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CDC abandons public health in favor of politics: Disease being spread through illegal migration thanks to stunning lack of disease screening,CDC,

NaturalNews) A leading healthcare advocacy group is calling out the Centers for Disease Control for allowing refugees to enter the United States without first screening and treating them for latent tuberculosis.

Dr. Jane Orient, the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, noted that seven of the CDC's own public health experts said that those screenings "would potentially save millions of dollars and contribute to United States TB elimination goals," in research that was published in December, Breitbart News reported.

"Admitting people who might cause an epidemic makes no sense whatsoever from a public public health experts currently or formerly employed at the CDC who concluded that the screenings and successful treatment of those who test positive is the proper public health policy for the U.S.

'It's not clear treatment is even effective'

That said, the political leadership at the CDC doesn't appear to be following the very screening and treatment recommendations made by its own experts. Breitbart News went on to report that, as of this writing, the agency had failed to respond as to when or whether the agency planned to change course.

"If for humanitarian reasons we wish to help people fleeing persecution, there is still no need to release them into the general population of susceptible individuals. Officials who place politics above the health of Americans need to be held accountable and removed from positions of authority," Orient said.

In the December 2015 study, the seven health experts from the
"The course of treatment is at best lengthy, and for resistant forms costly and toxic. Isolation of infected persons is essential to keep this plague from spreading. It is not even clear that treatment of latent infection in persons from regions where multiple-drug resistant TB is prevalent is even effective," she added.

One-third of the world infected

At present, the news site reported, the CDC does not screen or test the 70,000-plus refugees brought into the U.S. every year for latent TB infection. Rather, they are tested for active TB infection only, then allowed to enter after the agency determines that treatment was successful.

Even refugees treated for active Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) tuberculosis, as seen in this video of Burmese refugees being treated at a refugee camp in Thailand, are permitted entry into the U.S., despite recent studies showing that between 4 and 5 percent of those deemed successfully treated have a recurrence of TB within two years.

The problem is real. Recently the Minnesota Department of Health reported that 22 percent of refugees resettled there have tested positive for latent TB.

It should be noted that, according to the World Health Organization, one-third of the global population – more than 2 billion people – are infected with some form of TB.

How Much Crap Can The People Take ,. . . . BEFORE THEY SAY ENOUGH?, HOWARD GALGANOV,



Admiral (retired) John Kirby, the current LEFTIST voice of the US State Department, just admitted that it was WRONG for former State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki, to have (even) unknowingly participated in a LIE, that wiped out a part of the information she gave at a Press Conference, where she admitted that the State Department, which also includes the Whitehouse, LIED to the people about the Iran Deal.
BUT WHEN ASKED . . . who was it that ordered that section of the interview, which contained the TRUTH REMOVEDKIRBY SAID HE DIDN’T KNOW, which to me is as big a LIE, as was editing out the TRUTH about the Iran Deal.
AND NO ONE IS GOING TO CONVINCE ME . . . that the FULL POWER AND AUTHORITY of the US Government couldn’t find out which of their employees with the authority to EDIT Official Videos and Documents couldn’t be found.
And as far as Psaki goes . . . I have ZERO reason to believe that she is innocent, as she was removed as the Spokesperson for the State Department, because she kept forgetting and getting confused over her own distortions and lies.


The question really isn’t whether Governments, Politicians and Bureaucrats LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL. We know they do. But it’s RARE that we can actually catch them in the act. And it’s even MORE RARE, that when we do catch them LYING and CHEATING, they can offer no credible defense.
WHICH IN THIS CASE . . . with this current Government, it’s LIE, AFTER LIE, AFTER LIE, where there is no defense. NOT EVEN A BAD ONE.


1 – Obama went forward with YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DOCTOR.
4 – Then it was FAST AND FURIOUS, with Eric Holder saying he knew nothing.
5 – Then it was the VIDEO, which was responsible for the Benghazi Massacre.
The foregoing is just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG . . . because we can't forget the NSA spying on all Americans, the IRS attacking Conservative Activist Groups, the Justice Department investigating American Journalists without reason and on and on and on.
And what about Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Principle Propagandist who recently BRAGGED about LYING to the Press about the Iran Deal?


I don’t know what’s worse . . . being STUPID, which is a mental condition, or being POORLY INFORMED, for which there is no excuse, since in this day and age, we have every tool in the world to find and understand the truth.
So, in all reality, as far as I’m concerned, STUPID takes a back seat to POORLY INFORMED, since there’s NO FIXING STUPID.
And that being said . . . there might actually be some hope, that we can encourage people to SMARTEN UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE before it’s too late.


Obama can say that he is virtually the SAVIOR, as he intimates every time he speaks, that it was him and his brilliant policies that rescued the UNITED STATES from financial disaster.
And if you believe this BS – that this is because of Obama and his great policies . . . that America now has virtually full employment, industry is booming, the social fabric of America has never been better, and the future for America’s youth could not be rosier, then I have some swampland in Florida for you.
And if there are any problems in the USA, such as the Murder Rate, the level of Black Violence, Youth Unemployment, which the President and the LEFT prefer not to talk about, just as they prefer NOT to speak about ILLEGAL Immigrants AND WHATEVER ELSE AILS THE USA . . . to them – IT’S THE FAULT OF CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS.


THE GOVERNMENT CAN CON THE PEOPLE AS MUCH AS THEY WANT . . . but at one point, reality sets in, even amongst DUMMIES, especially when they go to the Grocery Store or Butcher, and can't afford to buy Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. And they see that the price of Decent Quality Beef is out of their range, and the cost of Pork has just doubled.
The Government can say how America has never had better Job Growth, but when the average American can't find a job, or has a job that hardly pays the bills, who’s he or she going to blame . . . the person in power? Or the one that wants to be in power?
When you’re terrified to walk down your own street, or go to sleep at night in your own home because of THUG VIOLENCE, are you going to blame the Police for not doing their job? Or, are you going to blame the Politicians for not allowing the Police to do their job?


But I know the Real Truth – the Whole Truth – and Nothing but the Truth.
The Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain FELL, because the people got tired of being lied to. Every time the Russians showed the Riots in the USA on Russian TV, of young American people standing up against the Vietnam War, from Kent State, where several Students were shot by the National Guard, to MASSIVE DEMONSTRATIONS in front of the White House, to street protests throughout America that stretched for miles, to show how UGLY America was.
Instead, the Russian people saw in the videos, which were meant to show how wicked America was, was just the opposite. The Russians saw well-dressed young people wearing all forms of fashion. They saw beautiful cars on the road, gorgeous homes as part of a backdrop everywhere, stunning office buildings and beautiful apartment high-rises, which the Propaganda Videos couldn’t help to pick up with the demonstrations.
BUT MORE THAN THAT . . . They saw FREE-PEOPLE from coast to coast in America, standing against their government with zero ramifications considering the vast scope of the protests.


Russians who visited North America, many of whom worked on Commercial Ships, would run to the clothing stores, trading Vodka and Caviar, both of which were in plentiful supply in Russia, for name brand Denim Jeans, which didn’t exist in Russia, which they smuggled back into the Soviet Union to trade on the Black Market, as if the Jeans were made of Gold.
I had a friend in Montreal, who literally got filthy rich trading the Russians and other Members of the Iron Curtain for Caviar and Vodka in exchange for Jeans.
I HAVE JEWISH FRIENDS . . . who routinely visited relatives in Russia, who brought as many pairs of Jeans as they could carry, which bought all sorts of necessities their Russian relatives could otherwise never hope to afford.


The Russian people knew the TRUTH from the very videos, with which the Soviet Propagandists used to LIE to them. And as the saying goes – THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.
The IDIOT OFFSPRING of the IDIOT LEFTIST ADULTS weren’t even alive when the Soviet Union collapsed, and have learned all the CRAP they know today from LEFTIST Teachers, from Nursery School to Universities, where the Teachers are IMMUNE, because of their Union Contracts, Tenure and Pensions . . . from the consequences of the BS they've filled our young people’s heads with. BUT THE YOUNG PEOPLE AREN'T IMMUNE.
And as our young people finish School, whether High School or University, with a USELESS DEGREE, and/or with a SUFFOCATING DEBT, which they could never hope to get out from under, with no great job prospects with which to start their adult lives . . . eventually, they too will find the right people to blame.


The Media is focused on the incredible success of Bernie Sanders for the WRONG REASONS:
1 – The young people love the LEFTIST dribble of Bernie Sanders about all the FREE STUFF, and how he will stick it to the man, because they have no historical reference to the Soviet Union, which Sanders is basing his campaign upon.
The young people under the age of FORTY, have no inking how bad Socialism (Communism) was in Russia. And have no historical reference to the pain it caused. And if they followed the current policies of Russia, here and now, as I write this, every study the Russian Government has recently made, points an accusing finger to the current problems with the Russian Economy, to OVER REGULATION, which Putin has pledged to fix.
So, it’s not that the young people are in love with BERNIE Sanders, because he has such a great platform, but rather, they love him because they have no idea what his platform of FREE CRAP would give them. Or in his case . . . WOULDN’T GIVE THEM.
2 – The other thing the Media hasn’t gotten right, or has purposefully ignored about Sander’s Popularity, is that he isn’t so popular because he really has something of value to sell to the people, but rather, it‘s because HE ISN’T HILLARY CLINTON, where the TRUTH about her has already reached many of the STUPID and POORLY INFORMED youth, who haven’t figured it out yet, but are nonetheless partially waking-up.
SO, AS I SEE IT . . . as the campaign develops, and as the TRUTH becomes self-evident, there will be no shortage of STUPID AND ILL INFORMED people to support Hillary Clinton, or whomever else the LEFT puts forward, but it won’t make a difference, because just as the TRUTH destroyed the Soviet Union, it will destroy the American LEFT as well.
And when Trump says that he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . . . and that he will bring jobs back to America, that’s what the people want to hear. And as Bernie fades into the sunset, his supporters won’t go with Clinton, but rather, they will go with the man who will make America Great Again, instead of with the Pathological Liar . . . CROOKED HILLARY.
Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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Cause of Brazilian Microcephaly Outbreak


Cause of Brazilian Microcephaly Outbreak

The increase in this birth defect, in which the baby is born with an abnormally small head and often has brain damage, was quickly linked to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. However, according to the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, the Ministry failed to recognize that in the area where most sick people live, a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014. This poison, Pyriproxyfen, is used in a State-controlled program aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes.



Al Sharpton reported today that Walt Disney's new film called "Jet Black," the African-American version of "Snow White," has been canceled.
All of the 7 dwarfs: Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, Drive By, Homeboy and Shank have refused to sing "Hi Ho" because they say it offends black prostitutes.
 They also say they damn sure have no intention of singing "It's off to work we go." 



KrisAnne Hall

While Barack Hussein has been doing all he can to release Gitmo terrorists back to the battlefield, he has also been jailing our young heroes for defending themselves in combat

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While Barack Hussein has been doing all he can to release Gitmo terrorists back to the battlefield, he has also been jailing our young heroes for defending themselves in combat

How on earth is it possible for our young heroes in combat to find themselves in prison for defending their lives and the lives of their fellow soldiers from enemy combatants?
Barack Hussein has been doing exactly that. While releasing a steady stream of Gitmo enemy combatants over the past few years to return to the battlefield to kill more Americans and innocent civilians, he has  simultaneously kept the battlefield Rules of Engagement so confining that Americans in combat must be facing certain death before being permitted to defend themselves, and often facing certain death is not enough. Being charged with and convicted of murder is a very real possibility that our young heroes face daily, regardless of whether or not their actions saved American lives.
Let’s examine just three cases of American heroes now serving long prison sentences in federal prison for doing their jobs in a combat zone, namely protecting themselves and their soldiers….
1LT Clint Lorance: In 2012 LT Lorance had just replaced a platoon leader who had been killed in action just days before in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. That alone can make a man a bit anxious. He ordered his soldiers to fire on two suspected members of the Taliban, who were on motorcycles and who matched the description of known enemy combatants identified by a helicopter pilot who had seen them earlier scouting for Taliban forces. LT Lorance is now in federal prison, sentenced to 20 years.M
SGT Derrick Miller: In 2010 a National Guardsman from Hagerstown, MD, SGT Miller was ordered to interrogate a suspected enemy combatant who had penetrated his unit’s perimeter, which, in my opinion, removes the “suspected” descriptor. During the interrogation the “suspect” tried to take Miller’s firearm. They struggled for the weapon, resulting in the enemy combatant being fatally shot. SGT Miller was charged with murder, convicted, and is serving a LIFE sentence in federal prison. UNBELIEVABLE!
MSG John Hatley: Perhaps the most egregious of injustices involves MSG Hatley who had taken four prisoners during a combat operation in Iraq in 2007. MSG Hatley radioed ahead to notify officials that he was bringing in prisoners and was ordered to release them.
Two years later another NCO in the unit was in serious trouble and as a plea deal claimed that MSG Hatley murdered the prisoners he was ordered to release two years earlier. No witnesses, no bodies, no evidence. Just the hearsay statement of a scumbag who had great incentive to lie. MSG Hatley is now serving a LIFE sentence in federal prison.
While it is critically important that we remember those who have fallen on the field of battle to preserve the precious freedoms we Americans enjoy, it is also important to remember those who suffer every day, rotting in prisons for doing their job to preserve those very same precious freedoms.
From Fox News
The Obama administration is emptying the military’s Guantanamo Bay detention facility of avowed terrorists captured fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, but several American service members languish in another military prison for actions on those same battlefields that their supporters say merit clemency, if not gratitude.
Among the prison population at Fort Leavenworth, in Kansas, are remaining members of the so-called “Leavenworth 10,” convicted service members doing terms ranging from 10 to 40 years for heat-of-the-battle decisions their supporters say saved American lives.
“The very people who protect our freedoms and liberties are having their own freedoms and liberties taken away,” said retired U.S. Army Col. Allen West, a former congressman and political commentator. “I think it’s appalling and no one is talking about this issue.”
The “Leavenworth 10” is the name given to a fluctuating number of men housed at Leavenworth for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan that their supporters say were justified. Over the years, a handful have been paroled, and more have been incarcerated.
Among the more well-known cases is that of Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, who is serving a 20-year sentence for ordering his men to shoot two suspected Taliban scouts in July 2012 in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. Lorance had just taken command of the platoon after the prior leader and several others were killed days before. The Taliban suspects were on motorcycles and matched descriptions given by a pilot who flew over the area earlier and spotted them as scouts.
“The very people who protect our freedoms and liberties are having their own freedoms and liberties taken away.”
– Col. Allen West
A Facebook page devoted to Lorance’s case has drawn more than 12,000 likes, and supporters have launched a website,, dedicated to winning his release. A petition calling for Lorance to be pardoned garnered nearly 125,000 signatures, but the White House has not taken action.
Critics say Lorance was given a military trial, and his conviction was based in large part on the testimony of men serving under him.
It was September of 2010 when Sgt. Derrick Miller of Maryland, on a combat mission in a Taliban-held area of Afghanistan, was warned the unit’s base had been penetrated. An Afghan suspected of being an enemy combatant was brought to Miller for interrogation and wound up dead. Miller claimed the suspect tried to grab his gun and that he shot him in self-defense. But he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
U.S. Army Master Sgt. John Hatley — a highly decorated, 20-year vet who served in Operation Desert Storm and did another three tours during the Iraq War — also is serving a life sentence at Leavenworth. His conviction stems from an April, 2007, incident in Iraq in which he and his unit captured enemies following a firefight. He radioed a U.S. detention facility to notify officials he was bringing in four prisoners, but was ordered to let them go, according to his legal team.
Two years later, a sergeant who had served with Hatley, Jesse Cunningham, was facing charges for assaulting another officer and falling asleep at his post. As leverage for a plea deal, he told investigators that Hatley and two other officers had taken the insurgents to a remote location, blindfolded them and shot each in the back of the head. He claimed their bodies were dumped in a canal, though none was ever found.
Hatley, now 47, insists he and his men let the insurgents go, but believes he was punished in the interest of the government’s relations with Baghdad.
“When concerns over appeasing a foreign country are allowed to interfere with justice for the purpose of the U.S. government or the military demonstrating that we, the military or the U.S. government will hold our soldiers accountable using a fatally flawed military judicial system, it doesn’t matter what the truth is; it matters only that there is only the appearance of the truth,” he wrote in a message to supporters posted on
Law experts say military service members face a daunting task once accused of committing crimes in the heat of war.
“Killing on the battlefield is not the same as [a police officer] killing someone on the streets,” Dan Conway, an attorney who specializes in military law, told “When a cop uses force, there’s a line of duty investigation. When a soldier uses force, it is investigated as criminal, and non-infantry investigators handle the case, many who have no combat experience.
“If you had experts handling the investigation, you’d have much more balance,” he added.
While the military rightly holds its soldiers to a high standard of justice, detainees housed at Guantanamo Bay have been freed even with no mitigating circumstances or reasonable belief of rehabilitation. The release of Gitmo detainees began during the presidency of George W. Bush in 2005 when nearly 200 detainees were released before any tribunals were held.
According to a March 2015 memo released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, of the 647 detainees transferred or released, 17.9 percent were confirmed of re-engaging in extremist activity with another 10.7 percent suspected of doing the same.
Said Mohammad Alim Shah was repatriated to Afghanistan in March 2004. After his release, he was responsible for kidnapping two Chinese engineers, took credit for a hotel bombing in Islamabad and orchestrated a 2007 suicide attack that left 21 people dead.
Abdullah Ghoffor went back to Afghanistan at the same time and became a high-ranking Taliban commander who planned attacks against U.S. and Afghan forces before being killed in a raid.
Abdallah Salih al-Ajmi, a former detainee from Kuwait, committed a successful suicide attack in Mosul, Iraq, in March 2008. That came three years after he had been freed from Guantanamo and transferred to Kuwait, where a court acquitted him of terrorism charges.
West agrees that U.S. soldiers who commit crimes should be punished severely. But he said the military owes at least as much to men and women who risk their lives fighting for their country as it does to the unrepentant terrorist at Guantanamo Bay.
“The rules of engagement should be coming from the bottom up and not the other way around, to protect them against the scores of non-state combatants and enemies,” West said. “Gitmo is seen as this place of recruitment for jihadists and there are those trying to make us believe that Leavenworth is the same.”



Memorial Day Tribute (Video)



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Fox News poll: Americans believe the world is 'going to hell in a handbasket'; many realize Obama Administration is lying to them,

Obama Administration
(NaturalNews) If you have been watching national and world events and have been thinking that there seems to be an excessive amount of turmoil around the globe, take heart -- sort of. According to a new survey, you're certainly not alone, which is the good news. The bad news is, you're right.

According to a poll for Fox News, a majority -- 58 percent -- of voters believe the world is simply "going to hell in a handbasket," and that figure is bipartisan: 48 percent of Democrats feel that way, as do 61 percent of independents and 71 percent of Republicans. Just 35 percent, think that everything will work out and be okay.

As Fox News reported further:

Meanwhile, by a 61-36 percent margin, voters say they don't feel hopeful about the direction of the country. That's a reversal from 2012 when 57 percent felt hopeful. The shift is driven by a nearly 30-point drop among Democrats: 80 percent felt hopeful two years ago, while just 52 percent say the same now. In August 2012, Democrats were likely buoyed by Obama's re-election campaign.

All of these stats figure poorly for the party in the White House.

Really, though, both parties aren't faring well

In a recent economic speech at Northwestern University, President Obama said that, even though he was not up for election, his policies were. But, he might be glad that he isn't actually on the ballot; the survey said that more than half -- 53 percent -- would vote against his policies if they were actually up for election, a figure that includes one in six Democrats (17 percent).

In addition, 10 percent more respondents -- 49 percent to 39 percent -- believe that America is "worse off" now than before Obama was elected in 2008. And the president's job approval ratings are also at historic lows: Just 40 percent approve, while 52 percent disapprove of his job performance.

Also, a majority of voters still disapprove of his signature legislation -- Obamacare; 52 percent don't like the law, which is consistent with public opinion about the Affordable Care Act since it was passed. Also, a larger majority believes that the administration did not present the law honestly in order to get it passed (55 percent).

"Despite all that negative sentiment toward the administration, the poll shows Republicans have failed to make significant gains this election season -- mostly because voters think they stink too," Fox News reported, reflecting a trend among voters that there is angst over both major parties.

For instance, the survey found that the perception of the Republican Party -- the party of Lincoln -- is more negative than positive, by 18 points (36 percent favorable compared to 54 percent unfavorable). But then you get that, in large part, when the entire entertainment industry and pop culture denigrate Republicans incessantly. If you don't believe that, imagine for a moment if Hollywood, the entertainment industry and pop culture were conservative -- do you think perceptions of the Democrat Party would be largely positive or negative?

Voters want flights banned from West Africa, too

Still, a generic ballot test indicates that more voters prefer GOP candidates than Democrat candidates in their respective House districts, though the difference is small -- 45-42 percent, which is actually well within the poll's margin of error. And, just a couple of weeks ago, that gap was larger -- 7 points larger -- 47-40 percent, among likely voters.

Voters are also out of step with the administration, as well leading Democrat and Republican politicians, regarding a flight ban from Ebola-infected nations. The president, as well as the country's top health officials and the leaders in both parties, has said such a ban is not wise, prudent or even possible -- which, of course, is false, given the fact that scores of other nations -- many of them African nations -- have already closed off travel from the three worst-hit West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

According to Fox News, "by a 60-35 percent margin, voters say the U.S. should ban flights from countries where the virus has broken out. That includes majorities of Republicans (70 percent), Democrats (57 percent) and independents (52 percent)."

About half (46 percent) of American voters now believe that the Obama Administration is withholding information about Ebola. An even larger number (60 percent) believe that the government is hiding information pertaining to "Islamic State" jihadists.




CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT WITH JOHN B. WELLS, GUEST: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts & Joel Richardson,


Obama's Legacy: The WORST Jobs Disaster In U.S. History


Obama's Legacy: The WORST Jobs Disaster In U.S. History

Obama Has Created The Worst Jobs Disaster In U.S. History
And the numbers aren't even close.

When Barack Obama took office in January 2009, the percentage of American who had jobs or were actively seeking jobs was 65.7%. That figure has plummeted like never before on Obama’s watch. 
This jobs metric—the labor force participation rate—is the real picture of America's economy. The preposterously low unemployment rate is achieved simply by refusing to count the vast majority of 94 million Americans who aren't in the labor force as "unemployed."
Under the far superior labor force participation rate, which is based on the entire working age population (rather than the two-thirds politicians show you), Obama is by far the worst thing that ever happened to Americans’ job prospects.
 Instead of focusing on jobs, Obama allowed the Federal Reserve to run hog wild in an all-out effort to prop up bankrupt too-big-to-fail financial institutions, quadrupling the monetary base since 2009. All of that money went to Wall Street and its foreign counterpart banks.
The graph above shows how the 12 presidents rank since the Bureau of Labor and Statistics starting tracking the labor force participation rate in 1948. What's astonishing is that the above graph vastly understates the corrosion in job prospects for Americans, as we shall see in a forthcoming companion post.
Written by Daily Bail reporter and documentary filmmaker John Titus





Justice with Judge Jeanine 5/28/16 FULL: Battle for The White House:, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton,


Flesh eating bug caused by ISIS dumping rotting bodies in Syrian streets is now spreading across the Middle East as millions flee terror,

VIDEO: Ronald Reagan’s famous Memorial Day speech. “Those who say we are in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look” VIDEO: Ronald Reagan’s famous Memorial Day speech., “Those who say we are in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look,”

VIDEO: Ronald Reagan’s famous Memorial Day speech. “Those who say we are in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look”
God Bless all those who have fallen so that I might be free.
God Bless the families of our fallen heroes who will suffer forever without their loved one’s near.
God Bless the spirit of this wonderful nation, founded upon the principle of individual liberty.
God Bless the memory of all those who have fallen. May their supreme sacrifices not be in vain.
God Bless America!

Obamas Moving Next Door To Islamic Center in WASHINGTON DC ?

The Obamas are moving in next door to one of D.C.’s most prominent mosques.

Much has been said about the Obamas staying in Washington D.C. after moving out of the White House, but there’s more to the story.

The $5.3 million home that the Obamas have settled on, in an affluent neighborhood of the nation’s capitol, also just happens to be about 1,000 feet away from a prominent Islamic center.
“The mammoth, multi-million-dollar mansion where President Barack Obama and his family will reportedly live after the first family exits the White House is located 1,096 feet from the Islamic Center of Washington — one of the largest mosques in the Western Hemisphere.
“Both Obama’s new digs and the Islamic Center are located in the fancypants northwest Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama.
“The Islamic Center is a tremendous resource for the District’s Muslim community. ‘It provides Qur’an and Islamic Literature and distribution of such publications that would create awareness and knowledge of Islamic Truth,’ according to the center’s website.”
While this development will surely be ignored by the mainstream media, it comes to no surprise to those of us who have been paying attention for the last eight years.
You can read more here.
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