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Why They Must Destroy Ben Carson


Black conservative Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is everything Barack Obama is not. That’s why he has to be destroyed.
In a desperate move, The Washington Post ran a more than 2,500-word article on Sunday warning Carson to stop criticizing Obama.
What were Carson’s crimes?
  • He offered “a conservative critique of U.S. health-care and spending policies, while standing a few feet from President Obama.”
  • “In the ensuing months and years, Carson’s attacks 
  • rew sharper—deriding Obama’s signature health-care law as the ‘worst thing to have happened in this nation since slavery’ and, in the pages of GQ, likening Obama to a ‘psychopath.’ Carson’s 2014 book, ‘One Nation,’ assails a decline of moral values in America and its government.”
Can you imagine anyone having the audacity to talk about moral decline in America under “America’s First Gay President,” as Newsweek described Obama?
The GQ attack on Carson was titled, “What If Sarah Palin Were a Brain Surgeon?” It was an outright smear of the black conservative.
Post said, “For many young African Americans who grew up seeing Carson as the embodiment of black achievement—a poor inner-city boy who became one of the world’s most accomplished neurosurgeons—his emergence as a conservative hero and unabashed critic of the United States’ first black president has been jarring.”
The paper went on: “Carson’s personal accomplishments—and the work he has done to help black communities—still garner respect and pride among African Americans. Yet, while he has been a conservative for as long as he has been famous, many worry that he risks eroding his legacy in their 
ommunity and transforming himself into a fringe political figure.”
Who are the “many?” The paper didn’t say. But some of them write for the Post.
We are told that the author of the piece, Robert Samuels, is a national political reporter who focuses on the intersection of politics, policy and people, and who previously covered social issues in the District of Columbia. The young man is quickly learning what it means to be a Post reporter. You have to protect Obama and attack his critics, especially if they’re black.
On the Web, the story ran under the headline, “As Ben Carson bashes Obama, many blacks see a hero’s legacy 
ade.” The hard copy edition carried the headline, “Admirers of Carson find his criticism of Obama troubling.” It ran in the Idaho Statesman under the headline, “As Obama bashing deepens, Ben Carson sees legacy fade.”
The message is that blacks in general—and Carson in particular—should not criticize Obama if they want favorable coverage from the Post.
The only admirer, Rev. Frank Reid of Bethel AME Church in Baltimore, was quoted as saying he found Carson’s conservatism “astounding.” Reid said, “But before we turn on the brother, we have to hear him out. As shocking as some of the things he’s said are, I would 
ather have a discussion than attack someone who has done respectful work.”
Rev. Frank Reid has a web page disclosing that as a “community leader,” he had such figures as the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Imam Wallace Dean Muhammad “to speak at or visit the churches he has pastored.” Reid is not shy about appearing in public with these “brothers,” many of whom have reputations as racial agitators.
But Carson will have to be dealt with in private before Reid and the others actually “turn on the brother.”
Carson understands he’s a target. During his presidential announcement, he mentioned that he plays 
ool with his wife, Candy, and that he usually beats her. He cautioned, “I should be careful. There’s media here and their headline will be, ‘Carson Admits He Beats His Wife.’”
Carson’s legacy includes the Carson Scholars Fund, a program that awards students with high levels of academic excellence and community service with $1,000 college scholarships. In total, more than 6,700 scholarships have been awarded across the country.
Carson’s mother, who divorced Carson’s father because he was a bigamist, required that he turn off the television and read two books a week. In the book, America the Beautiful, Carson said, “I didn’t hate Mother, 
ut in the beginning, I sure hated reading those books. After a while, however, I actually began to look forward to them, because they afforded me escape from our everyday poverty. There in the city, books about nature captivated me. My reading ability increased. I began to imagine myself as a great explorer or scientist or doctor. I learned things no one else around me knew. Every single day my knowledge of our world expanded, which excited me to no end.”
As a result, another part of his legacy is the Ben Carson Reading Project, responsible for over 120 reading rooms in schools across the country. He has explained that “…we work so hard to put our Reading Rooms 
articularly in inner city schools because I recognize that 70% – 80% of high school dropouts are functionally illiterate. If we can nip that in the bud and can get them interested reading in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade you are going to have a positive effect on that downstream.”
For his success in life, Carson credits his mother and several “mentors, inspirers, and influencers,” that he discusses in a chapter of his book called, Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence. Carson openly credits those who helped make him a success. These include:
  • illiam Jaeck, his fifth grade science teacher
  • Frank McCotter, his high school biology teacher
  • Lemuel Doakes, his band director
  • Aubrey Tompkins, the choir director at the church he attended while going to Yale
Carson describes Tompkins as his mentor, father figure, and teacher of spiritual values.
Obama’s father was absent from his life as well. However, we have known since 2008, when he was running for his first term as president, that Obama grew up under the influence of communist Frank Marshall Davis, picked by his grandfather to be a father figure. Oba
a never disavowed Davis and in fact covered up this person’s involvement in his life, describing him merely as “Frank.” That way, people would not find out that he had been influenced by a black communist who was so extreme he even faulted “European shoes” for making his feet hurt.
In contrast to Tompkins, Davis was an atheist. Davis was also a pedophile and pornographer.
The chapter of Carson’s book on mentors is preceded by a quotation from historian Henry Brooke Adams: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
America’s survival may depend on ending Obama’s 
nfluence on this nation sooner rather than later. We know the story. After being mentored by Davis, Obama went off to college and, by his own admission, associated with the Marxist professors and went to socialist conferences. This was not surprising. After all, he had been “schooled” by Davis on the horrors of white racism and the need to fight the oppressors. Davis had told young Obama that black people “have reason to hate.”
Obama has performed as he was taught, leaving a legacy of strife and division. Nevertheless, he is the hero to the liberal media and Carson is the villain.
The American people would never have voted for Obama 
f the media had told the truth about the influences on his life.
By contrast, we know the truth about how Carson, as a medical doctor, saved lives and how he has saved many others through his humanitarian work. He truly did “Think Big” and by doing so has made a tremendous positive difference.
In his own way, Obama was also a big thinker. The irony is that he has clearly made things worse for the blacks he purports to be concerned about. It is another indication that Obama is truly not a “brother” to his people. Instead, he has made them into cannon fodder

Texas: Muslims Refuse to Condemn Islamic Blasphemy Law (video)


Texas: Muslims Refuse to Condemn Islamic Blasphemy Law (video)

Do you stand with Islam’s prophet or do you stand with freedom and liberty? h/t Europe News

As Diana West puts it: Clash of Civilizations in a Nutshell.
Kudos to Tom Trento’s United West for this critically important series of man-on-the-street interviews with Muslims attending the recent “Stand with the Prophet” convention in Garland, Texas. It is no spoiler to reveal that on being asked to condemn the Islamic blasphemy law, not a single Muslim interviewed would do so. It really has to be seen to be believed.
Islamic blasphemy law is Ground Zero in the clash between Islam and the West. It is also the mechanism of Islam’s totalitarian command over its folllowers.
Islamic blasphemy law is also wholly and utterly at odds — no, at war — with Western standards, Western norms, regarding life on earth as an individual with God-given rights and protected liberties. Such rights and liberties include, of course, the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience. This is where we in the West are “coming from” — the sharia-enforcing media excepted — endowed by our Creator with rights and liberties outside the control of religious and state authority.
Islam, a collectivist combine of religious, state and legal authority, neither recognizes nor permits any such rights and liberties for its followers — or, as it is able to project its power, on anyone else. Instead, Islam commands allegiance to its prophet and god on pain of death.
This is as alien a concept as it gets to the Westerner. Death for leaving Islam (“apostasy”)? Death for criticizing (“blaspheming”) a religion? But this is the foundation of Islam — as no less an Islamic light than Yusef al-Qaradawi recently declared: “If they [Muslims] had gotten rid of the punishment [often death] for apostasy, Islam would not exist today.”
Let’s face it: There is nothing “American” about a belief system in which silence is the price of survival.
A direct result of mass Muslim immigration – legal and illegal – and importation to the U.S. that is continuing unabated. It’s going to get much, much worse.

Federal Judge Spanks Obama Administration, Refuses to Lift Ban on Executive Amnesty

"U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen has refused to lift his stay blocking Barack Obama's executive order to hand unlawful amnesty to millions of illegal aliens..." 

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen has refused to lift his stay blocking Barack Obama’s executive order to hand unlawful amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, and simultaneously slapped down the actions of the Administration’s lawyers in no uncertain terms.

In an unexpected late night Tuesday ruling,  the Federal Judge sided with the State of Texas and 25 other states that are suing to stop the executive action that would grant legal status to at least 5 million illegal aliens.
He also issued what The Washington Examiner called “a scathing rebuke” to Obama’s lawyers for “misleading” him, and the angry judge “came very near to accusing administration lawyers of flat-out lying to him,”  according to Byron York from the Washington Examiner.
The administration’s assertions in the immigration case have been “misleading,” “troublesome,” and “belied by the facts,” Hanen wrote. “Any number of federal judges, given this misconduct, would consider striking the government’s pleadings.”
The Washington Examiner article notes that Judge Hanen even went so far as to characterize the actions and assertions of Obama’s legal team as “fabrications, misstatements, half-truths, artful omissions….”
Judge Andrew S. Hanen, who first halted the amnesty just two days before it was to take effect, said he’s even more convinced of his decision now, particularly after the President earlier this year said he intends for his policies to supersede federal laws. Hanen referred to Obama’s comments at a February town hall when the president warned immigration agents to adhere to his policies or else face “consequences.”
Hanen’s move, if not reversed by a higher court, could delay any further amnesty actions until Obama leaves office, which could derail Democrats’ efforts to get illegal aliens to the voting booth in 2016.  On April 17th, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear arguments about lifting Hanen’s preliminary injunction.
Twenty six states have sued the federal government claiming that Obama’s amnesty would cause irreparable harm and financial loss to their state if the executive action continues. In late February, Hanen granted a preliminary injunction requested by the states seeking to halt the implementation of Obama’s executive order, based on an obscure area of administrative law; Obama did not give the required public notice of his plans.
The judge could also cancel more than 100,000 deportation deferrals of illegal aliens — which Obama attorneys lied to the judge to conceal — and order radical changes to the way Obama’s DHS handles future immigration cases.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has vowed to continue to “vigorously oppose the president’s illegal amnesty plan in court.”  The case could go on for many more months, as it weaves its way through the system.

Amnesty on Roids

 Obama's executive amnesty has already been determined to be unlawful and unconstitutional. US District Judge Andrew Hanen placed an injunction against the Obama administration concerning its illegal executive amnesty back in March and continued to uphold it into April, even though the administration sought an appeal. Now, the administration admits to violating the order by approving at least 2,000 illegal alien applications for amnesty.
The Washington Times reports:
President Obama's lawyers admitted to a federal judge late Thursday that they had broken the court's injunction halting the administration's new deportation amnesty, issuing thousands of work permits even after Judge Andrew S. Hanen had ordered the program stopped.

The stunning admission, filed just before midnight in Texas, where the case is being heard, is the latest misstep for the administration's lawyers, who are facing possible sanctions by Judge Hanen for their continued problems in arguing the case.

The Justice Department lawyers said Homeland Security, which is the defendant in the case, told them Wednesday that an immigration agency had approved about 2,000 applications for three-year work permits, which was part of Mr. Obama's new amnesty, even after Judge Hanen issued his Feb. 16 injunction halting the entire program.

Top Obama officials, including Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, had repeatedly assured Congress they had fully halted the program and were complying with the order.
So, we have criminals admitting to their crimes and continue to walk the streets, collect their paychecks and thumb their nose at the judge without consequence.
Judge Hanen has already threatened the attorneys with sanctions for committing perjury in his court after they admitted that more than 100,000 amnesty applications had already been approved illegally. Will he now make good on those threats?
Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) said, "The last time I checked, injunctions are not mere suggestions. They are not optional. This disregard for the court's action is unacceptable and disturbing, especially after Secretary Johnson's assurances that his agency would honor the injunction."
In a letter to Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson, Grassley asked why DHS approved 100,000 applications for expanded deferred action before February 18, 2015, even though the Department told a federal court that it would not implement Obama's executive order expanding the deferred deportation program before that date. He also referenced the numerous times the attorneys were not honest about the department's activities.
As a result, Grassley requested the following:
  1. All communications within or between DHS and USCIS relating to the implementation of the policies set forth in Secretary Johnson's November 20, 2014, DHS Directive, including, but not limited to, communications regarding the timing of such implementation.
  2. All communications between the White House and DHS or USCIS relating to the implementation of the policies set forth in Secretary Johnson's November 20, 2014, DHS Directive, including, but not limited to, communications regarding the timing of such implementation.
  3. All instructions and memoranda sent to USCIS Field Offices, USCIS personnel involved in the processing of DACA initial application, renewal, and work authorization forms (such as I-821D and I-765), and/or USCIS Directorates and Program Offices concerning implementation of the DHS Directive, including, but not limited to, the timing of such implementation.
  4. All questions or comments DHS or USCIS received from any DHS or USCIS personnel concerning the scope or implementation of the DHS Directive, including, but not limited to, questions or comments concerning the timing of such implementation.
  5. All communications within or between DHS and USCIS relating to the potential or actual effects of the States' lawsuit on the implementation of the DHS Directive, and any actions to be taken in response. 10 Order 2-3, ECF No. 226. 11 Order 3, 6, ECF No. 226. 12 Sarah Flores and Cameron Langford, Judge in Immigration Case Questions Trust in Obama, COURTHOUSE NEWS SERVICE, Mar. 19, 2015. Secretary Johnson and Director Rodriguez April 27, 2015 Page 4 of 4
  6. All communications between the White House and DHS or USCIS relating to the potential or actual effects of the States' lawsuit on the implementation of the DHS Directive, and any actions to be taken in response.
  7. Any reports or other data to or from USCIS Field Offices, USCIS personnel involved in the processing of DACA applications or renewals, and/or USCIS Directorates and Program Offices documenting grants of three-year DACA approvals and work authorizations --for both initial applications and renewals-- from November 20, 2014 through February 18, 2015.
  8. All communications between DHS or USCIS and the Justice Department concerning when USCIS would begin implementing the DHS Directive, including, but not limited to, when USCIS would begin granting three-year DACA periods for both new applications and renewals.
According to the letter, that information is supposed to be supplied to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Monday, May 11.
For Judge Hanen's part, The Times reported, "Judge Hanen said he was surprised that the three-year applications were being approved, since he thought the administration had told him none of the new program was in effect."
Obama attorney's said apologized for leaving a wrong impression, but said it wasn't their intent to mislead.
Intent is not the issue here. Actions are. Actions are punishable. Intentions are not.
It seems to me that these lawyers will not learn a lesson unless they are dealt with judicially and promptly arrested and charged. Furthermore, the criminals surrounding the criminal-in-chief will not learn either unless justice is brought swiftly upon them. This is the reason their crimes continue to be more blatant.
While he's at it, I hope Judge Hanen will also deal with the issue of the usurper-in-chief's fraudulent social security number, which he also had documents on in his possession.



The shooting death of two Mississippi police officers Saturday night during a traffic stop in Hattiesburg prompted a statewide manhunt that led to the arrests of three suspects, according to officials.
Officer Benjamin Deen,34, had stopped a 2000 Gold Cadillac Escalade in an industrial part of the city at around 8:30 p.m. local time Saturday, said Warren Strain, a spokesman for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. Officer Liquori Tate, 25, arrived afterward to assist him, shots were fired, and both officers were wounded.
Strain said both officers died of their injuries at a hospital. The officers’ deaths are reportedly the first for the Hattiesburg police force in 30 years.
Strain said law enforcement agencies across the state launched a manhunt for the perpetrators, leading to the arrests of three suspects:  26-year-old Curtis Banks, his 29-year-old brother Marvin Banks, and 22-year-old Joanie Calloway.

Marvin Banks and Calloway have each been charged with two counts of capital murder, and Banks' brother Curtis has been charged with two counts of accessory after the fact of capital murder.
Strain says Marvin Banks was also charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm and  with grand theft for fleeing in the police cruiser after the shooting.
He said officers arrested the three Hattiesburg residents at different locations overnight without resistance following Saturday night's deadly shooting.
Because authorities said the three were being held at undisclosed jails in the state, they could not be reached for comment. It was not immediately known if they had acquired lawyers.
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant released a statement saying he was "mourning" the loss of the officers.
"This should remind us to thank all law enforcement for their unwavering service to protect and serve.  May God keep them all in the hollow of his hand," Bryant said.
The Hattiesburg American reports that Curtis Banks was brought to the Mississippi Highway Patrol Troop J headquarters Sunday at around 3 a.m. local time. His brother Marvin Banks was arrested about two hours earlier.
The Jackson Clarion-Ledger reported that as reporters were asking Curtis Banks if he had shot two of the Hattiesburg patrolmen, he blurted out “no sir, I didn’t do it.”
"All I know right now is that there was a traffic stop and someone started shooting at them and both of the officers were struck," Lt. Jon Traxler, a police department spokesman, said Saturday night. He said he didn't know how many shots were fired, or exactly by whom, adding that was now part of the investigation.
Traxler said the state's chief law enforcement agency, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, had taken up the probe of the shooting.  
Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree told the Clarion-Ledger he lamented the deaths.
"The men and women who go out every day to protect us, the men and woman who go out every day to make sure that we're safe, they were turned on (Saturday) night," DuPree said outside Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, where the officers were taken.  
The Clarion-Ledger reports Tate was a recent police academy graduate, while Deen was a K-9 officer who had been honored as the department's "Officer of the Year" in 2012.
Hattiesburg resident Tamika Mills was quoted by The Clarion-Ledger as saying some bystanders came upon the officers on the ground, and that one of the officers asked "... `Am I dying? I know I'm dying. Just hand me my walkie-talkie,"' Mills told the paper.
She added, according to the account, that seeing the officers down was "shocking and heartbreaking."
The last Hattiesburg police officer killed in the line of duty was Sgt. Jackie Dole Sherrill, who died on New Year's Eve in 1984, according to police department records. Sherrill, 33, was gunned down as she attempted to serve a warrant on a suspect.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Government Protection against terrorism for Americans doesn’t exist anymore

By Judi McLeod -- Bio and Archives  May 10, 2015

It isn’t that Mohammed Cartoon Contest organizer Pamela Geller is getting no protection against ISIS terrorists who threaten her life that should matter most.  It’s that she—and every other American citizen—can no longer count on protection against Islamic terrorism from the uncaring President Barack Obama administration.
In a world where Islamic threats like: “we will send all our Lions to achieve her (Geller’s) slaughter,” go unanswered and where a president dubs nicknames like “JV”  to terrorists, citizens who go about their daily lives are on their own.
Protection against terrorism for citizens doesn’t live in the U.S. any more.
Obama has opened the door wide to world caliphate-obsessed Islamic terrorists, some of whom are only waiting for the most opportune moment to strike from sleeper cells on American soil, while he has loudly slammed the door on protecting American citizens under dire Islamic threat.
To Obama and his legion of supporters, Islamic terrorists are not the enemy, Pamela Geller and any others who dare to take a public stand against Islamic terrorism are. 
What happened in Garland, Texas, one week ago today underlines that Islamic terrorism was facing strong and strident resistance to its attempted bold theft of First Amendment rights from Americans, until Obama gave it the right to proceed.

Unfortunately the ‘Nobody’s Home’ message doesn’t stop with the FBI

To patriots like Pamela Geller, free speech is everything and worth fighting for even in the face of the threatened unleashed ravening lions of blood thirsty Islamic terrorism.
But free speech is nothing but a fading fantasy under Obama rule because Free speech is now only defined by what Obama and Company dictate it to be.
With open threats of setting ravening lions on the loose notwithstanding,  nobody’s home at the FBI.
Impersonal voices will answer the phone and will take your message.  But no one ever gets back to anybody seeking help, no matter how desperate the need of the caller.
In the America of today, only the citizenry are on terrorism alert, and only the elite, including ex-presidents, wannabe presidents and Obama’s personal Rasputin Valerie Jarrett seem to rate security detail.
Unfortunately the ‘Nobody’s Home’ message doesn’t stop with the FBI.
The NSA and TSA are no longer sussing out terrorists but spying on and building data banks on the citizenry at large.

Professional agitators in Ferguson and Baltimore

Worst of all, politically motivated professional agitators in Ferguson and Baltimore have made it open season on police, to whom the citizenry has long looked to for protection.  Two young Mississippi police officers were shot and killed yesterday by two thugs on the day after 25-year-old NYPD Brian Moore, shot and killed while on duty, was laid to rest.
With Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson still in the arena, and while Obama looks the other way, there will be more police deaths to come.
The Fundamental Transformation of America has left the republic vulnerable to assaults from all sides and with the way things are going, pretty soon the message from America that dominates will be: ‘Nobody home but us activists and terrorists’.
Meanwhile, a complicit-with-Democrats mainstream media will continue to argue that Pamela Geller provoked Islamic terrorism on her brave stand in defense of free speech.
But there’s no arguing that while in Garland, Texas, last Sunday Pamela Geller laid bare for all to see that the only argument against the tyranny of radical Islamic terrorism comes not from the Obama administration but from a handful of brave citizens and the careful aim of police.

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 263 Symbolism In Cinema with Robert W. Sullivan


10 Quotes That Reveal Barack Obama’s Obsession With A Palestinian State

10 Quotes That Reveal Barack Obama’s Obsession With A Palestinian State
Posted: 07 Apr 2015 06:36 PM PDT
Obama Thinking - Public Domain 
Barack Obama is absolutely obsessed with getting the Jewish people and the Palestinians to agree to a peace deal which will permanently divide the land of Israel between those two peoples.  Barack Obama insists that such an agreement will bring permanent peace to the region, even though no previous agreement between the Jewish people and the Palestinians has lasted very long at all.  We are just told to believe that the creation of a Palestinian state will somehow cause terror groups such as Hamas to totally forsake their goal of obliterating the Jewish state and pushing all Jewish people living there into the Mediterranean Sea.  For Obama, this has become personal.  He wants to cement his legacy as a great “peacemaker” by being the president that succeeded where all presidents before him have failed.  He wants to be the one that delivers the West Bank and Gaza into the hands of the Palestinians, and he has about 20 months left to do it.  The recent election victory of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a blow to those plans, but Obama is not about to give up.  In fact, Obama administration officials are now hinting that they may back a plan for a declaration of a Palestinian state at the United Nations – thus bypassing negotiations with Israel completely.  Whether by hook or by crook, Obama seems absolutely determined to make the Palestinian dream a reality.  The following are 10 quotes that reveal Barack Obama’s obsession with a Palestinian state…
#1 “Negotiations will be necessary, but there’s little secret about where they must lead: two states for two peoples”
#2 “And I think everybody understands the outlines of what a peace deal would look like, involving a territorial compromise on both sides based on ‘67 lines with mutually agreed upon swaps, that would ensure that Israel was secure but would also ensure that the Palestinians have a sovereign state in which they can achieve the aspirations that they’ve held for so long.”
#3 “The only way for Israel to endure and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable Palestine”
#4 “Neither occupation nor expulsion is the answer. Just as Israelis built a state in their homeland, Palestinians have a right to be a free people in their own land.”
#5 “Let me be clear: The United States strongly supports the goal of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security. That is a goal shared by Palestinians, Israelis, and people of goodwill around the world. That is a goal that the parties agreed to in the road map and at Annapolis. That is a goal that I will actively pursue as President of the United States.”
#6 “…we continue to believe that a two-state solution is the only way for the long-term security of Israel, if it wants to stay both a Jewish state and democratic”
#7 “It is not fair that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of her own, and lives with the presence of a foreign army that controls the movements of her parents every single day.”
#8 “None of us are under any illusion that this would be easy.  As I said in my speech this morning, it has already entailed significant political risk by President Abbas, as well as Prime Minister Netanyahu.  But I think the reason that they’ve been willing to take those risks is they realize this is the best way, the only way, for us to achieve what should be our goal:  two states living side-by-side in peace and security.  It’s right for Palestinian children.  It’s right for Israeli children.”
#9 “Just as the Israeli people have the right to live in the historic homeland of the Jewish people, the Palestinian people deserve the right to self-determination. Palestinian children have hopes and dreams for their future and deserve to live with the dignity that can only come with a state of their own.”
#10 “The only solution is a democratic, Jewish state living side-by-side in peace and security with a viable, independent Palestinian state. ”
The rest of Obama’s minions seem almost equally as determined to see a Palestinian state established.
For example, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough recently called Israel’s presence in the West Bank “an occupation”
“The United States will never stop working for a two-state solution and a lasting peace that Israelis and Palestinians so richly deserve,” he said.
McDonough then described the alternate to a two-state agreement: a one-state solution based on unilateral annexation and abandonment of democratic rights for Palestinians that, he warned, “would only contribute to Israel’s further isolation.” In other words, he said, more divestment, boycotts and efforts to delegitimize Israel in the international community.
An occupation that has lasted more than 50 years must end,” McDonough said, one of several times he brought the crowd to its feet.
And State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki says that the Obama administration is “not going to prejudge what we would do if there was a U.N. action” on a Palestinian state.  This represents a massive shift in policy from previous administrations.  The following comes from the Los Angeles Times
The U.S. would “reevaluate our approach” based on Netanyahu’s “change in his position,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters as the president flew to Cleveland to deliver a speech on economic policy.
State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki raised the possibility that the reevaluation could include a shift in position at the U.N. She avoided the usual U.S. language about vetoing Security Council resolutions that Israel opposes.
“The prime minister’s recent statements call into question his commitment to a two-state solution,” Psaki told reporters. “We’re not going to prejudge what we would do if there was a U.N. action.”
But in order for there to be a permanent peace, you have got to have two sides that want a permanent peace.
Unfortunately, that simply is not the case.
The following are the results of some surveys that have been taken of the Palestinian people in recent years…
-Only 34 percent of Palestinians believe that a “two state solution” is the answer to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
-58 percent of Palestinians prefer “armed struggle” over “engagement with Israel”.
-73 percent of Palestinians agree with the hadith quoted in the Hamas Charter that talks about killing Jews.
-62 percent of Palestinians support kidnapping Israeli soldiers and holding them hostage.
-Only 12 percent of Palestinians agree that official maps, documents and school textbooks should show the name “Israel”.
-Two-thirds of Palestinians believe that the eventual goal of the Palestinians must be “to get back all the land for a Palestinian state”.
If a Palestinian state is considered to be just an intermediate step to the liberation of all of “Palestine”, what kind of “permanent peace” is that?
Right now, the Palestinians are a divided people.  The Gaza strip is governed by Hamas, which is a terror organization devoted to the utter destruction of the nation of Israel.  The following are a few quotes from the Hamas Charter…
-“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”
-“The land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf [Holy Possession] consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgment Day. No one can renounce it or any part, or abandon it or any part of it.”
-“The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews [and kill them]; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”
Remember, the people of the Gaza strip willingly chose Hamas to govern them.
How in the world are the Jewish people supposed to believe that lasting peace is possible with an organization that is absolutely obsessed with their destruction?
It simply does not make any sense.
Before I wrap up this article, I want to share a photo with you.  It is a photo of Malik Obama (Barack Obama’s brother), and he is wearing a Hamas scarf.  On one side of the scarf is written a well-known Palestinian slogan: “Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!”  On the other side of the scarf there is a map of “Palestine” along with the following slogan: “From the River to the Sea!”  Remember, this photograph that you are looking at is of Barack Obama’s own brother…
Malik Obama
Does Barack Obama secretly share his brother’s beliefs?
Ultimately, I believe that we will eventually see the establishment of a Palestinian state.
But the “peace” that is achieved will be very short-lived.
So what do you think?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…





5/8/15-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

1 day ago · 113 minutes
Would it have been so hard for President Obama to attend the event in DC commemorating the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day?

CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist


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