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After 62 years, couple forced to live apart

Wolf and Anita Gottschalk have been married for 62 years.
Wolf and Anita Gottschalk have been married for 62 years.
A lot of people have suddenly discovered grit in their eyes after seeing a photo of an elderly Canadian couple crying as they say goodbye to each other.
Granddaughter Ashley Bartyik shared the photo to highlight the plight of Wolf and Anita Gottschalk, who have spent the last eight months living in separate care homes against their will after 62 years of marriage, the CBC reports.
"They cry every time they see each other, and it is heartbreaking," Bartyik writes in a Facebook post, pleading for the Fraser Health authority in Surrey, British Columbia, to reunite the couple before 83-year-old Wolf's dementia worsens and his memory of Anita, 81, fades.
He was moved to a different home in January because he needs a higher level of care. The couple now live about 30 minutes apart and relatives try to make sure they see each other every couple of days.
Bartyik says her grandmother is "just begging anyone that can help her get her husband back"—and after 62 years together, they "deserve to spend their last moments in the same building." "This is a heartbreaking situation for the family, and it's quite upsetting for us as well," a spokeswoman for Fraser Health tells CNN.
"We are committed to reuniting the couple and we hope to do so within the next few weeks." (Cops who checked up on this elderly couple in Italy ended up performing an act of kindness.)
This article originally appeared on Newser: After 62 Years, Couple Forced to Live Apart

Zika: Brazil Admits It’s Not the Virus

Zika MosquitoDr. Mercola, Guest
Waking Times

Amidst growing fear-based propaganda warning of the threat of Zika virus comes a quiet admission from health officials in Brazil: Zika alone may not be responsible for the rise in birth defects that plagued parts of the country.
While there is some evidence suggesting Zika virus may be linked to the birth defect microcephaly, and the virus has been spreading throughout Brazil, rates of the condition have only risen to very high rates in the northeast section of Brazil.
Since the virus has spread throughout Brazil, but extremely high rates of microcephaly have not, officials are now being forced to admit that something else is likely at play.
Dr. Fatima Marinho, director of information and health analysis at Brazil’s ministry of health, told the journal Nature, “We suspect that something more than Zika virus is causing the high intensity and severity of cases.”1

Nearly 90 Percent of Brazil Microcephaly Cases Occurred in the Northeast

Since last November, more than 1,700 confirmed cases of congenital microcephaly or other birth defects of the central nervous system have been reported in Brazil.
When the cases first began and were reportedly linked to Zika virus, health officials believed they’d see “an explosion of birth defects” across Brazil, according to Marinho.2 But that hasn’t happened.
Data compiled by Marinho and colleagues, which has been submitted for publication, suggest socio-economic factors may be involved. Most of the women who gave birth to babies with microcephaly were poor and lived in small cities or on the outskirts of big cities.
In addition, the outbreak occurred in a largely poverty-stricken agricultural area of Brazil that uses large amounts of banned pesticides.
Between these factors and the lack of sanitation and widespread vitamin A and zinc deficiency, you have the basic framework for an increase in poor health outcomes among newborn infants in that area.
Environmental pollution and toxic pesticide exposure have been positively linked to a wide array of adverse health effects, including birth defects. For instance:
Vitamin A deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of microcephaly3
The CDC lists malnutrition and exposure to toxic chemicals as known risk factors4
The CDC also notes certain infections during pregnancy, including rubella, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis and others, are risk factors

Data Is Lacking to Cronfirm Zika-Microcephaly Link

It’s also been suggested that microcephaly may be the result of Zika virus occurring alongside other infections, such as dengue and chikungunya.
The Brazilian doctor who first reportedly established the link between Zika virus and microcephaly is even considering whether another disease, Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), may be involved, as BVDV proteins were also detected in the brains of three fetuses with microcephaly.
BVDV causes birth defects in cattle but is not known to infect people. Researchers suggested that infection with Zika virus may make it easier for BVDV to infect humans.5
Adding to the complexities, much of the microcephaly data from Brazil comes from incomplete hospital reports. In most cases, tests to confirm Zika infection were not carried out.
In June 2016, the Zika in Infants and Pregnancy Study was launched in Puerto Rico. It aims to monitor up to 10,000 pregnant women to examine Zika virus along with nutritional, socio-economic and environmental factors and their potential link to birth defects. However, the results of a similar study have only raised further doubts.

12,000 Zika Cases Confirmed in Pregnant Colombian Women — Zero Microcephaly Cases

According to a report by the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), there are serious questions about whether Zika virus is the cause of microcephaly. They cite the preliminary results of a New England Journal of Medicine study, which followed nearly 12,000 pregnant Colombian women infected with Zika virus.6
No cases of microcephaly were reported in their babies as of May 2016, yet four cases of microcephaly were reported among women who had Zika infection with no symptoms and were therefore not included in the study.
The researchers then speculated that this means there could be four times as many cases of Zika infection that are unreported, for a total of at least 60,000 Zika-infected pregnancies in Colombia.
Using this data, an analysis revealed the rate of microcephaly to be what would be expected in any area, whether Zika is in the picture or not, which is 2 cases in 10,000 births.7 According to NECSI:8
“This gives a consistent interpretation that there is no direct link between Zika and microcephaly except for random co-occurrence.
We note that the base rate of microcephaly in the absence of Zika is 140 per year in Colombia, which is consistent with the approximately 50 microcephaly cases in the first [four] months of 2016, only [four] of which have been connected to Zika. When interpreting Zika as the cause, background cases must be subtracted.”
By June 2016, 11 total microcephaly cases had been reported in women with Zika infections in Colombia. If Zika and microcephaly are linked, NECSI pointed out that the total number of microcephaly cases should rise dramatically in the next few months, reaching more than 10 microcephaly-Zika births each week.9
NECSI also suggested, “An alternative cause of microcephaly in Brazil could be the pesticide pyriproxyfen, which is cross-reactive with retinoic acid, which causes microcephaly, and is being used in drinking water.”10

WHO Expert: Zika Response ‘Completely Hysterical’

Florence Fouque, a World Health Organization (WHO) expert on animals that carry viruses, called the public response to the Zika virus “completely hysterical.”11 She blamed the hysteria on the findings that the virus affects pregnant women and can be sexually transmitted.
“It’s like AIDS,” she told PRI. “People make this link and that’s why they are really afraid.”12 At one restaurant in downtown Miami, Florida, where a handful of Zika cases were detected in August 2016, insect repellent was placed on all the tables.13
Even Oliver Brady, an epidemiologist with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who was asked by Brazilian officials to assess the Zika-microcephaly situation, said there’s no conclusive evidence that Zika causes birth defects in humans.
He told PRI that while animal studies have shown the virus attacks brain cells, this isn’t “final proof:”14
“You see that with a lot of arboviruses [viruses spread by mosquitoes and other insects] … They have pathogenic qualities and if you put them in the right tissue then they will cause some sort of damage. And they tend to be quite transmissible across a variety of barriers anyway.
So it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the mechanism that’s happening out there in the field, even if it does work in the lab.”
Zika Brazil 1

National Institutes of Health Launches Trial for Experimental Zika Vaccine

The U.S. is among those ignoring data and rushing to launch a vaccine against Zika virus before it’s even known whether it’s causing birth defects. What is known, however, is that experimental vaccines have real risks, which are often downplayed in the wake of perceived global “emergencies” such as Zika.
In August 2016, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced it launched a clinical trial of an experimental Zika vaccine — again, before there is conclusive proof that Zika causes microcephaly.
Eighty healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35 will be vaccinated with varying doses of the experimental vaccine. No placebos will be given. The vaccine is said to be similar to a West Nile Virus vaccine that was previously developed by the NIH, but has not yet been approved. This alone should be a red flag, as should the disastrous outcome of the CYD-TDV vaccine, the first dengue vaccine approved by WHO in April 2016.

Dengue Vaccine Hints at Potential Problems With Zika Vaccines

Dr. Scott B. Halstead, former senior adviser of the Dengue Vaccine Initiative and the founder of Children’s Vaccine Initiative, told the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy:15
“It’s happened. We have a vaccine that enhances dengue … It’s clear as the nose on my face: Vaccine recipients less than 5 years old had five to seven times more rates of hospitalizations for severe dengue virus than placebo controls.”
He’s referring to the results of a three-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine,16 which suggest the vaccine causes antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Halstead explained:17 “Over time, you make and keep protective levels of antibody from the initial infection, but you lose the cross-reactive antibodies … That allows a second dengue infection to cause severe illness … ”

At this point, it’s unknown how this relates to Zika virus, but it’s possible that pre-existing immunity to dengue may lead to more severe infection with Zika virus. The University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy quoted concerns voiced by Dr. Philip K. Russell, the former director of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and commander of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command, as well as founding president and chairman of the Sabin Vaccine Institute:

“Russell said that the fact that Zika is occurring in areas where dengue has been endemic hints at a serious potential problem with ADE and Zika vaccine development. ‘The current epidemic of Zika, which is usually mild disease, is made a lot worse in these populations,’ Russell said. ‘I think there’s a major effect, but the studies haven’t been done yet to sort that out.’

More Toxic Exposures Are Not the Answer

Many areas are ramping up pesticide spraying to combat Zika virus. A Clean Water Act permit is generally required to spray pesticides in areas where they might end up in water. The permit is intended to keep the toxic chemicals from contaminating water, but now the Zika virus has been used as an excuse to do away with this common-sense precaution.
The language was inserted into the Zika Vector Control Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives. It would exempt pesticide applicators from needing a Clean Water Act permit, even when spraying near water. Critics argued the bill would do little to help fight Zika virus, since mosquito-control agencies already have authority to apply pesticides in emergency situations to prevent the spread of infectious disease without applying for permits.
Opponents say the bill has nothing to do with combating Zika and, instead, has been on the table for years, with the majority pushing for its passage “under whatever name” was convenient at the time.18 A White House spokesman also said it hasn’t ruled out relaxing restrictions on some pesticides to fight Zika.19
By removing requirements for permits when spraying pesticides near water, it’s likely the use of these chemicals will skyrocket, including via aerial spraying, which was recently started in Miami, Florida.
Zika Brazil

Aerial Mosquito Spraying May Increase Autism Risk

Unfortunately, many may suffer as a result. In research presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 Meeting, aerial pesticide exposure was linked to an increased risk of developmental delays and autism spectrum disorder among children.20 The study compared children living in zip codes where aerial pesticide spraying was used each summer to combat mosquitoes that carry the eastern equine encephalitis virus with children living in non-aerial-spraying zip codes.
Children exposed to the aerial pesticide spraying were about 25 percent more likely to be diagnosed with autism or have a documented developmental delay than those living in areas that used other methods of pesticide application (such as manual spreading of granules).
If authorities use the supposed threat of Zika to increase aerial spraying, it could increase children’s risk of brain disorders, which is the opposite of what anti-Zika campaigns are supposed to achieve.

Mosquito Experts Admit Zika Threat Risk ‘Near Zero’

Even mosquito experts are questioning the extent of emergency that actually exists. Chris Barker, Ph.D., a mosquito-borne virus researcher at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, told WebMD:21 “I think the risk for Zika actually setting up transmission cycles that become established in the continental U.S. is near zero.”
Barker expects Zika to go the way of other tropical diseases spread by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever and chikungunya, in the U.S. with small clusters of outbreaks in southern states and little activity elsewhere. You needn’t go dousing your backyard in chemicals in an attempt to stay safe from Zika virus (whose connection to birth defects is still being explored).
If, however, mosquitoes are bothersome for you, draining standing water, including pet bowls, gutters, garbage and recycling bins, spare tires, bird baths, children’s toys and so on, is important.
This is where mosquitoes breed, so if you eliminate standing water you’ll eliminate many mosquitoes. A simple house fan could also help keep mosquitoes at bay if you’re having a get-together in your backyard or, for a longer-term solution, try installing a bat house (bats are voracious consumers of insects, especially mosquitoes). Regularly consuming garlic may also help protect against mosquito bites, as may the following natural insect repellants:
Cinnamon leaf oil (one study found it was more effective at killing mosquitoes than DEET22)
Clear liquid vanilla extract mixed with olive oil
Wash with citronella soap, and then put some 100 percent pure citronella essential oil on your skin. Java Citronella is considered the highest quality citronella on the market
Catnip oil (according to one study, this oil is 10 times more effective than DEET23)

VIDEO, A CANSPIRICY, Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Alex Jones on ‘Pickle-Gate’ Jimmy Kimmel responded to Alex Jones' claim that Hillary's pickle jar was pre-opened

Jimmy Kimmel responded to Alex Jones’ claim that Hillary’s pickle jar was pre-opened.
If you weren’t aware, there is currently a slew of rumors and conspiracy theories swirling around Hillary Clinton’s health. More importantly, there’s a controversy over her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and how she handles a pickle jar. Kimmel is surprised by it, but he’s stepped upon the hornets nest with his latest segment on the subject. A hornet’s nest owned by Alex Jones.
Jones posted a seven-minute video on the pickle “can” and how Clinton opened it during the segment, taking to it like the Zapruder film and putting out one of his finest performances. It isn’t close to his tirade on being a human being, but it is close. There seems to be an issue about the jar not popping or her opening it like a peanut butter jar, all which seems very odd to focus on but continues on for seven minutes.
Kimmel has fun with it, first showing how the jar was handled backstage by his crack head of security, Guillermo, and then he got serious for a heated message to Jones himself. A poor pickle jar ends up getting its existence snuffed out on national television, all thanks to Jones and his conspiracy theories. Then again, most will take one broken pickle jar over whatever his opinion on 9/11 continues to be.
Focusing on the jar as an indication of Clinton’s health seems silly, even if it was staged. We said it was a sign she was healthy, but this is a late night television interview. Even if she isn’t healthy, it doesn’t automatically mean, “go vote for Donald Trump.” Although, Jones does make a good case for Trump’s health, so who knows.

HERE WE GO AGAIN !, Clinton's full State Dept. schedule won't be released until after Election Day,LIE AND STALL,

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes cellphone photos with people in the audience at a campaign event at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nev., Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes cellphone photos with people in the audience at a campaign event at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nev., Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) (Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistribu)
Seven months after a federal judge ordered the State Department to begin releasing monthly batches of the detailed daily schedules showing meetings by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, the government told The Associated Press it won't finish the job before Election Day.
The department has so far released about half of the schedules. Its lawyers said in a phone conference with the AP's lawyers that the department now expects to release the last of the detailed schedules around Dec. 30, weeks before the next president is inaugurated.
The AP's lawyers late Friday formally asked the State Department to hasten that effort so that the department could provide all Clinton's minute-by-minute schedules by Oct. 15. The agency did not immediately respond.
The schedules drew new attention this week after the AP analyzed the ones released so far. The news agency found that more than half the people outside the government who met or spoke by telephone with Clinton while she was secretary of state had given money — either personally or through companies or groups — to the Clinton Foundation. The AP's analysis focused on people with private interests and excluded her meetings or calls with U.S. federal employees or foreign government representatives.
The AP's reporting was based on official calendars covering Clinton's entire term plus the more-detailed daily schedules covering roughly half her time as secretary of state. The AP first asked for Clinton's calendars in 2010 and again in 2013. It then sued the State Department in federal court to obtain the detailed schedules, and the department so far has provided about half of them under court order.
Clinton has said the AP's analysis was flawed because it did not account fully for all meetings and phone calls during her entire term as secretary. She also said the analysis should have included meetings with federal employees and foreign diplomats. The AP said it focused on her meetings with outsiders because those were more discretionary, as Clinton would normally meet with federal officials and foreign officials as part of her job.
The latest headlines on the 2016 elections from the biggest name in politics. See Latest Coverage →
Clinton said she met with people outside government regardless of whether they gave money or charitable commitments to her family's charity.
"These are people I would be proud to meet with, as any secretary of state would have been proud to meet with, to hear about their work and their insights," Clinton said this week on CNN.
With the foundation drawing continued attention, Clinton promised Friday to put in place additional safeguards to prevent conflicts of interest with the charity should she win the White House.
The foundation issue, along with continued focus on her use of a private email server, has dogged Clinton politically throughout the week, drawing strong criticism from opponent Donald Trump.
Former President Bill Clinton said last week that if she is elected president, the foundation will no longer accept foreign or corporate donations.
The State Department is now estimating there are about 2,700 pages of schedules left. Under its process, it is reviewing and censoring them page-by-page to remove personal details such as private phone numbers or email addresses. In some cases it has censored names of people who met privately with Clinton or the subjects they discussed.
A State Department spokeswoman, Elizabeth Trudeau, declined to discuss the ongoing case and noted the agency is struggling with thousands of public records requests.
In court, the AP in December had asked U.S. District Judge Richard Leon to order the State Department to produce specific percentages of the remaining schedules every 30 days under a formula so that all would be released before the presidential primary elections were complete.
Instead, because the State Department said it did not know how many pages were left, Leon ordered it in January to release at least 600 pages of schedules every 30 days. Each 600-page group covers about three months of Clinton's tenure.
Under the present rate, a government attorney working on behalf of the State Department notified the AP's lawyers, it will take about four and one-half months — or until Dec. 30 — to release all the remaining schedules through the end of Clinton's term, in February 2013. The government's notice late Thursday was the first time the State Department has provided the AP with a measure of how many pages were remaining and when it expected to complete the job.
It was unclear whether the judge will reconsider his earlier decision and order faster results. In the AP's lawsuit over other Clinton-related files, Leon has said it would be "ridiculous" to allow the State Department to delay until even weeks before the election. He also cited "mounting frustration that this is a project where the State Department may be running out the clock."

HORRIFIC EXECUTION: Video shows ISIS 'cubs' gunning down Kurds

Hitlery may soon have to answer for the missing $6 billion from the State Dept., Just another scandal. Nothing to see here, folks,. Move along,


by Thomas Madison
6 billion
H/T Joe LaVeque
So, exactly how long must we endure the charade that Hitlery Clinton is a competent, honest, trustworthy individual, worthy of the office of President of the United States?
I don't care how the Alphabet Network Club forces the "sweet and benevolent Hillary" narrative down the throats of the mouth-breathing morons who slurp the media slop willfully and beg for more, Hitlery Clinton is a corrupt, incompetent, vile, nasty criminal of a witch, and you would have to have just returned to Earth from Mars to not know that. Or you would have to be simply mentally unfit to enter a voting booth.
Six billion dollars disappeared under Hitlery's watch as Secretary of State, which is an incomprehensible amount of money to most Americans. This is how much money $6,000,000,000 is....
According to the 2010 census there are an average of 2.58 people per American household. Six billion dollars would pay each and every household in a city of 154,800 people $100,000. Think of the things your family could do with $100,000.
Six billion dollars is enough money to pay every family (household) in Philadelphia or Phoenix $10,000 each. Every single family in a large American city! It is YUUUUGE money, and under Hitlery's leadership at the State Department it all simply disappeared. No accountability whatsoever. And yet she is not only running for President of the United States, she is leading according to the major pollsters, possibly another bit of liberal corruption underway. And there will be much, much more corruption and it will get worse as long as the Wicked Witch of Benghazi is in any position of power and authority.
According to The Daily Caller in the article below Hitlery may soon be forced to answer questions, hopefully under oath, regarding the missing fortune.
Each and every person in the United States who votes for such a vile, corrupt, incompetent, and sick person as Hitlery for president should have their voting rights revoked and/or forcibly exiled for treason.
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may soon have to answer questions about an estimated $6 billion in contract mismanagement, fraud and incompetence that happened under her watch at the Department of State.
Non-profit government watchdog Cause of Action Institute (CofA) filed a Freedom of Information Act request Friday for records related to a March 2014 management alert issued by the department’s Inspector General (IG).
“The total value of the contracts the [IG] reviewed exceeded $6 billion,” the CofA’s FOIA request said. “Many of these cases arose during the tenure of Secretary Hillary Clinton.” Clinton was the country’s top diplomat from January 2009 to February 2013.
The IG alert that unveiled the mismanagement was based on three investigations and two contract-related audits.
The alert revealed that State Department officials lost contract files and maintained incomplete contract files, thus exposing taxpayers “to substantial financial losses.” Federal law and State Department policy requires maintenance of all files required to document a government procurement from start to finish.
In a blistering summary, the IG alert said such failures create “conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file. It impairs the ability of the department to take effective and timely action to protect its interests and, in turn, those of taxpayers. Finally, it limits the ability of the government to punish and deter criminal behavior.”
Among the examples cited by the IG were:
  •  Modifications and task orders were awarded to a company owned by the spouse of the State Department official managing the $52 million contract. The contract’s file was missing documentation reflecting those modifications and task orders, an IG investigation uncovered.
  • A State Department contracting officer on a contract valued at $100 million falsified technical review information and provided the contractor with advance pricing information.
  • Forty-eight of the 82 files the IG reviewed related to $2.1 billion in contracts supporting the U.S. mission in Iraq lacked required documentation.
  • None of the files reviewed by the IG for eight contracts issued by the department’s Bureau of African Affairs and valued at $34.8 million contained required documentation.
The CofAI said “the public has a significant interest in knowing whether the department implemented the recommendations the [IG] made in its previous reports … the requested records will further inform the public about the resolution of contract management problems with the Department of State.”
The State Department has 20 working days to prepare an initial response to CofAI’s request.


A green sea turtle is seen off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.
A green sea turtle is seen off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. (Reuters)
President Obama, with the stroke of a pen, created the world's largest ocean reserve on Friday off Hawaii, days after designating a massive federal monument in Maine – moves that have angered local lawmakers who accuse the president of disregarding the impact on residents. 
Obama used a presidential proclamation to expand the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii by over 400,000 square miles. The preserve now stretches 582,578 square miles, the world's largest marine protected area. 
"The expansion provides critical protections for more than 7,000 marine species ... [and] will allow scientists to monitor and explore the impacts of climate change on these fragile ecosystems," the White House said in a statement, citing the support of Sen. Brian Schatz and "prominent Native Hawaiian leaders." 
But the decision drew sharp criticism from the fishing industry and even fellow Democrats, as it will drastically expand the area where commercial fishing and drilling is banned. 
Former Democratic Gov. George Ariyoshi said at a rally last month that it came down to the question of who actually owned the ocean.
“The ocean belongs to us,” Ariyoshi reportedly said. “We ought to be the ones who decide what kind of use to make of the ocean.”
Representatives from the fishing industry warn the move will increase prices and imports, The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported. All commercial extraction activities will be prohibited within the area, though non-commercial fishing is allowed by permit. 
The regional council that manages U.S. waters in the Pacific Islands said the decision "serves a political legacy" rather than a conservation benefit.
"Closing 60 percent of Hawaii's waters to commercial fishing, when science is telling us that it will not lead to more productive local fisheries, makes no sense," said Edwin Ebiusi Jr., chairman of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council. "Today is a sad day in the history of Hawaii's fisheries and a negative blow to our local food security."
The Pew Charitable Trusts, which supported the expansion, gave an idea of how big the area truly is, saying more than three Californias could be squeezed into it:  
According to the Star Advertiser, the idea was proposed to Obama by Native Hawaiian leaders, who argued the waters in the area contained sharks and large predatory fish that have been overfished in other areas and were in need of protection. The move has also been backed by environmentalists and some scientists. 
Other Democrats praised Obama’s action, with Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, calling it “one of the most important actions an American president has ever taken for the health of the oceans.”
How big is Hawaii’s new expanded marine monument? THIS BIG.

With the announcement, Obama will have created or expanded 26 national monuments. The administration said Obama has protected more acreage through national monument designations than any other president.
Obama will travel to Midway Atoll, within the monument, on Thursday as part of a visit to Hawaii next week. His visit will come after he addresses leaders from the Pacific Island Conference of Leaders and the IUCN World Conservation Congress.
The monument was first designated by President George W. Bush in 2006.
The announcement came after Obama used his executive authority to create the National Park Service’s newest national monument at Katahdin Woods and Waters in Maine. The new monument was created as part of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the National Park Service.
The White House said the monument will protect 87,500 acres and will bolster the forest’s resilience against the impact of climate change. 
The monument's creation, though, was opposed by state lawmakers and critics who warn it will hinder efforts to rebuild a forest-based economy in the region. 
“President Obama is once again taking unilateral action against the will of the people, this time the citizens of rural Maine,” Republican Gov. Paul LePage said. “The Legislature passed a resolution opposing a National Monument in the North Woods, members of Maine’s Congressional delegation opposed it and local citizens voted against it repeatedly."
The move also was opposed by Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Bruce Poliquin, both Republicans. 
“Our local job creators—not Washington bureaucrats—know best how to use our working forests and provide proper access for industries to create more jobs including those in the outdoor recreation businesses, like snowmobiling, hunting, rafting, camping and so on,” Poliquin said in a statement.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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