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Citizenship fate now ringing Obama’s White House doorbell
By Judi McLeod

Moving household kit and caboodle, they say, is second only to death of a spouse on the hight stress list.

And with only 16 days of his overly long tenure as U.S. president left to go, Barack Hussein Obama and family must by now be packing their personal belongings for the coming Big Move back to citizen life.

How Obama will end up helping President Trump
By Arthur Weinreb

The trick in being a good salesman is the ability to talk people into buying their product or service. Some sales people have the ability to talk the talk but have a fatal flaw that prevents them from doing well. They don’t know when to shut up. They talk the potential customer into buying what they’re selling but, by talking too much they end up talking the buyer out of the purchase. Sales people have to know when to stop talking and close the deal.

Memo To Big Media, NeverTrumpers and Leftists: This Is Why Trump Was Elected
By Katy Grimes

By vilifying Conservatives as sexists, racists, and imbeciles, political, academic, media, and cultural elites—the self-appointed arbiters of acceptable public debate—opened the door to a Trump presidency. And they are in a state of shock.

Amazing video: Utah 2-year-old moves dresser off his trapped twin brother
By Dan Calabrese

Brady Shoff appears to have a future as a police officer or counterterrorism agent, although he probably needs to learn to talk first.

The two-year-old Utah boy has a twin brother named Brock, and their parents run surveillance video in the boys’ room. The night the dresser fell over, they didn’t hear it at first. When they checked on the boys later, they found the dresser on the floor but observed that the boys appeared to be fine and acting normal. It was only after they later reviewed this video that they realized what had happened:

49ers Coach Kelly Fired, Well Deserved
By Lloyd Marcus

In Texas, Officer Stephen Magnes, saved by his bulletproof vest, is the first policeman ambushed in 2017.  In Oklahoma, a policeman is in critical condition, shot with his back turned during a traffic stop.  In 2016, 64 officers were shot and killed. 21 were ambushed, the highest total in over two decades.

Draining the cultural swamp in our children’s minds
By John Anthony

While Donald Trump maneuvers to cleanse government’s cesspool, communities face a bigger challenge at home.
Academics, classroom teachers, newspapers and television, movie stars and the Cultural Arts are seducing our children into believing it is their duty to relinquish their rights for a coveted scrunch into the bloated backseat of the global collective.

Thomas Sowell retires
By Guest Column--David Hogberg, BombThrowers

Most of you probably know that last week economist Thomas Sowell decided to hang up his syndicated column after 25 years. There have been many tributes to Sowell (including mine), so I won’t bother with another one here. Rather, I want to take a brief look at three of his most important insights on racial and ethnic groups.

N Carolina University prof. Andrew Reynolds, whines that Republicans win too many elections
By Canada Free Press

Celebrity Drama Queens Tweaking ‘Season of Hate’
By Judi McLeod

The stretch of time between January 2 and January 20, 2017 is going down as ‘The‘Season of Hate’; 17 days too long for leaders of the Hate Regime to provoke some of the unhinged fiends among their followers to do what they’d do if only they could get away with it: rid society of Donald J. Trump.

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