Saturday, January 21, 2017


President Trump, 
Suggestion on the "FAKE MEDIA NEWS", Now I've Been called a lot worse, Believe Me. But, You see, We are one of the Small ones, The news that helped get you elected. We Tell the real News, Never Lie like MSN, Don't even visit your White House Press Room, and Don't want to be seen with those that are There! I suggest you get a News Adviser, or approve someone you already have to scan all news, including mine but mostly MSN, ie; CNN,NBC,ABC,CBS,PBS,FOX, AND ALL US LITTLE GUY'S for Untruthful Stories or outright lies. Each time they do it , Ban them from the White House for a week, The Third time they do it in a year, Take their Press Credentials pending a hearing with some body (Group) of News people to explain why they should get their Credentials back, Don't stack the Hearing with only MSN people, but all News levels, including Internet. This just might teach the Lying AH'S a lesson and stop their foolishness. Many Respect's and Good Luck, Make er Great, Get er Done !
Bill Holland, (WH), Publisher, Free zone Media, & Free zone media center News. 
Bill Holland

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