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The Glorious Moment Ann Coulter Left Liberal Hosts of ‘The View’ Tongue-Tied


How could the clueless airheads on The View think that inviting Ann Coulter on would end well for them? It’s like morons going 10 rounds with Einstein. Maybe that’s Mark Steyn, but I digress. Coulter shredded them in nothing flat. She body slammed Raven-Symone into a bloody pulp verbally and it was magnificent. Coulter is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with anyone out there. The show got intense and Coulter doubled-down. She’s a one-topic woman and gets the subject of illegal immigration exactly right. Coulter embarrassingly obliterated these Marxist twits. You just have to admire how Coulter takes down her enemies… she’s brutally efficient.
From TheBlaze:
Ann Coulter surely knew she was entering hostile territory when she agreed to appear on “The View” as a guest, but she’s never been afraid to take her critics head-on.
Predictably, she was confronted by a hostile panel of co-hosts on Friday when the topic turned to the divisive issue of illegal immigration. But one exchange in particular is likely set for viral status.
Co-host Raven-Symone, who came under fire last week when she admitted to being “very discriminatory” against people with exotic names, asked Coulter why she can’t keep her mouth shut if she “doesn’t have anything nice to say.”
Coulter quickly replied, “Well, I’m at least talking about policy. You have a position on what people’s names should be — Watermelandrea. You’ll insult people for their names.”
“I’m talking about a government policy that affects all Americans and immigrants and the people living here. And it’s harming our country,” Coulter continued, accusing the co-host of not following her own advice.
Seemingly tongue-tied and frustrated, Raven-Symone started to respond, but then dismayingly said “OK” and turned away from the discussion.
Coulter also received strong responses when she argued the majority of illegal immigrants are poor welfare recipients and the U.S. can’t even take care of its own poor.
“We don’t need to be importing other countries’ poor people,” she said.
The majority of illegal immigrants are destitute. They come here for the freebies. Cut off the freebies and many of them would not bother to make the trek. We are not taking care of our own poor. We have over 100 million out of work in this country and yet we give billions of dollars away to other countries; take in illegal immigrants by the millions for cheap labor and Marxist votes; and bring in hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees to terraform the nation politically… we are beyond broke and this erasure of our borders eradicates our sovereignty as a nation. We don’t need anymore immigrants flowing in. In fact, we should institute a five year moratorium on all immigration, until we devise a way to see who is coming and going and how to track them once they are here. We also need to profile and background check these people. We need to deport the law breakers. Trump has it right and that is why he leads the field. America is demanding an end to open borders and the influx of immigrants and refugees into America. >






    Obed Bapela, a deputy minister of South Africa's ruling ANC party, did not mix words in his criticism of the court. "Whilst at the same time, we are saying ... prevention of genocide, promotion of human rights remain foremost on our agenda, however the ICC has lost its direction, it is no longer an instrument that operates freely and fairly for every member," he noted, adding that the court's most powerful members "trample" human rights and pursue "selfish interests." Without naming names, Bapela concluded that there are "powerful nations that are refusing to be members of the ICC and yet they have unfettered powers particularly in the UN Security Council."

    Of the five UN Security Council permanent members, only the United Kingdom and France are members of the ICC; neither Russia nor the US have ratified the Rome Statute that brought the court into existence in 2002 and China is not even a signatory. As has been noted by others, the idea of an "International Criminal Court" that does not include the United States during an era where the US--formerly led by convicted war criminals like George Bush and Dick Cheney and currently led by a President with his own extrajudicial assassination list--has waged illegal war of aggression after illegal war of aggression and engaged in torture, wrongful imprisonment, kidnapping and a potpourri of other international crimes makes of the court little more than a joke.

    Bapela's blunt assessment of the ICC and its failings were backed up by South African President Jacob Zuma, who delivered similarly scathing remarks about the court in a speech on Monday. “In the eyes of the African leaders, the ICC is biased," he said. "Only Africans they are interested in. This is what has made Africa feel we need to relook at our participation. It looks like it is just meant for us."

    Zuma's perception is backed up by the court's record. In its 13 years of existence it has only ever prosecuted Africans, and visitors to the court's own website will be immediately by a graphic showing that every single one of the court's nine current, active investigations are taking place in Africa. Indeed, there is nothing at all in the court record to demonstrate that the ICC is anything other than a tool of neocolonial aggression.

    Unsurprisingly, this has not stopped a flood of editorials from the usual establishment media outlets in the West chiding South Africa for its criticisms of the ICC like a schoolmarm scolding her students. Of course the court isn't biased, these editorials argue, and even if they are that's a case for extending the reach of the court, not withdrawing from it. This isn't really about the court's vendetta against Africa, they say, it's about the ICC's ongoing investigation of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir's trip to South Africa this past summer for an African Union summit.

    What these editorials reveal--more than the smarmy, condescending haughtiness of their authors, that is--is that the neocolonial aggressors are worried that the withdrawal of South Africa from the ICC will begin an exodus of African nations from the court. The ICC, already suffering from a legitimacy crisis, could be reduced to total irrelevance if South Africa's departure started the ball rolling for other African countries, or even the African Union as a whole, to boycott the court.

    That the ICC has arrived in this situation should be no surprise that the lip service that the court gives to the pursuit of justice for the gravest crimes is just that: lip service. The court has only ever been intended for two purposes.

    Firstly, it is as a weapon to be used against the targets of NATO aggression. Witness, for example, ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo's threat to try Gaddafi for feeding Viagra to his troops in order to fuel rapes of his own citizens. That such cartoonish propaganda made its way to the ICC's prosecutor's office before basic investigation showed it to be a complete hoax speaks volumes about the rigor with which the court will pursue NATO's enemies.

    Secondly, the court is intended to set the precedent for a system of "international justice" that has been the apple of the globalist's eye since its very inception. Wearing the cloak of "justice" and appealing to humanity's nobler instincts, the purpose of such a system has always been the consolidation of the arbitration process (and its enforcement) in the hands of the well-connected global elite that has backed the concept since the beginning. This is not conspiracy theory but openly acknowledged history.

    The modern concept of an international rule of law was birthed in the wake of World War I. After witnessing the carnage of the "Great War" and the mechanized destruction of entire nations--destruction that was planned and brought about, as usual, by well-connected political elite in the centers of political and financial power--those same well-connected elite enacted their plan to provide a "solution" to the problem of global warfare: global justice. This idea was articulated in the last of Woodrow Wilson's "Fourteen Points" where he called for "A general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike." This was the seed of what was to become the United Nations forerunner, the ill-fated League of Nations.

    Although we are taught in our history classes that the League of Nations was Woodrow Wilson's baby, the Council on Foreign Relations openly admits that Wilson was merely handled by bankster middleman "Colonel" Edward Mandell House and that the League was in fact championed by Elihu Root (JP Morgan's lawyer and CFR founder). When it became evident that the shell shock of WWI was insufficient to get Americans to give up their sovereignty to the globalists, the British conspirators formed the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Americans incorporated the CFR to work toward their shared goal of a new global order.

    In the wake of WWII, the globalists had their next chance at establishing the framework of that order. The Nuremberg trial was sold to the public as a chance to conduct a fair an impartial international tribunal that would not merely be an example of "victor's justice." What resulted at Nuremberg (and the Tokyo trials) was victor's justice of the most blatant kind.

    Buried in with the expected rhetoric about justice and the rule of law were startlingly frank admissions that the trials would not obey even the most basic rules of evidence. Article 19 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, for instance, states categorically: "The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and non-technical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to have probative value."

    The prosecuting parties (i.e. the victors) took full advantage of the kangaroo court nature of these trials to pursue their own agendas. The Soviets, for instance, attempted to blame the Nazis for the Katyn Forest massacre, a massacre that they later acknowledged committing themselves.
    This should hardly be surprising given the trial's pedigree. Henry L. Stimson, CFR director and Roosevelt's Secretary of War, is credited as the one who drafted the plan for what became the Nuremberg Trials. He then propagandized them as a "Landmark in Law" for the CFR in their publication, Foreign Affairs. The legal basis for the trials was largely devised by US Army Colonel Murray Bernays who, oh by the way, was the brother-in-law of Edward Bernays, godfather of the modern era of propaganda.

    Still, the "ideal" of impartial international justice was enshrined and Nuremberg was henceforth taught to generations of impressionable schoolchildren as the shining example of Allied righteousness.

    It was this ideal that George H.W. Bush drew on for his infamous "New World Order" speech of September 11, 1990:

    We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge: a new era—freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and live in harmony. A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we've known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.

    The irony, of course, is that Bush was delivering the speech as an example of American righteousness in pursuing the First Gulf War, a war that we now know was based on the same fabric of ridiculous, cartoonish propaganda lies that are used to justify seemingly every war.

    This irony is not coincidental. It is no accident that international tribunals and the ICC are always used to prosecute the enemies of the strongest nations on the planet. The concept of international justice, a concept outlined by CFR members and those of their ilk, is nothing other than an attempt to extend the system of injustice that they control in their own countries across the globe as a whole.

    As for the ICC, the ANC will now take the resolution to withdraw from the court to the South African parliament. Given the ANC's 60% majority, the results of that vote should be a foregone conclusion. And in a further sign that the African Union as a whole might not be far behind, the AU announced last month that they would be setting up their own war crimes court for South Sudan outside the purview of the ICC. Given the fact that they have literally never prosecuted anyone on any other continent and that every one of their active investigations are currently underway in Africa, the secession of Africa from the court would almost assuredly relegate the ICC to utter irrelevance.

    The history of the twentieth century was in many ways the history of the development of the idea of "international justice." A victor's justice wielded like a club by the imperial powers of our day (and the oligarchical interests behind them) to beat back any would-be competitors on the world stage. The same coterie of insiders and globalists who brought that system to its fruition with the creation of the ICC in 2002 hoped that the history of the 21st century would be the consolidation of that system of control in their hands. It still may be.

    But now, with South Africa threatening to withdraw and the African Union potentially not that far behind, we may be witnessing a derailing of that plan. Fingers crossed.







FREE ZONE MEDIA REPORT AND VIDEI'S, Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate, CIA Cutout, OR Both


Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate, 


CIA Cutout,



By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”
Pretend you fake 9/11.
For whatever reason, you stage a (fake) terrorist attack on New York.
Maybe it’s a drill. Maybe it’s an excuse to create your own army (DHS). Maybe you want to invade Iraq.
For whatever purpose, you stage the fake attack. And everyone’s fooled.
Until a few years later, when NSA calls: “We’re picking up phone chatter about ‘jet fuel only burning at 750 degrees; too cold to melt steel beams.”
The next day, DARPA reports “Facebook users examining video of planes hitting the WTC.” People are wondering why no aircraft parts broke off – how did skyscrapers totally “swallow” two jetliners?
A week later, the Pentagon calls you: “Folks on the Web are digging into 9/11. We thought we could stall them 50 years, like with JFK. But with Social Media growing, people compare notes much quicker. Here in the Pentagon basement, our supercomputer predicts that Americans will realize 9/11 was faked pretty soon. We think they’ll wake up during the next Presidential term – and realize 9/11 was staged.”
You’re not thrilled with this news. The Pentagon was supposed to contain the secret, but it’s already leaking out? You trust France and England, but what if the Moslem Brotherhood finds one of your “dead hijackers” drinking mojitos at the beach? What if people realize Flight 93 left no wreckage at Shanksville, PA?
If folks realize the real terrorists are US officials, (i) The government could collapse, and (ii) Rich politicians (including you) will go to prison.
There’s no time to panic. The question is: What do you do? How do you keep 9/11 covered up?
First, you have CIA bribe or threaten any newscasters that aren’t on CIA’s payroll. That way, FOX won’t ask too many questions as your plan unfolds.
Second, you have NCS (National Clandestine Service) and DARPA rent a few warehouses. When Facebook users post something questioning 9/11, their comment pops up on a screen in Arlington, VA. Your shills are lined up in telemarketing centers – posing as “real people” on Facebook:
Most play “Concerned Citizen,” guiding Facebook conversations away from danger topics that might expose 9/11 as bogus. If all else fails, your Shills “blow up the conversation” with profanity and crazy behavior, to scare away bystanders. DARPA adds the biggest truth-seekers to their “Suppress List,” so when those users post something on Social Media, only a few people see it.
You congratulate yourself for cleverness – when suddenly, CIA calls back. Apparently, foreign intel agencies noticed that you staged 9/11, and that means leaks. There’s almost 200 countries in the world – and normal CIA deal making won’t keep them satisfied forever. To keep 9/11 secret, they want special favors.

So you bribe foreign countries with a Trillion dollars that the Fed refuses to explain. The money just “gets sent overseas to banks” without telling taxpayers which banks or why. You tell Americans there’s a “financial crisis” and if you don’t vanish a Trillion dollars, bad things will happen. Your polling company keeps checking public opinion, and it seems CNN earned its propaganda pay, because most folks fall for the heist.

To celebrate the coverup, you meet Barney Frank for drinks at his favorite restaurant. Everything’s going great, until Barney finishes his fourth drink and asks: “Who are we gonna put in the White House?”

And suddenly, you realize you cannot let the normal election process take its course. Because the next President will have access to Top Secret files, and within days of his election, he’ll realize you staged 9/11.

He’ll also discover the pile of scams and crimes committed by Congress and CIA – going back decades. What if the next President isn’t corrupt? Or, what if he’s corrupt, but hits a limit (Treason) he’s not willing to cross?

Barney looks at you, knowingly: “We need someone who’ll keep the lid on.”

In other words, the next President needs to be someone who WON’T blow the whistle on (i) Decades of deceit, or (ii) Crimes committed to hide that deceit.

So you’ve got a problem: Who exactly can you install (as the next President) to keep the lid on 9/11?

No Good Guys

For the next President, you can’t install a Good Guy (like Chuck Norris) because he’ll get halfway through page 1 of your Top Secret 9/11 files, flip out, and blow the whistle. If he doesn’t go public, he’ll at least toss someone in prison, and that guy might squeal and bring the whole scheme down – sending you to jail for staging 9/11 and covering it up.

No Bad Guys

But you can’t install a Bad Guy either. Michael Bloomberg didn’t get where he got by selling the most Girl Scout cookies. He got this far (and collected $37 Billion) by being clever.

The Uniparty doesn’t let you become Mayor of New York if you’re too naïve to push their agenda. For example, if the Regime tells you to shepherd a fake 9/11 survivor around Manhattan, you do it:

Later, Bloomberg won’t notice when NETFLIX exposes that fake 9/11 survivor in the documentary, The Woman Who Wasn’t There. If anyone asks about Tania Head (fake WTC survivor), Bloomberg can say that he was tricked, his security team was tricked, Giuliani’s security team was tricked, and Pataki’s security team was tricked – by a kook from Spain using a fake name.

Plus now, Bloomberg’s got skin in the game – since he’s on camera escorting a 9/11 fraud around Manhattan.

But if CIA suggests disarming the American people (before they discover 9/11 was fake and go ballistic), you might hesitate. But where do we find Michael Bloomberg? When the Regime stages a fake shooting in an Aurora movie theater, Bloomberg jumps aboard the Gun Grab Roadshow and promotes the Aurora gun-grab hoax with vicSIM Stephen Barton:

Bizarrely, Stephen Barton rode his bike 2,000 miles across the USA, from Newtown CT to Aurora CO – just in time for opening night of Batman, where he got shot with 24 shotgun pellets in the head and neck….. before making a full recovery to become Gun Grab Roadshow poster-boy:

Then, Bloomberg announces his new gun-scam group – Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). Before long, 50 mayors flee MAIG upon realizing Bloomberg’s favorite shootings are faked by the US Government to dupe Americans out of their firearms:

Crooked or not, Bloomberg isn’t stupid enough to reside in the Oval Office holding the hot potato when the Big Con collapses – when Americans wake up and realize 9/11 was fake and Sandy Hook was Treason. Bad Guys instinctively know when the “con” is too bold. A street-level mugger will take wild risks if he hasn’t eaten in two days. But once you’ve got mansions and $37 Billion in the bank, you’re not going to mug an old lady – the reward isn’t worth the risk. Rather, a billionaire politician only takes risks when (i) He’s protected (not likely to get caught), (ii) The reward is huge, or (iii) He’s got no choice (blackmail). If all three of those conditions are met, it’s absolutely “risk-taking time.”

So your search for Presidential candidates is more frustrating than you expected. Good Guys have moral limits. Bad Guys are too smart to risk their wealth and freedom serving as Front Man when perhaps the biggest scam in history collapses on their head. Good Guys will freak out upon spotting the dirt. Bad Guys know the dirt goes deeper than anyone can imagine – and aren’t stupid enough to babysit the corpse.

Solution? You call John Kerry.

John Kerry won the game by marrying rich women, getting their money, pretending he hates war and doing his horseface-hippie routine. John isn’t bright. But sadly, he’s not dumb enough to trade yachts and mansions for a prison cell. He’s not about to waltz into your historic scam as the fall guy. John Kerry doesn’t return your calls – he doesn’t want the job either.

So for President, you can’t hire an Eagle Scout (Chuck Norris). You can’t plant a Dirtbag (Bloomberg). And even Dopes (John Kerry) are avoiding the plot.
So, who’s left? Who can you put in the Oval Office?

The Ultimate Temp

You hire The Ultimate Temp.

You install a puppet, who can disappear with an hour’s notice when NSA realizes the jig is up and the Pentagon computer models stop saying “We’ve got six months until folks wake up” and start saying “We’ve got six DAYS until folks wake up.”

You need someone who won’t miss the USA. Someone who won’t miss the people. Someone who won’t cry himself to sleep every night because he’ll never see the Empire State building again. Someone who’ll enjoy relaxing in Pakistan for the rest of his life.

That’s who you get.

Someone with no real family. Someone with a fake wife who might be a dude wearing a dress. Someone with two kids (obtained in Morocco?) to complete cover identity. Someone with CIA-assigned SSN’s, a forged birth certificate, and a botched Selective Service card.

The Obamas: Fake CIA Family?

In other words, you get someone off the shelf from CIA, who spent much of his life overseas. Someone CIA has in the hopper, floating around Indonesia or somewhere. Someone they’ve got on their roster who’s not doing anything vital.
You install a low-level CIA lackey. Someone you control that’ll sit there and do as he’s told. To keep the lid on your prior scams – not blow the whistle on you – while you finish looting the USA, stealing whatever’s not nailed down, and shredding decades of evidence. Someone who won’t gripe while you offshore trillions of dollars (bankrupting the Treasury to bribe foreign intel agencies so THEY won’t leak what’s really going on and land you in prison):

That’s who you put in the Oval Office.

Pretend the USA is a company. The “owners” of this company tell everyone, “Hands off the Temp.” They need the Temp happy and showing up. They don’t want him hassled. That’s why MSM gets threatened into silence: “Don’t ask how we found the Temp. He’s obviously qualified – because we hired him.” Judges are told “on’t bother our TemDp with that lawsuit. Make it go away, or you’ll have problems.”

And if the Temp is a flippant jerk, all the better. You want everyone looking at the Temp, wondering why he’s wearing sandals to work, insulting everyone. You want everyone worrying about the Temp, so their attention is on him while you’re in the back office shredding documents and looting the vault.

If files go missing, you blame the Temp – after all, he’s new and everyone knows he doesn’t pay too much attention. Did he accidentally throw them away – or hit Delete? We’re not sure, but we’ll look into it. We don’t want to yell at him – he’s just the Temp and he means well. He’s trying the best he can.
he accidentally throw them away – or hit Delete? We’re not sure, but we’ll look into it. We don’t want to yell at him – he’s just the Temp and he means well. He’s trying the best he can.
Temps get bored – so does Obama. Temps don’t care – neither does Obama. His attitude is “What are you gonna do, fire me?” Because he knows the trouble it took to install him. He knows the Regime isn’t looking to go through THAT again. He didn’t seek the job – they recruited him.
Have you ever seen someone ready to quit their job? It’s obvious they don’t care anymore. They come in late, put their feet up, the boss says “Hey, don’t do that again,” and they bob their head – then do it again. And again. They don’t care because they’re just passing through. If it ends today, great. If it ends in 2016, same difference.

Most employees form long-term relationships with neighbors and co-workers. Obama doesn’t, because there isn’t any “long term.” He does the job, then he departs. If America discovers 9/11 was staged and Sandy Hook was Treason, Obama gets whisked off to join Loretta Fuddy in Fuddyville. If those crimes never “go public,” Obama retires to one of his new mansions and launches a speech tour.

Obama’s job is (i) Looking the other way while evidence is destroyed, and (ii) When evidence cannot be destroyed, burying it by Executive Order.

That’s the job.

Obama didn’t want the job. He didn’t work towards it, because he didn’t care about attaining it. He cared about smoking crack with gay men in limousines – not becoming President of a country he hates.

Obama the Temp barely shows up, spending most of his time on golf courses. He doesn’t care about job approval or cutting deals – neither do Temps.

While the Temp is minding the office, folks come and go, borrowing whatever they wish. The Temp isn’t there to enforce rules, since there’s no consequence if something goes missing — he’s just the Temp. He didn’t know – just like a Temp. To learn about his company, he sees articles in the paper – like Temps do. He doesn’t call the shots because Temps are outside the decision tree.

Obama didn’t rise by wanting to do Good (like Gandhi), nor did he rise by wanting to do Evil (like Hitler). He’s a flunky – planted to keep us occupied. He was installed to babysit 300 million people as burglars finish robbing our home.

He’s the Ultimate Temp.

The Temp Agency

But where did they find Obama? You can’t just put a lackey in the Oval Office, because your audience of 300 million Americans will say “Wait a minute. This guy was washing cars two weeks ago. Now he’s president? That doesn’t make sense.”

So CIA manufactures a backstory for this low-level puppet. They stick him in the Senate where he votes present for months. Meanwhile, CIA goes to the file cabinet, and pulls out a prefab “identity” – complete with fake resume and fake family. As Photoshop images go, the Obama family pictures are okay. Most folks won’t zoom in to notice that the Stanley Ann Dunham (mother) pictures are doctored. Here, we notice Obama’s mother is a white woman, but her right fist is visiting from Kenya:

We also notice (yellow outline, above) that Dunham’s dress was edited along Obama’s upper arm; and (green circle, above) that Obama’s grandfather has a bionic arm and prosthetic hand, like a Star Wars action figure.
Here, we notice digital artifacts around the neck, where the head of “Stanley Ann Dunham” was added:

Why are these Photoshops so sloppy? Because they were done decades ago (pre-Photoshop) as standard procedure for a new CIA recruit. They were routine – just another fake background for a typical CIA operative. Nobody knew they’d be examined this closely. Nobody knew “Obama” would be needed for such a crucial role. The photos were faked, then stuffed into a file cabinet until further notice.

So CIA publishes a fake backstory book: Dreams From My Father. The book answers the questions: “Where did Obama come from?” and “Why won’t we ever meet Obama’s parents?” It contains a sketchy Kenyan father and a white (CIA cutout) mother – and it’s the first big marketing push for the Temp. Did this “Stanley Ann Dunham” person exist? Maybe, but she’s not Obama’s mother.

London Calling (TPP)

Remember those foreign intel agencies you bribed with a Trillion dollars? They call you, seeking another couple Trillion. But you can’t keep vanishing Trillions without telling taxpayers what the heck you did with the FIRST Trillion. You realize those foreign countries will never stop asking for money – and you can’t print an unlimited sum of cash because you’re already at 0% interest, printing like a wild man, close to collapsing the dollar.

So you walk to the blackboard, cross out the word “Money,” and write the word “Power.” You need to give those foreign countries something of value – or else you’re going to jail. So you call the United Nations and ask what they’ve got on the shelf. They just happen to have something called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). It sells out American sovereignty by handing control of the USA to foreign powers and international bodies.

Since the TPP is Treason, you lock it in a secret room and don’t let anyone read it. You subvert the American legislative process by keeping the TPP bill secret AND keeping the list of Congressmen who visit its “viewing room” secret.

So instead of money, you give foreign countries sovereign power over the USA. The SAME DAY you cram TAA (TPP) through the House of Representatives, you stage another Fake Shooting. You stage the fake “Black Church Shooting” in Charleston, SC to distract everyone from TPP (by flooding the news cycle):

The Mayor of Charleston (Joseph P Riley) just happens to be retiring soon and just happens to be a member of Mike Bloomberg’s gun-hoax group (MAIG).

Obama keeps selling us out? Nope. CIA and Congress keep selling us out. They’re bribing world powers by handing over money and US sovereignty – to avoid getting exposed and imprisoned. Obama is the scapegoat for their betrayal of the USA. That’s the role he was hired to play. Once we understand that, we realize that he’s worthy of an Oscar.

But Really, Who Is Obama?

Obama is a façade – an actor. In IRON MAN terms, Obama is The Mandarin:

He’s a sparkly ball of tinfoil paid to distract us.

Obama’s job is keeping us busy – chasing phantoms – while Traitors put distance between themselves and their crimes. We chase Obama’s car, while the Traitors escape (the opposite direction) in their getaway car.

Obama is the decoy. The red herring. The wild goose we’ve been chasing.

He leads nowhere. He leads to a file cabinet in CIA’s basement.

When The Temp Job Ends

Obama’s job assignment ends the day America wakes up and realizes 9/11 was staged and Sandy Hook was gun-grab Treason. When Americans realize we’re being systematically betrayed, robbed, and disarmed by Congress, the White House and the Pentagon – they’ll flip out, asking “Why didn’t Obama do anything to stop this? Is he part of it?” But Obama will be long gone.
Maybe one of those “White House fence jumpers” will finally encounter Obama as they scamper through the West Wing, dancing the Charleston:
Is that how they’ll vanish Obama – he got killed by Forrest Gump?
Maybe the Pentagon will stage a “Missing Malaysian airliner” ploy, using Air Force One as the “missing aircraft.” Key people will be aboard – people who don’t wish to be found. They’ll relocate to Pakistan or wherever CIA sends retired operatives (aka Fuddyville):
They’re Setting The Stage (Before Your Alarm Rings)

Some Americans will wake up tomorrow, switch on the TV, and wait for Anderson Cooper to forget who pays his salary. Maybe CIA’s fax machine will break and NBC won’t get their talking points. Maybe the CIA cafeteria will run out of Jello and McCain will pitch a fit and decide he’s had enough, disband ISIS, and retire to the Riviera to open a bookstore.

But probably not.

The fact is, this Regime will expand like cancer – until we dismantle it. If we never dismantle it, we will get further enslaved by criminals. At some point it will become necessary to imprison some of us. Ask Dinesh D’Souza how his “reeducation” went. Farther along, it will become necessary to kill some of us. If you don’t think the Regime has considered how to imprison large numbers of American citizens, you are confused. If you don’t think the Regime has considered how to kill large numbers of Americans (who don’t feel like getting imprisoned), you are confused.

Do you see why we have one political party (the Uniparty)? They’re all equally screwed. They’re all hiding behind CIA. The thieves know that eventually folks will wake up and discover the robbery – so they’re setting the stage for the moment you awaken.

Does the illegal domestic army (DHS) make sense now?

Do you see why NDAA made it “legal” to indefinitely detain you without trial?

Do you see why FOX doesn’t challenge Obama’s lies or forged ID? Anyone can pick up a gay hooker in Jakarta, hand him a fake birth certificate, and book him a flight to Hawaii. But not just ANYONE can enforce a 7-year media blackout regarding Obama’s identity. Not just ANYONE can enforce the judicial blockade of challenges to Obama’s forged ID. Only CIA can enforce these lockdowns.

Now do you see why anyone honoring the Constitution is a “domestic terrorist?” Do you see why Timothy McVeigh got cast to play the “dangerous white domestic terrorist bad man?” Because they’re setting the stage for when you react to their crimes.

Do you see why BOTH Harry Reid and Eric Holder got “rushed to the hospital with shortness of breath” in early 2014? They’re setting the stage to fake-die and vanish.

This is why the US military is stockpiling enough ammunition to wage an Iraq-size war for 25 years. Angry Americans are why the US Army just switched from regular pistol ammo to hollowpoint.

But even with unlimited hollowpoint ammo, DHS is still outgunned by 80 million gun owners. McCain knows this. Feinstein knows this. Their handlers know this. So they invented the Gun Grab Roadshow: Fake shootings across the USA, town to town, to scam you out of your guns by demonizing firearms – with FELONS and ACTORS playing PARENTS of FAKE VICTIMS.

Maybe that’s why this Newtown CT child is getting STRONG-ARMED ON LIVE TV.

After all, why battle you, when they can trick you into disarming?  The trick worked for Hitler.

Do you wonder why NRA pretends “they don’t see” Sandy Hoax or other Fake Shootings? Some feel NRA is blackmailed. NRA’s whole purpose is “Protecting your 2nd Amendment rights.” Yet when faced with historic Gun Grab hoaxes (and Treason) like Sandy Hook, NRA “doesn’t notice” this FORENSIC PROOF THAT SANDY HOOK WAS FAKE.
Put yourself in McCain’s shoes. When 300 million Americans realize “Osama Bin Laden” was a fiction – that 9/11 was staged – do you want those Americans holding rifles? Or would you prefer they show up with brooms and rakes?
The Regime needs to disarm you. Right away. That way, DHS can hose you down with water cannons and tear gas. DHS might not even need to open fire from their MRAPS. Facing disarmed mobs, DHS can win. Facing millions of American gun owners, the modern Gestapo will lose.

My Solution

Whenever the Globalists want to corner a market, they call it “Unsustainable” and swoop in to impose their Mafia-style protection racket.

But there’s something truly Unsustainable: This Regime.

Here’s what we can do: Expose the Traitors, starting with any crime you can uncover — working your way up the ladder. The courts are blackmailed, so get hidden video and go public. Round up the Traitors. Hold Nuremberg-style trials. Abolish crooked Federal Agencies (IRS; EPA; etc) and abolish a bunch of taxes. Cut remaining taxes to 10%. Maybe a steam-cleaned government can try doing something it’s supposed to do instead of committing Treason.

Once Europe and Asia hear about our 10% tax rate, folks will seek to establish companies here. Who knows – instead of our shrinking GDP, we might awaken one Christmas morning, glance under the tree, and find an economy.

But first, we must spread the word about Fake Shootings and Staged Government Terrorism (see links below this article). Fury against this Regime can fuel great change.

Who Are You Voting For?

Next up for President is a Canadian citizen (and Cuban citizen too)? In other words, a dual-or-triple citizen. Born in Calgary, Canada. With ties to CFR and Goldman Sachs. Whose dad fought FOR the Communist Castro regime in Cuba, before vanishing when the candidate was young – then reappearing after he “found Jesus.”
In other words: A foreigner, with sketchy Communist parents.
Sound familiar ?
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