Tuesday, January 17, 2017


January 16, 2017

It's getting ugly

If anyone thought the left would accept defeat and respect the democratic process, they have not been paying attention for the past 40 years. Much like the jihad movement with with whom align, if something or someone does not go their way, they ..... blow it up.

The left's army of goons is fueled by incendiary rhetoric by the media, academia, Hollywood airheads and even Michelle Obama.

Many conservatives are understandably thinking we can relax now: the nightmare of the Obama years is drawing to a close, and good times are ahead. But in reality, this would be the worst possible time to let down our guard and rest on our laurels. The incoming Trump administration needs us now more than ever.

The left is irrational, anti-real -- in a word, evil. They will not calm down and accept the loss.

Here is a comprehensive protest page advising goons, thugs and agitators how best to create chaos, violence and mayhem at the Trump Inauguration without getting caught. Note the instructions in Arabic - the red/green alliance going to war against freedom.

Man your battle stations. We must protect our flank.

The left will outrage every standard of truth and decent behavior. We have to be prepared. The left is going to fight Trump’s program to Make America Great Again with everything it has, no matter how dirty and dishonest its attacks are. We will have to fight harder than ever during the Trump administration, and never give an inch. If we do, we will be set back farther than we have been under eight years of Obama.

The left has always understood one simple fact that lovers of freedom have all too often failed to grasp: it ain’t over. The battle is never over. They always closed ranks and protected their people, especially Barack Hussein Obama, even when and especially when they were riding high and everything seemed to be going in their favor.

We have to learn that lesson from them.  We can’t abandon our battle stations now. On the contrary, we must fortify them.

Man your battle stations. We must protect our flank.

That’s why at AFDI we have started a groundbreaking new series of videos.

Today we unveiled a shocking new video, filmed at Times Square in New York City, showing that all too many New Yorkers would prefer that Barack Obama impose martial law and postpone the inauguration than allow Donald Trump to become President of the United States on Friday.

We sent AFDI correspondent Laura Loomer to Times Square to ask people whether or not they agreed with this outrageous, deeply un-American and unconstitutional proposal. We were sure that the vast majority of people would say No, Rosie is crazy, the inauguration and the peaceful transfer of power should go on as always. And some did. But an alarming number didn’t.

View video here.

Another recent AFDI undercover video revealed that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (a component of the Department of Homeland Security) will admit people into the country with passports they know are fake has gone viral -- it has now been featured at the Drudge Report, as well as in the Daily Caller, and is attracting huge interest, so much that the Homeland Security Committee is going to be looking into it.

Please consider supporting this valuable program and our other work at AFDI. We are only just beginning to produce videos that will change the national conversation at the best possible time: when real change can be made.

As you can see from the furious attacks on Trump, the Left is in panic and meltdown mode, and is lashing out ever more desperately and fiercely. We must be more active and determined than ever now, or defeat could be snatched from the jaws of victory. That’s why our video series is so much needed: to help ensure that the swamp is indeed drained, now when it is possible.

Please help us in this all-important work, now more than ever.

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