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CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT, John B Wells Strips Bill Ayers of His Knighthood!


4 VIDEIOS Stefan Molyneux, Why I Support Donald Trump,


More Untruth About Donald Trump

World is on Fire; Obama Declares Constitution Public Enemy #1


Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I will Deputize Every Man, Woman and Child” to Stop Federal Agents"


A Utah sheriff has put out the word that he will not allow his county to be overrun by the unconstitutional Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service, and has gone so far as to warn the BLM that he will "deputize everyone and arrest all federal agents" should they enter his county in a similar manner to that of those in Nevada and Oregon.
Sheriff Marty Gleave has been serving the countsy he is in as sheriff for nearly 25 years. According to Gleave, all he has seen is that things "get progressively worse and worse and worse with the so-called land police."
Gleave serves Piute County, which is the second smallest county by population in Utah. However, following the protests in Oregon, the arrests of many protesters at Bundy Ranch, including Cliven Bundy and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, Gleave addressed the Rural Caucus of the Utah State legislature on February 12, 2016.
At the center of a conflict in dispute between Sheriff Gleave and the US Forest Service is Gleave's uncle Stanton Gleave, a longtime rancher in the county.
"You know, we've got FBI, DEA, ATF and ICE," Sheriff Gleave said. "We've always been able to work with them people because they would only come and do major felony cases and different things like that. So, they were always out of the way until we needed them."
However, he then singled out the BLM for what they have been involved in.
"We've got a Bureau of Land Management police and Forest Service police who are out doing the same exact jobs that my deputies can do and every other deputy sheriff and sheriff can do," Gleave added.
Sheriff Gleave went on to elaborate about some of those things that could be handled by the sheriffs and their deputies. Even though I disagree that those things should not be handled by any sheriff, police or federal agent, I'll leave that aside not to distract from his point.
Gleave referred to the feds, particularly the Forest Service and BLM, as "mismanagement" of their pretended authority. Take a listen to some of the many examples that Sheriff Gleave presents that the feds have caused problems for the wildlife and for the people, then failed to follow up on.
The Utah Sheriff also made a point in the video that men can abuse their authority and used himself as an example to demonstrate that if he wanted to abuse the authority entrusted to him by the people, he could have people in jail every day. However, he knows that would be wrong and lawless.
Gleave said that he was not a fan of the militia showing up in his county because he had a militia, the people. The sheriff even pointed them out. Good for him, and good for them!
"We're not taking no more cuts on the Mountain. I'll deputize every man, woman and child in the county to stop what's going on," Sheriff Gleave concluded.
Friends, this is what is needed, constitutional sheriffs. Furthermore, presidential candidates don't just need to be held to the status quo. They need to be asked if they will seek the dismantling of the unconstitutional agencies like the BLM, the Forest Service, the ATF, the DEA, the Department of Education and Homeland Security. The heads of these organizations don't answer to the people. They are appointed bureaucrats who infringe on the rights of the people and violate the US Constitution.
Until we are ready to eliminate and decentralize the Beast, we don't need to complain about it. The Beast has shed its chains and has showed us its true form. The People must either restrain it, which is unlikely, or kill it. There is no other solution.

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Awesome video! Donald Trump’s full AIPAC speech on the US/Israeli alliance


    Awesome video! Donald Trump’s full AIPAC speech on the US/Israeli allianceAwesome video! Donald Trump’s full AIPAC speech on the US/Israeli alliance

    By Thomas Madison
    Donald Trump knocks it out of the park! Check out this fantastic speech, one of his best, on the “unbreakable” friendship between the United States and Israel.
    Fast forward to the 1:15:00 mark to go straight to The Donald and skip the blah-blah politicians.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2016

    What These Two Bundy Ranch Protesters Filed For Will Have the Feds Shaking in Their Boots


    protesters have made requests for pretrial discover that is sure to expose the corruption in the DC government. Radio show host Peter Santilli has filed a similar pretrial discovery request to that of militia leader Joseph O'Shaughnessy who was also arrested the day that Santill was.
    According to the request, which was dated at the first of March, Santilli requested the following:
    • All documents and information relating to orders or requests any law enforcement officer made to Santilli asking or directing him to change his broadcasts in any way from April 1, 2014 through January 26, 2016
    • All documents and information relating to any notice from law enforcement officers to Santilli from April 1, 2014 through January 26, 2016 that his broadcasts were considered to be unlawful in any way.
    • All documents and information showing whether Santilli is or was on the terror watch list anytime from January 2013 to the present, and if his name was on the terror watch list, all documents showing why it was so placed there.
    • All documents and information showing whether Santilli acted as an informant for the FBI or any other federal law enforcement agency from January 2011 to the present.
    • All documents and information showing any efforts the FBI or any other federal law enforcement agency took to investigate the false information published on the Internet from January 2014 to the present claiming that Santilli had worked as an FBI informant.
    • All documents and information showing communications from or by any federal law enforcement agent relating to or naming Santilli from January 2013 to the present, including but not limited to any email or text communications.
    • All documents and information showing or relating to any communications naming or relating to Pete Santilli, sent to or from the BLM Special Agent Daniel P. Love and/or FBI Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, including but not limited to all email and text communications naming or relating to Santilli, from January 2014 to the present.
    • All documents showing whether the FBI or any other law enforcement agency has or had super administrator privileges or back-door administrative privileges with, Guerilla Media Network, Santilli's YouTube channel, or other internet sites through which Santilli publishes content such as Spreaker or Facebook, from January 2013 through the present.
    • All notes, reports or other documents relating to federal law enforcement officer(s) watching Santilli online, his live streaming video productions, or The Pete Santilli Show, from March 2014 to the present, including the names of any officers watching Santilli, the date the officer watched Santilli, the show episode number and any notes or reports generated from watching him or his show.
    Why is this important? First and foremost it will expose whether or not the feds were following the law and whether or not there were lawful warrants issued via the Fourth Amendment to engage in surveilling Santilli.
    Second, Santilli has been accused of being and FBI informant by several people on the internet with what Santilli has said are fake documents. This discovery will put that issue to bed, and I have no doubt that those who put out that information will be facing a civil suit.
    Finally, the documents should expose what was going on behind the scenes and what the mindset of the feds were in the entire Bundy Ranch siege, as well as the standoff that occurred in Oregon.
    On Tuesday, Santilli posted the following update on his Facebook page:
    Judge Anna Brown has ruled that defendants being held in Multnomah County Jail in the case of US vs Ammon Bundy et al.. that are being charged in the Nevada case of US vs Cliven Bundy et al -- Will be released to Nevada and due to arrive there on april 13th 2016, and that they must be returned back to Oregon within 10 days of their arraignments in the Nevada Court ---
    In the ex parte hearing heard today by Judge Brown in the case of Peter T. Santilli asking for the judge to sign a subpoena concerning the order of certain private records of particular government agents, she has decided to put that signing on hold but has not ruled it out --
    The government will now have to argue why she should refuse to sign a subpoena that would force them to turn over these records for the Defense -- Get ready for the first real court battle over evidence to begin!!
    My hope is that this is the beginning of the end in exposing the depth of corruption within not only our government, but also members of the alternative media.
    Other protesters are still jailed, including Cliven Bundy, on trumped up charges. No violence was committed at Bundy Ranch or the Oregon Wildlife Refuge. In fact, the only shots that came from guns were those taken by members of the Oregon State Police and the FBI. That, my friends, should tell you who the criminals are in this matter.
    If you wish to encourage Pete, you may write to him at:
    Pete Santilli SWIS #795071
    Inverness Jail
    11540 Inverness Dr.
    Portland Oregon 97220
    You can also help contribute to expense he is occurring while in jail by clicking here.
    Facebook will no doubt try and do the bidding of the feds just as they enforced the Sharia against our Muslim/Brussells post. Let's make sure this information is going far and wide patriots!

    Oregon militia standoff New suspect in Oregon wildlife refuge occupation revealed, remains at large


    New suspect in Oregon wildlife refuge occupation revealed, remains at large

    The indictment of Jake Ryan, now the 26th person facing charges relating to the Oregon militia standoff, has set a conflict brewing in his Montana home countyA new suspect in the Oregon wildlife refuge occupation remains at large, and some anti-government activists in the west are hinting that the federal charges could lead to another standoff – this time in Montana.
    The conflict brewing in rural Sanders County in north-western Montana centers on the federal indictment of Jake Ryan, 27, who is accused of conspiring against the government and damaging a sacred Native American site during the standoff at the Malheur national wildlife refuge.
    Ryan is the 26th person to face charges in the Oregon militia dispute, which began 2 January in rural Harney County as a protest against federal land-use regulations and continued for 41 days until the final occupiers surrendered to the FBI.
    Ryan’s parents now say they are weighing their options to try to prevent the arrest, while online activists connected to the Oregon occupation are calling on supporters to prepare to back them in some kind of standoff.
    When federal prosecutors filed a slew of fresh charges against the jailed protesters this month, officials also added a new defendant to the case, but redacted his name while he remained at large. A judge on Monday revealed that Ryan is the new suspect and unsealed the indictment after the suspect’s family learned of a federal arrest warrant.
    Ryan is accused of conspiracy to impede US officers, possessions of firearms and dangerous weapons in federal facilities and depredation of government property. If convicted of all three felony charges, he could face more than 20 years in prison.
    Ryan and Sean Anderson, another Oregon protester, excavated lands on an archaeological site considered sacred to the Burns Paiute tribe, the local Native American group, according to the indictment.
    Reached by phone Monday night at his home in Plains, Montana, Jake’s father Dan Ryan said: “We’ve got stuff going on here that is in progress ... We’re still considering what options there are.”
    A federal official served a warrant to the family, according to Dan Ryan, who said he has had intermittent contact with his son and does not know where he is. He said he believed his son was present at the Oregon occupation for about two weeks.
    “It’s something that we’ve never gone through before,” he said. “It’s pretty difficult.”
    Jake’s mother, Roxsanna Ryan, added: “At this point, we’re trying to work with local people.”
    Gavin Seim, an activist who gained fame when he live-streamed the final day of the Oregon standoff, recently posted an “action alert” on Facebook, calling on people to support the Ryan family, saying: “We need to help this community stand up.”
    Jeanette Finicum, widow of Oregon protester LaVoy Finicum, who was killed by police in January, also posted support for Jake Ryan on Facebook, saying he is “guilty of nothing”, and adding that the “[Ryan] family has said that they have decided ‘the arrests stop here’”.
    A separate Facebook page of Finicum supporters said the Ryan family needed “support from American Patriots across the USA”, and the family of jailed Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has been a leader in the land-use rights movement, has also called on their supporters to back the Montana family.
    Activists are demanding that the local Sanders County sheriff, Tom Rummel, stand up against the FBI and protect Jake Ryan from arrest.
    In a press release Monday, Rummel expressed sympathy for the suspect, writing: “From the start of this, it has been my intention to make sure that Jake Ryan’s safety and rights are provided for, and I will continue to do just that … At this point in time, I have no evidence to suggest that Jake Ryan is in this county. At this time, I believe a peaceful resolution is being achieved and outside citizen involvement will not be needed.”
    Shawna Cox, one of the Oregon standoff defendants who returned home on house arrest while awaiting trial, said she spoke with the Ryan family, writing on Facebook: “If you would like to help please be on stand by.”
    Reached by phone Tuesday morning, Cox said she was hopeful the sheriff would ensure that Jake Ryan avoids arrest and prosecution.
    “It sounded to me like the sheriff was supporting defending the county from the feds coming in,” said Cox, who recently filed a counter-lawsuit against the federal government. “The constitution says you protect the people. I’m in favor of them standing up for the constitution.”
    The Oregon protesters have long argued that local county sheriffs have more authority than the federal government.
    Rummel, who did not respond to a request for comment, said in his statement that he has received hundreds of emails and phone calls about Jake Ryan.
    An FBI spokeswoman in Portland, Oregon, confirmed that both Jake Ryan and Travis Cox, another Oregon suspect named in the recent federal indictment, have not been apprehended.

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    Trump's Plane & Pilot (In Depth)

    Donald J. Trump has a net worth of anywhere from $4,000,000,000 to $10,000,000,000, depending on fluctuating real estate and other investment valuation. His Boeing 757 is part of his air fleet, which also includes a Cessna Citation X jet and three Sikorsky S-76B helicopters. Take flight on one of the most luxurious private jets in the world...and one of the biggest. Trump's Boeing 757 is three times the size of the average private jet and every inch of it is customized to meet his high standards. Outside, it's powered by Rolls Royce engines. Inside, it has gold seatbelts, high-grade leather seats, a master bedroom, and even a shower. It's a smooth ride for passengers, but for pilot John Dunkin, things can get turbulent in a hurry, especially when one of the jet's most vital parts goes missing.
    Documentary aired: 1/19/14


    MEET OSCAR ! ! !

    Poisoned Tap and Bottled Water In 42 States- The Depopulation Agenda At Work, THE COMMON SENSE SHOW, DAVE HODGES,



    water unfit for human consumption

    aterAmericans are being systematically poisoned through the water we consume. The tap water contains deadly lead contamination in 42 out of 50 states. The bottled water we consume is filled with tap water containing, of course, the deadly led.
    The following chart provides a breakdown of lead in the water in all 50 states. There are very few places where you are not consuming dangerous lead poisoned water.
    The white states have virtually no lead in the water.
    The white states have virtually no lead in the water.
    If you live in Nevada, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama,Tennessee, South Dakota, Hawaii and Kentucky have water that safe to drink. How long has the Obama administration known about this?
    Some of the American people will reason that they will only drink bottled water. Not so fast, in many cases, bottled water is worse for you that drinking tap water. In many cases, bottled water is tap water, recycled water.
    You have to watch this video on the acidic water that some name brands are selling. It is proven the PH levels are making you sick and keeping you sick. please watch and share so everyone can see these shocking results. Citizens in 42 states are systematically being positioned and set up to contract cancer, diabetes and any other number of life-threatening health conditions.
    Forget the EPA, FDC and CDC, they are not your friend. They are not protecting us from this scourge of poison water that we are consuming. “East Coast Man” is an excellent researcher and makes the systematic poisoning of America crystal clear for all to see in this video.
    You could alway trap rain water and drink that, correct? Not exactly, In many states (e.g. Colorado and Washington) trapping rainwater is prohibited and is punishable fines and imprisonment. And yes, Virginia, people have gone to jail for trapping rainwater.
    What Is Going On?
    The Obama administration spends no money on revitalizing our infrastructure, but they have enough fiat cash to send Iran $150 billion dollars. Perhaps if we import more Muslim, Obama will find the money to work on our infrastructure. Have noticed America, whether it is free trade agreements, health care, reasonably priced pharmaceuticals and drinkable water, our corporate controlled government would prefer to flush the money down the toilet than to give it to the American people, regardless of the cause.
    How do the criminal elite benefit? They are creating chronic health conditions at earlier ages that their pharmaceutical and managed health care companies are going to profit from our collective decline. It is a great business plan and your health has been pledged as collateral. 
    Obama, and Obama 2.o (Clinton) have money for, Black Lives Matter, etc., but there is no money for the middle class. Obama phones, yes. Drinking water, no!
    Regardless of who wins this upcoming election, it is time to stop playing in the criminal elite’s rigged games.

    VIDEO, NEW INFORMATION, Incontrovertible - New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke



    "Simply put, this is not just the best film I've seen on 911, it's the best film I have seen all year." - Sergeant John Meaders, 32 year ex Californian police officer

    “One of the best 911 movies ever made!” - Kevin Barrett, Truth Jihad Radio

    "All family members of a 9/11 victim should watch this film." - Matt Campbell, victim family member

    "Incontrovertible is technically brilliant" - Ian Henshall, Author '9/11 Revealed' & '9/11 The New Evidence'

    "Moving, powerful & informative" - Niels Harrit, Veteran Truth Campaigner

    "Artfully crafted - manages to convince cumulatively that there are still questions to answer" - Joe Gill - Journalist - Middle East Eye

    "Absolutely first rate! The film manages to navigate the broad aspects of 9/11, with all the complexity, and even tie it with 7/7 and JFK, while avoiding the pitfalls of discredited speculative theories. I have no hesitation in sharing this with anyone" - David Chandler, retired physics teacher.


    Sunday, March 20, 2016


    Alex Jones discusses a new scandal surrounding Republican frontrunner Donald Trump that will severely damage the establishment

    Nevada Assemblywoman: If You Were at Bundy Ranch and Had a Gun, Nevada Prosecutors are Looking to Arrest You within the Next Few Days


    In an exclusive interview with Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore on Friday, she told Oathkeepers News Media Director Jason Van Tatenhove that Nevada prosecutors mentioned the fact that there was another round of "mass" arrests of American patriots who showed up in Bunkerville, Nevada at the Bundy Ranch siege in 2014 with a gun.
    "The Nevada prosecutor that was in Oregon last week, told an Oregon attorney today, Friday March 18 through the upcoming Tuesday, they will be doing another 'mass' amounts of arrests of anyone that was in Bunkerville with a firearm in 2014," she the Nevada Assemblywoman.
    Pick up the video around the 9:00 mark for Fiore's comments on this issue and take time to educate yourself with the entire video on the updates she brings as she has really represented her people there in Nevada like no one I've ever seen do.
    >br /> Fiore added that she had received a call from someone that had been in Bunkerville with a gun, and according to her, "the FBI stalked him for I guess a few weeks, stalked his house, his 12-year-old daughter was home, pulled up right behind him, and he was polite and he invited them in."
    "He was cautious," Fiore added. "But I advise everyone… if the FBI or the police want to question you, absolutely not without your attorney."
    That is wise advice and also a right you have under the US Constitution, which states in part in the Fifth Amendment, "No person...shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself." 
    Of course, many people want to be friendly, but they are naïve to the workings of how manipulative certain people in authority positions may behave. I'm not saying all of them do, but the fact of the matter is your silence is a right that is protected under the Constitution and you do not have to comply with questioning in such a manner as it could be used against you in a court of law.
    Fiore echoes this sentiment. "We don't have a problem with law enforcement, but their intention is to entrap, and their intention is not pure. So I would highly suggest that no one speak with the FBI or the police without your attorney because they do not have good intentions at the moment."
    So, how many people are we talking about in this latest round of arrests? According to Van Tatenhove, "There were hundreds, if not thousands of people there."
    Fiore confirmed that there were over 2,000 people at Bundy Ranch at one time.
    However, when are the American people going to stop buying the lies of the state-controlled media and begin to look past the propaganda and see the truth and the violation of the Constitution by the DC government and the Bureau of Land Management? When are they going to see how this is trickling down from DC to the governors, sheriffs and even to local prosecutors? When are their eyes going to be opened and their strength renewed and deal with the criminals in their governments? Will it take a mass round up of arrests based on unlawful, trump up charges, or will the people wait until it's too late and they are the ones being arrested and hauled off to jail, and the propaganda machine rolls right over them defining them as terrorists and criminal?
    This is nothing but the heavy hand of government attempting to silence dissent, undermine the First Amendment and the rights of the people to peacefully protest (yes, even with guns on their sides or in their hands... after all, the government had trained snipers lining them up in their sights!), and basically attempt to control the people from speaking out through fear tactics. We cannot let this stand!
    Patriots, be vigilant and ready!
    Finally, for anyone who was at Bundy Ranch and is targeted by these lawless thugs, several top lawyers are providing pro-bono representation for you. All you need to do is download this form and fill it out.

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