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,U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Officials just told Trump that illegals are being allowed to vote, & that’s why, Obama won’t deport criminals.


 My fellow Americans, Our founding fathers are watching. Tyranny is here because we failed to preserve our Republic. It’s going to get real. – Jared Wyand
Apparently, Virginia isn’t just for lovers… It’s also for voter fraud! Thousand of Illegal Aliens Registered to Vote in THIS STATE! Even though they are officially “ineligible,” thousands of illegal immigrants are fully registered to vote in the state of Virginia, thanks to their Moter Voter program.
This bombshell study from the Public Interest Legal Foundation shows that in 9 counties alone, 1,046 non-alien citizens were registered to vote thanks to the program and the National Voter Registration Act of 1983.
The Motor Voter law requires that everyone who receives drivers license applicants must be given the chance to register to vote simply by checking a box on the form.
These illegal voters were only caught by accident… which raises the question: How many more illegal immigrants are also registered? If they wouldn’t have admitted their illegal status, no one would know today.
Voter ID won’t even stop them, because these illegal aliens are given drivers licenses when they register their cars. Clearly, this is just the tip of the iceberg:
The report also reveals some of these aliens have been casting ballots. From the report:
Even in this small sample, when the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls. Each one of them is likely a felony. Again, this is from just a small sampling of Virginia counties. Each of the aliens we have discovered to have registered or voted has likely committed a felony. Will the Justice Department act now that their names, registration records and dates of voting are herein provided?
This is in a state where Republican Mark Obenshain lost his race for Attorney General in 2013 by 165 votes. Mark Herring, the Democrat who beat him, has distinguished himself by bringing Eric Holder-style lawlessness to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

But alas we don’t have the full story because the state electoral board instructed local election officials to cover it up. The PILF report:
The responses [to records requests] were nearly identical and soon it became clear that they were orchestrated by Edgardo Cortes, the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Elections, and an appointee of Governor McAuliffe. According to numerous county election officials, Commissioner Cortes had issued guidance to them, instructing them not to respond to our requests for records pertaining to non-citizen voters. Some election officials kindly provided us the original communications from Cortes.
Cortes was an employee of the Advancement Project before his time as a state employee.





By: Devvy
October 8, 2016

Somehow an old 11-year old piece of film was magically unearthed of Donald Trump and Billy Bush (who I never heard of until the recording was released) engaged in a conversation neither knew was being recorded. In context, Trump was on a bus with seven people. Trump was to appear on some silly soap opera. When they got to the ABC lot and getting off the bus is when Trump and Bush yakked it up.

Billy Bush works for NBC and is being equally ripped over this comments during the exchange with calls for him to be fired. Billy Bush: ‘Sheesh, your girl's hot as s***. In the purple.’ And: Bush: ‘Yeah those legs. All I can see is the legs.’ Bush was married at that time but didn't seem to have a problem with his comments. Now he's contrite. A big paycheck at stake.

Judging by the hysteria one would think Trump admitted to raping and killing a dozen nuns in Time Square.

Immediately RAT Paul Ryan canceled his appearance today at a scheduled rally with Trump and Gov. Scott Walker. (Trump's camp announced he would not be attending his own event but Pence would get the unenviable task of surrogate.) One can only pray during the Sunday night debate Trump humbles himself with an apology because sure as the sun shines Clinton and the moderators are going to shove this down his throat as many times as they can get away with it. Trump should say I'm sorry one time and refuse to respond to any more flack. One time and press on during the debate about the issues.

Still the best candidate’: Some evangelicals still back Trump despite lewd video: "On Friday night, Trump released a video apologizing for his comments, calling them “foolish” and saying he pledges to “be a better man tomorrow.”

The other list of altar boys and girls screaming Trump should step down as the nominee:

Republican Speaker Paul Ryan, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Utah Senator Mike Lee, Arizona Senator John McCain, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Minnesota Congressman Erik Paulsen, Illinois Congressman Robert Dold

Well, it is an election year so the holier-than-thou crew have to let the voters know how indignant they are over such language.

I read the entire transcript. No one knows when Trump 'made a move' on the woman in the conversation or even if it ever happened. How many guys have made big macho ungentlemanly talk just to brag? The recording was in 2005. Trump was married to Melania at the time and remarked in the transcript she said it was okay to hug someone named Zucker.

What I heard played on the stupid tube last night and reading the transcript is nothing I haven't heard from men on construction sites. While I haven't been in a men's locker room, likely you will hear comments like that from players who didn't 'make a score' with some female or making crude remarks about someone they would like to 'bang'. Not all ball players use less than acceptable language in the locker room but anyone who says it doesn't go on is either a liar or naive.

And, here's a news flash for all the hens out there screeching: I've heard worse from women at the beauty parlor, oh, excuse me, I guess PC would be spa. I've heard worse from women at many different venues. I had a life before I began my truth journey full time 26 years ago. I don't live in a cocoon. Women can be just as vicious when flaying men and just as graphic in their language over 'hunks' and their body parts.

Flashback: Megyn Kelly Discusses Her Husband's Penis and Her Breasts on Howard Stern - part of the transcript, rest at link

"During a funny and flippant interview with SiriusXM host Howard Stern in 2010, Kelly talked about her breasts and how big her husband's penis was, and how much she liked aloof alpha bad boys.
"Did you ever think about being a stripper?” Stern asked. “Ever in your life?”
Kelly laughed, saying, “No, and I don't think I’d be very good at it. No, no, no.”
“Would you ever get implants?” Stern said.
“No, I don't think so,” Kelly said.
“Those are real breasts,” Stern continued.
“Yeah, these are real. I mean, they don't look fake, please–” Kelly said, as Stern said, “Wow.” “When I got pregnant–”
“Well, you're a C-cup, aren't you?” Stern asked. “You are.”
Kelly laughed. “My husband calls them ‘killer Bs’.”
“Oh, they're Bs. They look like Cs to me, don't they? Tell her where that bra store is. They'll upgrade her,” Stern joked.
“Did you ever feel pressure–” Stern began while Kelly replied: “We used to call them ‘Killer Bs,’ then when I got pregnant they became ‘Swimmin’ Cs,’ and Doug was frolicking in the ocean.”

Kelly then goes on to exchange banter with Stern about the size of her husband's manhood.

"On October 13, 2004 O’Reilly was sued in a sexual harassment lawsuit for $60,000,000 by his former producer named Andrea Mackris. Mackris was an employee of Fox from 2000, with lawsuit documents showing O’Reilly’s rabid sexual harassment began in May 2002 and continued until September 2004. Mackris filed a wild document full of O’Reilly’s exploits. The fallout was immense, with O’Reilly counter-suing Mackris for extortion before finally settling the lawsuit for an untold amount of money that is generally believed to have been in the millions of dollars. I suppose that I could stop there with the story, but what fun would that be?

"Before the case was settled a salacious 22-page document was presented to the court where Mackris was said to have various audio recordings of O’Reilly calling her numerous times to enact his sexual fetish of phone sex. The sordid scenario began innocuously enough. Mackris was informed on May of 2002 that she would no longer employed by FOX for $56,000 a year. O’Reilly heard of this and invited Mackris to dinner where he informed her that she was re-hired and with a raise to $65,000! What a guy, right? Always looking out for his employees, but all was not what it seemed. After giving Mackris the good news O’Reilly made his move. From the original court documents:" Rest at link above.

The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate - 36th President of the United States (Those too young to remember LBJ was a Democrat)

"He early became fabled for a Rabelaisian earthiness, urinating in the parking lot of the House Office Building as the urge took him; if a colleague came into a Capitol bathroom as he was finishing at the urinal there, he would sometimes swing around still holding his member, which he liked to call “Jumbo,” hooting once, “Have you ever seen anything as big as this?,” and shaking it in almost a brandishing manner as he began discoursing about some pending legislation.

"At the same time, he would oblige aides to take dictation standing in the door of his office bathroom while he went about emptying his bowels, as if in some alpha-male ritual assertion of his primacy. Even on the floors of the House and Senate, he would extravagantly rummage away at his groin, sometimes reaching his hand through a pocket and leaning with half-lifted leg for more thorough access."

I don't know Donald Trump and chances are I will never meet him in this lifetime. It's been reported that earlier this year Trump had several meetings with Christian preachers and prominent Evangelicals where he came to believe in his heart Jesus is his personal savior. Trump has issued an apology and quite frankly, I think this is one time where Trump is embarrassed by his words and wishes he could take them back. Not because he 'got caught' but because it's not who he really is regarding women.

John 8, King James Version of the Holy Bible

7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

10 When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

That tape was released at exactly the same time as Wikileaks posted thousands of new documents that show the true Hillary Clinton and her closed door Wall Street speeches. Leaked Hillary Clinton Speech to Foreign Bank: ‘My Dream Is a Hemispheric Common Market with Open Trade and Open Borders’. Damning statements by that career criminal the controlled media doesn't want voters to see. Pile on about Trump's old comments to keep people distracted.

Everyone has made embarrassing comments in their lifetime - even the saintly Republicans I listed at the top. Do I wish Trump hadn't barked it up with some younger guy to appear machismo? Yeah. Will that prevent me from voting for him? No. Only God is perfect.

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WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL,: Racist Hillary Trashes African Americans ,– Calls Them LOOSERS,


WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Racist Hillary Trashes African Americans – Calls Them

Julian Assange announced in August: The “Most Interesting and Serious” Wikileaks Info On Hillary Clinton Yet to Be Released.
On Friday Wikileaks released clips of Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street banks and other organizations.
Wikileaks released hundreds of emails reportedly from John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign, on Friday, around 6 p.m. They promise to release more in the days ahead.
Hillary also trashed African Americans.
The main reason behind successful immigration should be painfully obvious to even the most dimwitted of observers: Some groups of people are almost always highly successful given only half a chance (Jews*, Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese people, for example), while others (Muslims, blacks** and Roma***, for instance) fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances.
Here’s the email in question: hillary-blacks

cache of Clinton emails, that placed Amb. Stevens in harms way:,


Hillary Clinton has been destroyed with email hacks and document leaks for nearly two months now, and she will be waking up this morning to another one. In an email released Monday regarding Hillary’s Benghazi investigation, there was one specific message that detailed the exact location of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Because this email was sent through the unsecured server, it is highly probable that terrorists intercepted the message.
There were five relevant emails in the cacheof Clinton emails that placed Amb. Stevens in harms way:
  • March 23, 2011: In this email, Clinton ’s then-chief of staff Jacob Sullivan wrote to Clinton about the NATO mission in Libya . Sullivan also wrote that someone named Bill was “trying to make sure Chris Stevens gets into E. Libya .”
  • March 27, 2011: This is an email between two State Department officials that was then forwarded to Clinton . Regarding his location and travel plans, the email said, “The current game plan is for Mr. Stevens to move no later than Wednesday from Malta to Benghazi . He will stage off shore initially for a one day visit during which he will have meetings with TNC interlocutors and get a sense of the situation on the ground. The goal of this one day trip is for him to lay the groundwork for a stay of up to 30 days.”
  • April 8, 2011: An email among State Department employees that was later forwarded to Clinton said, “Security situation in Benghazi remains quiet. Chris Stevens & team are in the hotel, moving only for meetings as required.”
  • April 10, 2011: Another email among State Department employees later forwarded to Clinton marked said, “The situation in Ajdabiyah has worsened to the point where Stevens is considering departure from Benghazi . The envoy’s delegation is currently doing a phased checkout.
  • April 24, 2011: A final email among State Department employees later forwarded to Clinton : “Stevens will be meeting with MFA in one hour and will make a written request for better security at the hotel and for better security-related coordination. He still feels comfortable in the hotel. They are looking into the idea of moving into a villa, but that is some way off.”
Hillary Called Him Chris Smith, She Didn't Even Know His Name
Hillary Called Him Chris Smith, She Didn’t Even Know His Name. Read the email closely. It begins at the bottom with Hillary (H) writing in the subject line “Chris Smith.” Yes, Chris Smith was one of the Americans that was also killed, but it shows that the wrong name remained in the email chain. No one corrected it. And no one can argue that they were focused on “the situation,” because if they truly were, they would never have revealed his location 5 separate times in unsecured emails. Clinton claims to have been deeply affected by the death of an American Ambassador, yet she can’t even remember what his name is? Hillary allowed Benghazi to happen, she placed everyone at risk with her incompetence, and she is to blame for why he cannot go home to his family.
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