Tuesday, March 28, 2017

VIDEO, CBC's tremendous investigative report

On Friday, an excellent 22-minute investigative report called "The Secret Inside Your Cellphone" aired across Canada.
It's already racked up 100k views on YouTube.  For good reason. But really, it should be 100 million.
CBC Marketplace: The secret inside your cellphone
I love the convenience that technology can bring. But, in addition to the privacy and security concerns, the independent science says that wireless radiation can and does cause negative biological effects — especially to children.
(I don't think I'm alone when I observe how crazy and illogical much of our world has become, co-incidentally in the past 20 or so years since cell towers started popping up everywhere. Have you noticed this, too?)
However, schools continue to needlessly deploy wireless in the classroom. And industry (and their governments) are desperately ramping up to "5G", with higher frequencies and millions of additional small cell sites, without doing any testing.
So, this is a conversation for us all.
CBC's compelling investigation shows:
  • The top 3 phones all exceeded industry's own safety limit when tested next to the body.
  • The wireless industry's negligence in preventing people learning about the fine print safety guidelines — which are in their own product manuals.
  • Devra Davis (EH Trust), Frank Clegg (former President, Microsoft Canada), Dr. Jacob Easaw (neuro-oncologist), and the landmark Right-To-Know ordinance in Berkeley.
Click here to watch CBC's excellent investigative video »
You'll want to share this one with friends and family. People are really listening now.
Josh del Sol
. . .
P.s. We give the mainstream media a hard time, because almost everything it churns out is filtered through for-profit commercial interests. But once in a while, something really inspired comes through.
This professional and courageous journalism pairs nicely with Maryanne Demasi's "Wi-Fried" exposee last year, which documented the increasing phenomenon of children suffering physical harm from Wi-Fi in schools. (As you may recall, Ms. Demasi did her job so well, that industry lobbyists had her "Wi-Fired".)
Keep speaking truth.
  Forget being PC.
    Forget wanting to avoid uncomfortable conversations.
      The hour is getting late.
        Our kids are being harmed.
          Let's give them back their future.
            Your community needs to hear your voice.
              Together, we will reach the tipping point.

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