Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TWO SHOWS, TWO VIDEO'S, The Screwing of America: Education and Healthcare (worst in the world) # 2 THE CIA LEADERS ARE ALL SATANISTS,


The Screwing of America: Education and Healthcare (worst in the world)


The screwing of America continues. A cross-section of how Americans are getting screwed compared to nations of our status is offered. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Our children have a bleak future. Our elderly are condemned to die prematurely and their “golden years” are a myth.

The CIA Leaders Are All Satanists


Alex Jones made an outrageous claim. He stated that the elite of the CIA are Satanists. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? It does, except every word Alex is speaking on this topic is completely true.
The intelligence agencies have their rituals among the elite. For example, Naval Intelligence used to require certain high-level positions had to be filled by 32nd degree Masons.
The CIA has the same kind of requirements. However, they are not grooming Masons, they are Satanists. One does not rise to a top level in the CIA without pledging allegiance to Lucifer.
My father had a special loathing for the CIA. He once told me that they were the lowest form of life on the planet and that they would sell their mothers down the river for a nickel. I asked him why they were that way and he said because they are Satanists in every sense of the word.
In the following interview, Alex captres the essence of this claim.

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