinely forwarded to political appointees. At the agency that oversees the new health care law, for example, political appointees now handle the FOIA requests.
8) The administration is trying to control the information that state and local officials can give out. The FBI has directed local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology the police departments use to sweep up cellphone data. In some cases, federal officials have formally intervened in state open records cases, arguing for secrecy.



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al Qaeda Bomb Maker - ALLOW IMAGES

Multiple New Terror Plots Against the U.S.,
Aviation Sector Targeted
Sept 20, 2014

On Sept 16, 2014, AlertsUSA issued the following
related Flash messages to subscriber mobile devices:
9/16 - ISIS militants issue new warning of attacks on US and allied homelands if mil action against the group continues. Strikes on ISIS positions in Syria imminent.
What You Need To Know
AlertsUSA subscribers were notified this week via text messages to their mobile devices regarding new threats of terrorist attacks on the US and allied homelands if military action against the radical Muslim group known as the Islamic State continues. These threats are now appearing on a near daily basis and are coming from a variety of different groups, federal, state and local law enforcement officials are taking the threat quite serious.
On multiple occasions in the past (most recently here and here) AlertsUSA has reported on the very real threat posed by al Qaeda's Yemen affiliate, formally known as al Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula (AQAP). Far more than just tweets and YouTube video from faraway places, AQAP is responsible for multiple attempted attacks on commercial aircraft, including the failed Christmas 2009 attempt to bring down an airliner near Detroit by underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, as well as the October 2010 plot to bring down two cargo aircraft using bombs built into printer toner cartridges.
In addition, the group is also tied to the USS Cole bombing, a 2002 attack on a French supertanker in the Gulf of Aden, 2005 London bombings, the 2007 Fort Dix attack plot, the 2009 Little Rock military recruiting office shooting, the 2009 Fort Hood shooting and many more.
This is not to dismiss the threat posed by the Islamic State. According to Congressman Tim Bishop of NY, up to 40 radicalized U.S. citizens who have fought alongside the Islamic State are believed to have already returned to the United States, where they could pose a terrorist threat.
In what appears to be pure political correctness, the FBI’s 2013 National Threat Assessment (published late last month) makes no reference whatsoever to Islamist terror threats despite last year’s Boston Marathon bombing, warnings about Middle East hackers attacking U.S. financial institutions, concerns about the domestic Somali community carrying out a repeat of the Kenya Mall attack, twice yearly reissuance of State department Worldwide Caution statements due to threats (including on the homeland) from al Qaeda and related organizations, calls by al Qaeda affiliates abroad for attacks on the homeland, calls by al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri for attacks on the U.S., warnings issued to different industry and trde groups on various Islamic terror group threats, dozens of DHS/FBI intelligence bullitens warning of still other Islamic terror organization threats, and repeated testmony before Congress by the FBI Director and the nation's top military and intelligence chiefs on the terror threats facing the homeland.
Counterterrorism raids were carried out in three Australian cities on Thursday following the development of solid intelligence that radical Muslims associated with the Islamic State movement were planning to behead at least one randomly selected member of the public in order to demonstrate the terror group's reach and to instill widespread fear.
In what is called the largest counter terrorism operation in Australian history, more than a dozen locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Logan were raided and 15 people detained. The arrests came just days after the country raised its terror warning to the second-highest level. AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of this threat level change last Friday afternoon.


- Al Qaeda's Quiet Plan to Outdo ISIS and Hit the U.S.

- Facts Counter Govt.’s Denial of ISIS on U.S/Mexcio Border

- 474 Illegals From Terror-Linked Countries Apprehended in 2014

As has been the case for over 12 years, AlertsUSA continues to closely monitor the overall domestic terrorism threat environment and will immediately notify service subscribers of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture, as events warrant..
AlertsUSA Service for Mobile Devices - ALLOW IMAGES

* Be One Of The First To Know When The SHTF.
* Get Away Early, Give Your Family Extra Safety.
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* On your Cell Phone, Tablet or Email.
* We Give The Clear Truth, Unlike the MSM.
* Over a Decade in Operation!

We are NOT part of the government.
In fact, they are our customers!


Ebola Medical Staff - ALLOW IMAGES

Obama Deploys 3000 Soldiers to W. Africa,
Ebola Crisis 'Vastly Underestimated'
Sept 20, 2014

Between Sept 15-19, 2014, AlertsUSA issued the following
related Flash message to subscriber mobile devices:
9/19 - CDC report due out next week warns computer models show W. Africa Ebola outbreak could spread to "hundreds of thousands" by the end of January. Developing...
9/16 - AlertsUSA Special Update on Ebola threat now available:
9/16 - Pres Obama announces establishment of mil command center in Liberia + deployment of 3000 US soldiers and CDC personnel to W Africa to assist in Ebola battle.
9/15 - CDC warning hospitals & doctors nationwide that "now is the time to prepare" for eventual Ebola outbreak in the US. AlertsUSA special report forthcoming.
What You Need to Know
On three occasions this week AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via text messages to their mobile devices regarding developments concerning the increasingly threatening Ebola outbreak.
On Monday, the CDC issued a warning to hospitals, clinics and doctors nationwide telling them bluntly that "now is the time to prepare", along with a six page checklist focusing on 3 key endeavors: to ensure hospitals are able to detect possible Ebola Virus Disease cases, protect their employees, and to respond appropriately (SEE THIS (PDF)).
On Tues, President Obama addressed the nation on the topic saying the United States will launch a major, military-led response to the outbreak. Quoting President Obama: ?If the outbreak is not stopped now, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of people infected with profound political, economic and security implications for all of us. It's spreading out of control" and ?We have to act fast.
Plans for U.S. military involvement include deployment of nearly 3000 U.S. soldiers as well as CDC personnel, establishment of an air bridge into the region for delivery of supplies and command center to coordinate the multinational response.
Despite the hoopla surrounding the President's announcement, the Obama Administration is being savaged within public health circles for ramping up a response far too late into the outbreak. Cases are now growing exponentially, there has been a collapse of security in multiple areas, borders are being closed, commercial airline flights into and through the region are a fraction of their normal tempo and entire national economies are beginning to retract. A black market has even emerged in West Africa trading the blood of Ebola survivors.
On Thursday, the UN Security Council held its first ever emergency meeting on a public health crisis, calling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a threat to global peace and security.
As of the Sept. 18, the World Health Organization puts the case count at more than 5300 and more than 2600 deaths, with the numbers doubling approximately every three weeks. This week the WHO Director General stated that these official numbers are 'vastly underestimated' and likely to be much higher given lack of medical facilities, misdiagnosis and unreported deaths.
EbolaReady Banner - ALLOW IMAGES
Previous AlertsUSA Threat Journal Ebola Coverage
Sept 17, 2014 - Special Ebola Update
Sept 14, 2014
August 30, 2014
August 23, 2014
August 16, 2014August 9, 2014
August 2, 2014
July 26, 2014
March 29, 2014

As always, AlertsUSA continues to closely monitor developments with the spread of this virus and will immediately notify service subscribers of major changes in its spread to different regions, important notices and warnings by government agencies or any other major changes in the overall threat environment as events warrant.

Travel Security Update
The U.S. Dept. of State is the authoritative federal source for information on the security situation at travel destinations worldwide. With tensions rapidly increasing in most regions, readers planning on international travel, even to such common destinations as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands, are strongly encouraged to do a little research on the security situation prior to departure.
Latest USGOV Travel Alerts and Warnings





See all USGOV Travel Alerts and Warnings HERE.





We have covered a number of traumatic mind control events that seem that have shaped our lives and have placed us in the position we find ourselves in today. It can be theorized that a PSYWAR project is underway similar to MK Ultra where things are being introduced gradually into the consensus reality that keep us fearful of our own judgment. Our confidence as a people has been shaken to its very core. Through terrorism, economic instability, and emotional upheaval, the leadership of the world hold the keys to our survival.

They most certainly believe that now they have all the answers and control all of the bogeymen we read about in the Middle East. The order of Satan and the monsters that follow the call of the demons are now here to give us nightmares of an apocalyptic nature as we can see in our minds eye the severed heads of their victims and the decaying carrion they leave behind when they arrive in small village killing women and children.
If it sounds frightening, it is supposed to. How else are we to realize just how much we need our leaders to save us from the apocalyptic doom on the horizon?
We create our own monsters in America, we breed our own vampires and we bring into the world terrifying viruses and diseases that we can cure as if by miracle and fight as if it were as elusive as an alien.
All of our crises that we are seeing coming at us are all by design. How we react will determine the outcome of the experiment. Many Americans are as ignorant as lab rats and they will do anything to find that last piece of cheese. But what if after all of our efforts we find that the cheese is poisoned?
No matter what headline I read today I could not help but see in bold type the words EBOLA or OUTBREAK. Every other stanza or paragraph reminded me that we are at war yet again. This time the war can be compared to an alien war as the enemy is thinking and moving plague that winds its way like a serpent through the fragile human form.
When one hears of great plagues one of the first things they think about is the plagues they have read about in religious texts. Out of nowhere strange viruses and parasites would arrive and kill a lot of people. Many of these plagues were either part of prophecy or called down by a prophet who sees his people as persecuted. A disease called down from heaven can be identified as a type of biological warfare.
Plagues and diseases were quite literally the first alien and demonic threats. The word alien defined is an unwanted aggressive attacker that becomes a parasite and eventually incapacitates or kills its host. There are many stories in both science fiction and nonfiction where it is reported that a plague or disease enters the body and gives it the appearance of being possessed.
For some time now we have been keeping the zombie apocalypse conversations and theories at bay. There was a moment where we could not help but hear of people losing their faculties and suddenly coming down with some mystery aliment that would change them mentally and physically.
In some cases we heard reports that many of those stricken with this mystery psychosis would resort to killing and either drinking the blood of their victim or eating their flesh.
Recently we were made aware of the shocking story of the Indiana man Joseph Oberhansley who got out of prison. He hooked up with woman and broke up with her and then killed her. Oberhansley is accused of killing ex-girlfriend Tammy Jo Blanton, and eating some of her organs, both raw and cooked, he already had a manslaughter conviction in Utah where he shot his 17 year old girlfriend, he served his time and then did this.
From news stories at home where the carnage piles up to stories in Africa of entire villages succumbing to Ebola, we are beginning to see how the so called Cull of humans is beginning. We are beginning to see the horrific thinning of the heard as animalistic behavior and uncontrollable blood diseases are now part of the unraveling process and the leading tool for establishing the New Dark Order.
There are so many conspiracy theories that are buzzing around the web that there is some sort of manufactured diseased that is going around. Some are called mysterious by the CDC while others are well known and are force multiplied and airborne.
Out of 5,000 people infected by Ebola in West Africa, 2,500 have died of the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said last Tuesday. To combat the situation, the US announced it would send thousands of military personnel to the region.
In a short speech given at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), President Barack Obama announced what he called “the largest international response in the history of the CDC.” The president said that although the possibility of an Ebola outbreak in the United States is “extremely low,” the epidemic is “spiraling out of control” in West Africa and requires a strong response.
It was reported in MSDS Online, a company that provided Material Safety Data Sheet information. that The primary Ebola strain being spread right now was bioengineered by the US Department of Defense & Tulane University with the knowledge and instruction p from pharma/biotech giants such as Monsanto, Alnylam, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Pfizer and a much smaller pharma company based out of Canada called Tekmira.
Now as I reported when Ebola first landed there are two Ebola strains that we are fighting. The two have been manufactured force multiplied and tested as weoponized diseases.
A known Ebola strain from Central-Africa was used as the base, and was bio-engineered to become a new hybrid respiratory illness (a combination of Ebola Virus & Lassa Hemorrhagic Fever, weoponized via Tulane University & USAMRIID at Fort Detrick, making it become a genetic variant of the original strain.
This bioengineered hybrid allowed for airborne human-to-human transmission, an extended incubation period to increase spread and threat, and a slightly toned down virility (to have the ideal initial wanted mortality rate of 40 percent.
A top German virologist has caused shockwaves by asserting that it’s too late to halt the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia and that five million people will die, noting that efforts should now be focused on stopping the transmission of the virus to other countries. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg told Germany’s Deutsche Welle that hope is all but lost for the inhabitants of Sierra Leone and Liberia and that the virus will only “burn itself out” when it has infected the entire population and killed five million people.
However it has been reported that Ebola can spread like a forest fire, once an area burns off and is contained, there may be several other areas that may see an outbreak.
Now we are sending 3000 troops to actually take part in what looks like a Zombie war. Troops will be sent to shoot people who cross borders or violate quarantines. They may even have to police the areas looking for illegal blood trading or selling.
Blood from survivors, referred to as convalescent serum, is said to have antibodies that can fight the deadly virus. Though unproven, it has provided some promise in fighting a disease with no approved drug to treat it. The World Health Organization say that studies suggest blood transfusions from survivors might prevent or treat Ebola virus infection in others, but the results of the studies are still difficult to interpret, It is not known whether antibodies in the plasma of survivors are sufficient to treat or prevent the disease. More research is needed.
Convalescent serum has been used to treat patients, including American aid worker Rick Sacra, who is hospitalized in Omaha, Nebraska. He got blood from Kent Brantly, a fellow American who survived Ebola. Both got infected when they were helping patients in Liberia.
The blood is highly valued now on the black market. However the blood market has no checks and balances and so what is claimed to be pure blood sold might have other diseases in it including HIV and AIDS.
Meanwhile here in the United States a strange respiratory virus is affecting people and it has now moved to 19 states. This rare virus strain, known as enterovirus 68, can cause severe breathing problems. There have now been 153 confirmed cases across the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But it is believed that many more people have the virus and that it will appear in additional states in the near future.
The theory and prevailing rumor is that this virus is the result of the mass border crossing of illegal’s that happened during the summer. Many of the children seeking asylum brought with with them diseases that have not been seen in the United States for some time.
Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, reported that the government has been “real tight-lipped” about the mysterious respiratory illness that has struck children in the United States, expressed concern that the illegal immigrant minors from Central America could be the source, and argued that the government should devote more resources to border security to combat the spread of disease.
Now, if something as mysterious or rare as Enterovirus 68 was brought here by these immigrant children, who knows what else they have brought with them. Should we be educating ourselves about Ebola and possible diseases that can be spread by these children?
What about the threat of drug resistant tuberculosis, hepatitis or cases of encephalitis or other diseases that if left unchecked can be deadly?
The warning had gone out before that the border crash would bring with it diseases and other things to this country that has not been seen in years. Now it seems it is all academic.
The winter is coming and with it comes the flu strains, and perhaps other diseases that we hope have not arrived in our country. It never hurts to be aware, ask questions and be alert.
The U.S. State Department has just put out a bid for 160,000 Ebola hazmat suits.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warning hospitals and doctors that “now is the time to prepare,” has issued a six-page Ebola “checklist” to help healthcare workers quickly determine if patients are infected.
While the CDC does not believe that there are new cases of Ebola in the United States, the assumption in the checklist is that it is only a matter of time before the virus hits home.
Let’s hope it doesn’t because it has no home here.





Turkey may welcome Muslim Brotherhood


Turkey may welcome Muslim Brotherhood brass after ouster from Qatar







Turkey Erdogan-1.jpg
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may welcome Muslim Brotherhood leaders, after they were kicked out of Qatar. (AP Photo) (The Associated Press)
They're pariahs in much of the Middle East, but the Muslim Brotherhood may find the welcome mat in Turkey, a NATO ally that nonetheless seems unmoved by regional and western pressure to shun the Islamist organization.
Kicked out of Egypt after a brief period in which it controlled Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood brass has lately sought refuge in Qatar. But on Sept. 13, under pressure from a number of neighboring Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar announced it will boot a number of senior Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a huge embarrassment for Qatar, which although a close U.S. ally, has long been the key international champion and significant funder of the Muslim Brotherhood cause as well as of the Al Nusra Front and, according to some reports, the Islamic State.
“Turkey is going to grant asylum to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.”- Benjamin Weinthal, Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Their next destination seems clear, and their agenda - the overthrow of secular leaders in Middle Eastern nations - remains the same, say observers.
“Turkey is going to grant asylum to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders,” Benjamin Weinthal, Europe-based research fellow at Washington’s Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told “The Muslim Brotherhood has already announced, according to reports, that they plan to use their refugee status in Turkey to destabilize... and try to overthrow Egypt’s [current] government. It’s startling, because you have a NATO member, Turkey, that will probably provide refuge to Muslim Brotherhood leaders who will seek to overthrow Egypt.
Qatar's move to expel the seven Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood figures, including its foreign affairs spokesman Amr Darragh, and secretary-general Mahmoud Hussein,  came as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was returning from a visit to the oil-rich nation. When he was asked if he had agreed to offer safe haven to the Muslim Brotherhood officials, he didn't say no.
“If they file a request to move to Turkey we will assess their situation and they can move to Turkey if there is no reason to prevent their entry,” Erdogan said.
It remains to be seen whether or not the Qatar-owned Al Jazeera TV network, extremely vocal in its support of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt and which has continued as a mouthpiece for the now Eygptian-designated terror organization, will maintain its pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance now that key figures in the group have been expelled from Doha, and Qatar is becoming increasingly isolated on the issue.
“Qatar and Turkey both gave sanctuary to the Muslim Brotherhood after it was ousted from Egypt, and both currently support the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas,” Eric Mandel wrote Thursday in the Jerusalem Post. “Hamas's overseas command center is based in Turkey, and the U.S. has been unable to persuade Turkey to stop Islamic State from selling oil on the Turkish black market. Paradoxically, Qatar and Turkey are considered by the American administration as strong allies in the war against Islamic extremism.”
Weinthal charges that Turkey is an unreliable partner for the U.S. and the west in its fight against the Islamic extremism.
“Erdogan has refused to join the current U.S.-driven coalition to eliminate the Islamic State from Iraq and Syria. Turkey is a recruitment center for Islamic State fighters,” Weinthal said. “When I was on the Turkey-Syria border at this time last year I saw how porous the border is, and how Turkey’s lax policy showed no real effort to enforce the border. I witnessed radical Islamists crossing into Syria on a regular basis.”
Making the picture potentially even more disturbing, as yet unverified reports this week from the Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet suggested that Interpol may have issued a red notice – effectively an international arrest warrant – for the seven Muslim brotherhood members.
If pressure from the U.S. – seeking to curry favor and rebuild ties with Egypt severely damaged by the Obama administration’s backing of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi – prompts Turkey to reconsider its harboring of the seven men ejected from Qatar, experts speculate that Libya, Kuwait or Tunisia could be possible destinations. There have also been suggestions that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders could head for Great Britain.
Despite significant British intervention alongside the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan since the turn of the century in the fight against international terror, and Prime Minster David Cameron’s recent powerful pledge to clamp down on Islamic extremists closer to home, Britain has long been acknowledged as a haven for various Middle Eastern terror groups. They have eagerly taken advantage of the democratic freedoms offered there.
Already, in light of the flight from Qatar of the seven senior Muslim Brotherhood figures, Egypt’s ambassador to Great Britain, Ashraf El-Kholy, has warned against the Muslim Brotherhood being allowed to expand its activities in London, where it has for some years had a European base of operations.
“The [Muslim Brotherhood] leadership here [in Britain] should be put under review by your side to be sure they have not incited things to be done in Egypt or in the Middle East,” El-Kholy told the London-based Telegraph earlier this week. “London can be a hub. They are planning activities, such as opening a TV station and newspapers here... that are part of their aims against us.”
For now though, Turkey appears set continue to provide a base for the Muslim Brotherhood, and Erdogan is unlikely to easily give up on his backing of the group having for so long nailed his colors to their mast. Paradoxically, the U.S. and NATO have come to rely on Turkey as a bridge to the East, which Weinthal called a mistake.
“Erdogan has incarcerated the most number of journalists in the world. He has passed the internet control law further eroding press freedoms and freedom of expression in Turkey, and he has directly and indirectly supported Islamic State on his border to dislodge Assad’s regime.”
Paul Alster is an Israel-based journalist. Follow him on Twitter @paul_alster and visit his website:



True the Vote

Automatic Voter Registration in Maryland?

Community agitators continued to turn heads in Maryland this week after a Montgomery County “Right to Vote Task Force” 59-point proposal started circulating ahead of its official hearing later this month. Among the highly partisan proposals floated for election law reform is the idea of automatic registration for all voters without a voter identification component. Simply put, if your information exists somewhere on a State of Maryland database – even though you are not currently a registered voter -- you would be automatically registered to vote and would be held in “pending” status until you signed and returned a postcard mailed to you. If your postcard landed in the wrong place, you’d better hope no one returned it for you without your knowledge and consent. The idea of “modernizing” voter registration policies is nothing new and can take shape in a number of ways. It’s important that as states opt to experiment with election reforms, they are concurrently held accountable to follow existing federal and state integrity procedures. A discussion of the Maryland matter was published this week on

Get Ready for National Voter Registration Day

We at True the Vote believe that registration, just like voting, should be easy to do and hard to cheat. September 23rd is National Voter Registration Day. If you have been working in your community to help neighbors become properly registered to vote ahead of the 2014 Election, now is the time to make that one final push before the books close in many states. TTV’s Summer of Registration website remains available for teams and leaders around the country to promote their voter registration drives. To get your registration event listed, email us!


Georgia Voter Registration Drama Continues

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office recently announced an extension of its investigation of a group that triggered complaints of voter registration fraud across the state this week and confirmed 25 fraudulent applications. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported: “the office needed more information from the New Georgia Project to confirm no more fraudulent forms existed — already, it has identified another 26 applications as suspicious. The state has extended a deadline for the group to get investigations [sic] such information through Sept. 26.” Read the full story here

Get Informed, Get Involved

The time is now to start getting re-engaged for the 2014 election. Every day it becomes clearer that we are on the front lines of an all-out battle to protect the integrity of American elections. It’s our duty as citizens to find where we can each make an impact. Election integrity must be preserved and protected before, during, and after votes are cast. So, our job is not limited to simply observing the polls on Election Day.

True the Vote is a nonprofit group; and in order for us to continue our mission, we need donations from those who support our work. No amount is too small to make a real difference. Please consider donating here

Legislation in the News


Vote by Mail bill AB 1873 was enrolled and presented to the governor. The bill would also authorize any jurisdiction conducting a special election wholly by mail to process vote by mail ballot return envelopes beginning 29 days before the election, and would authorize any jurisdiction in possession of the necessary computer capability to process vote by mail ballots on the 10th business day before the election, as specified.


Voter Registration bill HB 5788 was filed. This bill provides that a person may update the address on their driver's license without changing the address on their voter file and vice versa.

Same Day Registration HB 5789 was filed. This bill would allow eligible citizens to register and vote on Election Day.

South Dakota

Deceptive Practices bill HB 1074
 was signed by the governor. This bill prohibits campaigning, photography, or any manner that repeatedly distracts, interrupts, or intimidates any voter or election worker within 100 feet of a polling place. It prohibits the display of campaign materials meant to solicit any votes for or against any single person, party, or position.
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