Saturday, January 14, 2017


There needs to be a 12th proposed Amendment included in the Article V Convention of States. As result of President Obama’s despotism, the 20th Amendment should be changed to tighten the time between when the new president is elected and the time he takes office. The Founders didn’t know about Obama, a man with a dictator’s mentality. A new president should be sworn in 30 days after the election. There also needs to be another amendment which regulates the extent to which an outgoing president can add additional regulations before leaving office. Obama has already done more damage on his way out the door than anyone before him. After that, while no one was looking, Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson initiated a federal takeover of state and local elections under the banner of a crisis. Obama and his administration hate federalism. They hate state sovereignty. They hate individual liberty. They hate mobility. They want uniformity, conformity, state-centralized Leftism. Later, the Chicago Police Department is under attack by AG Loretta Lynch. Apparently every police department in America is racist and violent. This phony Attorney General, is slamming the nation’s police on the way out of the door. Finally, we are enshrining in law the left’s agenda. The difference between leftwing policy and law is being blurred. They claim that what they do is compassionate and humane and what conservatives do is the opposite. The problem is government intervention not more government. The left’s medicine is not only poisonous, but they are focusing on all the wrong things.

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